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reptogirl 03-27-2012 10:32 PM

food ideas
i need some ideas please, and no the recipes on here are not stillman qwl friendly,

i am stuck with eating plain dry chicken(although i do use some walden farms on it)


tuna, or if i am really bad some better looking lunch meat

occasional egg so sick of them and cottage cheese and string cheese/ff borden slices

do i need some receipes that are actually for this qwl diet and not for his other diets..please!!!

thanks :)

foxylady 03-28-2012 08:43 PM

Just use some of the yummy spices like Cacheres Cajun spices. Definitely takes away the boredom of salt and pepper. I love using garlic salt/powder. I'm also thinking that a bit of cinnamon on the cottage cheese would be yummy. I like to cook my chicken or turkey in the crock pot and add a cup of chicken bouillon because it doesn't dry out that way.

It'stime 03-30-2012 01:07 AM

chicken parmesan sausages are good.

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