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emalily 08-30-2011 05:10 PM

Sexy September: Strict Stillman's
Hello friends! My ultimate dream and desire for my immediate, everyday life has for years been to weigh my dream number: 110 pounds. I have gotten down to 115 eating only tuna (Stillman's basically) for weeks on end, but I pretty much have been awful and nasty about eating for the last 2 months this summer, and I am ready to get back to where I was and, this time, reach my goal weight. I feel incredible when I am thinner, and at 115 I felt like a dream: tons of energy, felt really attractive, but I was being a camp counselor and it it just kind of threw me, and I got on a binge that lasted a while, until I weighed 136 or so. Last time I checked the scale today, I weighed 132.8, but I've been eating crap all afternoon, so I will probably weigh more tomorrow. Ugh. But, I'm bound and determined to make it happened, so who wants to join me? I just feel nasty. I know I'm not overweight at 5'6 and 133 pounds, but at average weight I don't look or feel good. In fact, I feel awful. The thing is, before ANYONE tells me that 110 pounds is too skinny or says anything about anorexia, I carry any and all weight I gain in my upper body, around my face, neck, shoulders, upper arms and belly. Therefore, I need to be below the average weight that could look really great on a girl with an hourglass shape who carries her weight in her lower body. So, September starts in 2 days. Today was a complete mess. I couldn't even do any studying for school because I ate cookies for breakfast and then just thought about ways to lose weight for the rest of the day. Eating strict Stillman's, basically just tuna out of the pouch (either Albacore white or chunk light, from walmart or target) for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and drinking only water (I used to be a diet soda addict but I think fake sugar makes me hungry and prone to binge) really strips weight off fast. I have, in the past, lost 2 pounds each the first couple of days and then a pound a day after that, tapering down to half a pound a day, but I haven't gotten past 4 days in a LONG LONG time, which is why this is so hard. Starting is the hardest part, so I need companions. I need buddies who want to reach their DREAM size with me, in 30 days. I am going to seize the opportunity of September, which has exactly 30 days, to strip off all my unnecessary fat and try my damndest to reach 110 pounds. I want to lose weight more than anything in my life, and I will make it happen, but I need YOU; I need you for mutual support so we can urge each other to stick to our resolution to make September 2011 the 30 days that changed our lives, the 30 days we will never forget, the 30 days in which we clung to our final goal against all obstacles and really, truly made a change in our everyday habits and behavior that will last forever because we won't be able to BELIEVE the new bodies we have and the new will power we will have proven.

Goal: Lose approximately 23 pounds
Duration: 30 days
Timing: September 1-30, 2011
Method: Strict Stillman's: lean protein + water; LOW calories (gotta force it!)
Secret Weapon: 3 mile walks every morning, Bible reading and journaling, daily chats and mutual encouragement at LCF! :D



p.s. I made an appointment with a professional photographer for October 14th, 2 weeks after stabilizing from 30 days on Stillman's, to capture the results of my weight loss; what do you do to motivate yourself to keep going with your diet/exercise?

emalily 08-30-2011 05:34 PM

Even though tomorrow is August 31st, I am going to eat only tuna and drink only water tomorrow; maybe even start with the 3 mile walk. It's not officially September 1st, obviously, but you know how hard it is to start a diet when you wake up after binging the day before (which today has been...) So, I want to feel somewhat non-gross on Thursday, which one day of Stillman's will hopefully do. Please join me in this, friends! You know you will find the body of your dreams with me, because we can help each other, yell at each other when we feel like quitting, and just generally drag each other to the finish line. Who can't do 30 days? You can, and I can, and we WILL. Fake-starting tomorrow just to help myself with the real start on Thursday, September 1. Because remember, September is the month for Sexy! I just need to feel hot again, yall, not gonna lie. That's why I'm here. I miss that feeling so, so much. No cookie, or bacon, or sandwich, or pizza tastes anything like the feeling of being slender, thing, focused, determined, disciplined and supersexyawesome. That's a word I just made up to describe how we will be when we finish on September 30th. Yup.

OXOXO emalily

emalily 08-30-2011 06:00 PM

I'm just going to keep posting because no one has joined me yet, but I'm going to treat it kind of like a journal. Please join me though! Anyway, I wanted to lay out what my day will look like throughout the month of Sexy September.

