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Candy1974 12-13-2012 06:43 AM

I am new here
Im new here :hiya:

I always like to read your stories and advice when I google low carb. I have been on Atkins before but it has too much fat and i stalled after 6 lbs and was also scared for my cholesterol issues. I have also done the raw vegan thing. But all the fruit made my blood glucose high.

So, started Stillman's about a week and a half ago and already lost 15 lbs so far. Tomorrow is me and my hubby's 12 year anniversary :hugs:, yay. I can only drink the J&B/soda water/touch of lime mix you get in the bottle. It is about the only alcohol that does not stall me :jumpjoy:

I have a few q's though (I do not have the book):

I am worried about the carbs in the fat free cottage cheese (4g/100g)

My breath smells weird to me, almost dead :p, so what does it smell like to other people :o? I am keeping my distance and chew sugar free gum.

Can we have crushed garlic?

Chicken breasts are quite dry, what do you guys use except hot sauce (tabasco)? Geez I am getting tired of hot sauce lately, I need a change.

Cheers :thanks:

catne 12-13-2012 08:49 AM

Hi Candy!

First Congrats on the weight loss...looks like you're off to a very good start.

As far as the FF cottage cheese, it looks like it fits in your plan (if you have been eating it and losing like that!) Some people can eat the cottage cheese, others get stalled with it. As long as you're losing, go for it (it does provide a little variety in your day to day eating.)

Agree those chicken breasts (and low fat ground turkey burgers) are very dry...is Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup available in your area? We use this quite a bit (and mix it with a bit of tabasco to make a hotter "BBQ" sauce.) We also use French's Mustard (zero carbs)

But mostly, we just eat blah-boring food. After awhile, it's actually easier to stay with it when there's little variety.

llindsey26 12-14-2012 02:51 PM

Candy, your breath smells because of your body being in ketosis. Awful side effect of extremely low carbs.

I would say with the crushed garlic. . If you can eat it without stalling, go for it. But I'd go sparingly because garlic does have carbs.

I have been eating chicken for about three meals a day this week. . . Getting a little bored but I am very sick of turkey burgers, so chicken it is until I find something to switch it up with. I use reduced sugar Heinz, horseradish mustard (mix em together and bam you have cocktail sauce), also just plain yellow mustard.

I have eaten plain shrimp but I find I can eat a flippin ton of those, so be careful if you are counting your calories.

With your cottage cheese, just do the 1/2 cup serving and you should be good. Eat it with something else. Spice it up. One night I mixed a little of the rs ketchup and some Italian seasoning with the cottage cheese, warmed it up, and put it on my chicken. Was almost like a chicken lasagna taste. The texture was weird so I recommend pureeing it in the food processor or whatever. Not the chicken, just the cheese :p.

You can also mix in some splenda and cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice, either eat it cold or warm it up. Good for a sweet tooth.

Candy1974 12-17-2012 12:21 AM

Thanx u 2 4 the advice and input. It is much appreciated. Salt stalls me and i gain a few due to water retention! Bad salt!

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