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Pig2twig 04-08-2013 01:50 PM

Back again...help!
Hi everyone, I have done Stillman's in the past but normally just use it as a kick start as my weight loss always comes to a standstill after about a week. However this time I'm desperate! I have a friend's wedding coming up on 8th June and it's suddenly just hit me (when trying new dresses on yesterday) that I look like a big, fat, blubbery...well you get the picture :sad:
Sooo...I'm determined to lose a stone (14lbs) by then so I'm wondering what you guys think is the best way to do it? How do I keep the weight loss going? I do hard-core Stillman's as I'm better at that - if I cheat just a little bit it does something psychological to me and I go to pieces!

Any ideas gratefully accepted :)

bcgrown 04-08-2013 03:08 PM

Come on over to the April thread - lots of support there and from people who know what they are doing. I have faith you will be able to lose the weight, I believe in you!:sing:

Pig2twig 04-08-2013 03:41 PM

Well that makes two of us! I know it's only day one but I am feeling really positive :)

FattyPatty 04-08-2013 06:46 PM

Hey P2T...great screenname I love it :)

And if it helps, the only way to keep from going to pieces over a cheat is to not cheat...I just went a whole week without cheating (first time I've ever not cheated) and I'm down 9 ...yes I said 9 pounds in 1 week!!!!! The feeling that I had this morning is simply incomparable...no craving, no chocolate, no cake, pie or sweet has EVER made me feel as good as I did this morning...

Now come on you can DO this....I'll be rooting for you!


Pig2twig 04-11-2013 05:16 AM

9lbs? That's fantastic! My weight loss has come to a bit of a standstill as I am SO constipated :-( but I'm ..ahem..taking steps to address that so hopefully I'll see a loss tomorrow. You're right-there is no feeling like losing weight. Why do we ever cheat? It's mad!

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