1. Wake up (of course.)
2. Walk 3 miles outside (takes around an hour for me)
3. Shower, dress
4. Eat breakfast: 6.4-oz pack of tuna (Albacore white or chunk light for 210 cals or 180 cals, respectively, all protein, 0g carbs)
5. Drink water! Water, water and only water!!! (Caffeine and diet stuff mess me up)
6. Read Bible (whatever chapters are on the daily reading plan); journal
7. Work/school till noon
8. Eat lunch: 6.4 oz tuna pack (210 cals for Albacore White or 180 for chunk light)
9. Work/school till dinner
10. Eat dinner: 6.4 oz tuna pack

So, yes this plan for 30 days is ridiculous, hardcore, intense, crazy, awesome, terrible and amazing. It's gonna make you (and MEEEE) ripped. It's gonna be insane. I can't wait to see the results. I can't wait till Thursday (OFFICIALLY day 1)!!!! I just want to be hot again. Here goes everything ;) You with me?? Better be.

WHEN I make it to 30 days of Stillman's (I should really just call it the SuperDuperLowCalorieTunaDiet haha) and have my final weigh-in, if I haven't reached 110 pounds (pouty face), then I may really ramp things up and go for Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred again... I've done this for periods in the past and she's crazy awesome.


BrattyS 08-30-2011 08:56 PM

Hello Emalily :welcome:

Sounds like you have a pretty strong plan. It is possible to hit your goal if you stick to it. I am on week 2 of strict stillman with one weekend hickup because I was stuck in a hotel and had no will power. :D

You should also join us on the monthly thread. It is a great group of awesome ladies.

emalily 08-30-2011 09:42 PM

YAY BrattyS!!! Thanks so much for responding lol; makes me feel like I'm actually here :D Is there a September monthly thread yet or are you talking about the August one? I so want to get involved and have support; everyone here sounds so amazing and hardcore. I've been reading yalls threads all day! What have you been able to lose in the time you didn't hickup?

emalily 08-30-2011 10:06 PM

*Another journal-type post*

Tomorrow morning is the last day of August in 2011. I plan to use it to boost my efforts before I begin a full-on, stricter-than-strict Stillman's (or tuna diet hah) for the whole month of September to prove to myself that I still have it; I can still be hardcore; I can still follow through on changing my body. I need to be able to trust myself again. I have no idea what I will weigh tomorrow but I will post it first thing after my walk. I think I will do a water fast to prep my intestines, as I ate a mad load of junk today and am filled up with cookies and grilled cheese sandwiches. Gak.
Hopefully, I am not up to 136 or 137, because that would mean I have more than 25 pounds to lose in 30 days; can even Stillman's be that amazing? I do have faith, though; Stillman's is the only way I have ever been able to lose weight quite fast.
Tomorrow will be the prep work, and then I set forth into the adventure that I WILL FOLLOW THROUGH ON. Hold me to it, people, kay? I really want you to comment and tell me how much weight you've lost in how long, how old you are, what you eat, etc. I will literally only be eating tuna and water. No coffee, tea or diet soda; no sweeteners; no fat. I printed out these daily cards on business card paper I bought; each has the date and the number of days to go printed at the top, and then a little motivational quote, and then the things I need to do for that day to be successful. Example:

Sept 1: 30 Days
The secret of success is having the courage to take the first steps.

