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Amgarrett616 01-14-2012 09:16 PM

A couple things I've picked up on stillmans
Walmart sells a half ring (30) shrimp for 5.00. It's perfect for a lunch on the go and with a little cajun seasoning sprinkled on is awesOme.

Zip n steam bags with a beaten egg and some ham and a tiny bit of cheese zapped in the microwave make for a nice breakfast omelet and is a good change from boiled eggs.

All recipes.com has some good spice combos to make dry rubs for meat.

Add ur tricks!!

Amgarrett616 01-14-2012 09:22 PM

Oh! And eating out is NOT impossible! And much cheaper! Order grilled chicken breasts ala cart. Or go Mexican and have steak and chicken fajitas with just meat. (it was hard for my server to wrap his head around this but, he finally got it. Lol. He kept coming back n saying "tortillas?". "cheese?". "NO! Just meat!". Hahah. And they only charged me 3.00!! I like to squeeze a lemon wedge on it to make it even more yummy!

I also ordered a carna asada plate with nothing else and they charged me 2.00!

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