3 mile walk
Bible reading
Eat only tuna
Drink only water

I have every day printed out from Sept 1: 30 Days to Sept 30: 1 Day (the card I cannot WAIT to see!!!). I cut all 30 cards out and hole-punched them to put on a ring (actually they are on a combination lock because it was the only thing I could find to hold them). After September 30, I hope very very very much to weigh 110 pounds or less by then but if I weigh less than 115 I will be thrilled, and at that point I have 2 weeks till my photoshoot on October 14th to commemorate my return to feelin' supersexyawesome. For those two weeks, I have 14 cards printed out with a different meal plan: Amy's Organics. Now, Amy's Organics is a prepared food like with a lot of different frozen meals; all organic, all vegetarian, many even vegan/dairy-free/soy-free/gluten-free etc. Don't get me wrong: I am NOT a vegetarian. I did the raw vegan diet for a year in high school (2008) and felt/looked horrible: I weighed 150 pounds or probably more, had acne (I've always had amazing skin, so this was awful), felt lethargic and bloated and just nasty. So, I know vegetarian is awful for my body type, but for most of last fall I went on this program where I ate an Amy's meal (microwaved) for breakfast, lunch and dinner (nothing else, maybe diet soda), and did a Jillian Michaels dvd workout every day; the plan was actually awesome. I got down to maybe 120 from 136 or so, and I felt good and looked good. But weight loss doing anything high-carb is super slow for me, so at this point I want the guaranteed lightning-fast results I know to expect from pure protein. Also, I get very hungry eating anything with carbs but low calories, and on straight protein, especially if I eat very little (400-600 cals/day) and don't drink diet soda, I am never ever hungry. Amazing. The problem is, always by the 4th day or so, I'm feeling good, my stomach's starting to get flatter, I'm getting prettied up and wearing normal clothes instead of sweats, but I kind of forget the desperation I felt 4 days before when my body seemed so fat and disgusting and I was going to go crazy if I didn't lose 20 pounds in 5 minutes. When I forget that awful desperate feeling from pigging out, I eat something off the plan, and then I gorge, and then I get that awful desperate feeling again.

What I am here to do tomorrow and for the 30 days of September is to get out of this deep ditch of self-disgust, laziness and unattractiveness I've been stuck in for almost 2 months now. I hate this, and it will be the hardest thing I've done yet to pull myself up and out of it, but starting IS the hardest part, and once I get past 3 days, it gets SO much easier, mainly because I don't feel like a fat lard when so much water weight is gone.

Aloha Linz 08-31-2011 01:25 AM

Hey girl - I want to join you. I say I "want", because I know myself & I flip flop from diet to diet like a fish out of water....One week I think lean protein & veggies is best, one week atkins is best, one week it's stillman's, another week it's something out of a fitness mag....see the trend? ;) anyway, I have to agree on the stillman's being the QUICKEST way.

I have gained about 30 lbs in the past year....was always very lean & muscular...am actually a personal trainer & bootcamp instructor! I feel like such a fraud now. After getting out of an abusive relationship a year ago, I struggled finding control in my life and learning how to live on my own without the controlling hand. I live alone now, and there is no one to watch over me or hold me accountable, which clearly, I am not doing myself. I binge & binge & binge. occassionally drop weight, only to binge again & put it right back on. I did a photo shoot on 8/6....had dropped to 148 & looked better than I've looked all year! Now on 8/31 I am around 160 (last time I looked...probably more by now). My ultimate goal is 125. I'm 5'8. If I can get down to 140 by end of September I'd be super happy.

What I really want, is control back. I don't like living as a personal trainer, preaching all this health business, yet not being able to follow it myself, nor be an example. I don't believe stillman's is healthy long term, however, desperate times call for desperate measures, and I'm really at that low point....my whole life & well being is suffering & spiraling out of control....and no one else to blame but me!

I hear ya on the whole "4 days in, feeling good & forget the desperation mentality"...I succumb to that myself, and then fall, and then think another diet is my savior. I'm so warped. Anyway, I will do my best to hold you accountable. I say that just because I know myself & I can be so unreliable...especially if I've cheated. I will be your biggest cheerleader if I'm doing good as well! If I binge, I tend to hide... I really want to do this, and help you too. I am going on a trip this weekend though, so technically can't start til Monday the 5th. So, when I get back, you should be on day 5 & not settling into a lax mindset, right?! :)

That's it for now...I have bootcamp in the morning at 5am....it's 12:25am right now & I just feel so unmotivated to be an instructor looking the way I do. People used to come to my workouts because they wanted results like me....when I had control of my eating. I still workout the same, however my eating is a train wreck! Maybe I will renew my love for fitness & clean eating after this 30 day challenge (or, 25 days for me)


PS - here's my **personal trainer disclaimer**.... because I'm a trainer, I'm not here to judge anyone, or snicker, or tell someone "you're doing it all wrong!!" No no no. that's not what I'm here for...I'm sitting at a plump 160lbs & I need some accountability & rapid results! I will totally give advice if anyone asks, but I really just wanna be a supportive voice, and warmly welcome the same from all of you....no matter what journey we're on with workouts & diet. :) hugs

Kiley2801 08-31-2011 07:33 AM


You sound so determined, and I really admire that. I would love to join you on your journey. We are the same height but I weight a lot more than you--- and would actually LOVE to be at the weight you are at now. But I know we are all built soooo differently. And weights look so different on all of us.

My story in a nutshell:
I was always between a size 6 and 8 my whole adult life, occassionally a 4, and a few times a 10, and then finally a 12. (ugh) I did the hcg diet at this time last year for 6 weeks, and got down to an 8 again. And then, after a very sad break-up of a long-term relationship, I reunited with my old college love in February. It was been awesome, but he lives 2 hours away. So between traveling back and forth on the weekends, and eating out A LOT well.... things are out of control with my weight. :(

That being said, I have about 30 pounds I need to lose to get back to where I feel really great.

Now, I believe it's going to take me longer than the month of Sept to reach my goal, and I'm ok with that---but I'm still on board for giving it my ALL this month. That being said, I have 2 weddings to attend this month, one involves a weekend with my family down in the Outer Banks of NC. This will make it challenging---but not impossible.

So anyway, all that to say, I'm with you!! Like Nike says....let's just do it!!

P.S. Aloha Linz--your story sounds SO similar to mine in that I LOVE to workout, but sadly, don't have the body that shows the effort I put into it. :( Oh and I am a notorious diet-jumper. If I could get a dollar for every diet book on my shelves at home... well, you get the picture. I really need to just hunker down and FOCUS!!

BrattyS 08-31-2011 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by emalily (Post 14961882)
YAY BrattyS!!! Thanks so much for responding lol; makes me feel like I'm actually here :D Is there a September monthly thread yet or are you talking about the August one? I so want to get involved and have support; everyone here sounds so amazing and hardcore. I've been reading yalls threads all day! What have you been able to lose in the time you didn't hickup?

There is the august one as of right now. I lost 11 pounds in 12 days before I messed it up. Was off diet for 3 days. I have been back on for 2 days and lost most of the 7 pounds I had put back on. So mostly just bloat.

Aloha Linz 08-31-2011 08:30 AM

Kiley - I feel ya girl. Really happy for you finding love again! I think I need to learn to love myself again before I can let anyone love me...so cliche, but true. I hide because I don't like how big I've gotten...I don't want peeople to see me! I know it's all in my head, and people aren't going to obsess over my weight the way I am. I'm just not that powerful! ;)

Today I'm just trying to NOT BINGE, and eat atkins-ish. I leave on Friday for Austin, Tx for a girls getaway/birthday weekend. Trying to psych myself up for september and eating lean proteins only. I know I will feel so much better once I get started & have stayed on plan for a few days!

Kiley2801 08-31-2011 09:17 AM


Originally Posted by Aloha Linz (Post 14962688)
Kiley - I feel ya girl. Really happy for you finding love again! I think I need to learn to love myself again before I can let anyone love me...so cliche, but true. I hide because I don't like how big I've gotten...I don't want peeople to see me! I know it's all in my head, and people aren't going to obsess over my weight the way I am. I'm just not that powerful! ;)

Today I'm just trying to NOT BINGE, and eat atkins-ish. I leave on Friday for Austin, Tx for a girls getaway/birthday weekend. Trying to psych myself up for september and eating lean proteins only. I know I will feel so much better once I get started & have stayed on plan for a few days!

That sounds like a great start!

I leave on Sept. 9 for my cousin's wedding down at the beach, so I am going to try to stay as Stillmans strict as I can before then.

I know it's also hard to be super-strict when social events come up. That Austin Girls Weekend sounds FUN though. I've never been to Austin, but heard it is really great! I'm ALL about girls nights and weekends, too. :cool:

Have a wonderful time with your friends!

emalily 08-31-2011 09:26 AM

Pre-Day: 133.2 lbs

Thank you so much for sharing with me; I am so sorry you were treated poorly and not appreciated for the wonderful woman you are. I understand the whole working out a ton but eating too much thing: I worked out about 2 hours a day all throughout highschool and first year of college and weighed about 152 and felt like crap, because no matter how much I exercised it only made a small dent in the ton-load I was eating!

And the diet thing, I hear you there too: I went to Target yesterday and bought three 4-packs of EAS AdvantEDGE protein shakes vowing I would live on 4 shakes a day till October 14th but by the time I got home I was thinking how stupid it was and how I needed to eat only microwave meals again for portion control, and then I got back to Stillmanís.

Well, you know it really is our choice, and we do KNOW that Stillmanís is the fastest, and what we need right now is FAST. I cannot wait long to get back to feeling attractive. I need it in a matter of days to even be able to face starting, and that is what we are here to do.

Your trainees are lucky to have you; just think about the changes in your body they will be seeing over these 25 days you are going to do with me!! Look forward to all the questions you are guaranteed to get after classes about ďhow you did itĒ and ďwhat are you doing to look so fabulous?Ē Trust me; if you do Stillmanís with me, I mean really commit to doing it even when you feel like binging, you are going to get a flood of compliments and questions, which wonít even compare with how tremendous it will feel to see your reflection in all those mirrors at the gym!

I want to know that you are going to do this with me. For sure. YOU are the one who can tell me that, because you are not a victim anymore, so if you decide to stick with this one thing for 25 days, you can do that. I have complete faith. Just tell me you will be with me till the bloody end lol (September 30).

All my love <3


P.S. At 5í8 and 125 lbs you are gonna be smokiní hot woman!! Just think about that ;)



Please do join me!! I would LOVE to be partners with you. You know the one advantage of weighing more at the start? You lose weight a lot faster!!!
Iíve seen a lot of people on here talking about HCG, but I donít really know anything about it; sounds pretty effective! Iím glad you have a good love in your life, because he will be there to cheer you on and trust me, he WILL be very pleased with seeing you get your sexyback ;)
The wedding weekend in NC: You can most definitely do it. Iím not saying it wonít be a little awkward or difficult, you know that, but I ate tuna out of a pouch the whole month of July with 50 other people at a communal dining hall, and I just got used to laughing off comments about being ďcat womanĒ. They donít really care, but you really benefit from going out of your way to improve your body.
If you do all of September with me, I think you could probably knock out a giant chunk of those 30 pounds. If you exercise every day (nothing major, just walking) and drink tons of water, I donít see why you couldnít in fact lose ALL 30 POUNDS! :D Have faith, darling, and you can strip down to where you want to be in no time; we know Stillmanís is the ONLY plan that can get us these kinds of crazy insane results, like 30 pounds in 30 days!

Do it with me, I mean seriously, completely, totally commit to this, and we are going to rock this forum!!!

<3 Emily


BrattyS: 11 pounds in 12 days??!? Youíre ridiculous. I want to be like you ☺


So, friends, when I woke up this morning I weighed 133.2 pounds. On a 5í6 frame, thatís not obese or even overweight, I know, but I am not happy with it, and you know how I feel. It is not right for ME.
Last night I was chatting with a dear friend who has always been naturally very skinny, never struggled with food or weight or eating. I was telling her a little bit about how the last two months have been awful and how Iím trying hard to break the pattern and get MY sexyback; she then tried to be helpful by talking about moderation, and having just one piece of cake for dessert at dinnertime instead of two, and balance and how you canít deprive yourself yada yada yada. Also, how at 5í6 I SHOULD weigh 130, so I am just fine.
I kind of smiled at her and told her that naturally skinny people who donít think twice about food just donít get it. Not that Iím superfat, I know, but it is an extreme effort to NOT binge all day and to NOT be superfat haha. Anyway, I like being here where you all actually get it.
So today is Pre-Day; the day before I start this endeavor, and Iím going to use it to full advantage, because I donít want to have a whole 23.2 pounds to lose in a month; I think I could face maybe 21 pounds in a month. This morning when I got up around 8:45 I walked a bit over 3 miles outside (HOT) and Iím drinking tons of water as I write this, and will be drinking all day. Iím going to try to just consume water today and flush out much of the water weight and glycogen Iíve been busily storing up the last few days by pigging on carbs. Ugh. So hopefully, when I weigh tomorrow (Day 1!!!), my official starting weight will be more like 132 or (Praise the Lord) 131.

Do this with me, ladies, and we will blow them all away.


emalily 08-31-2011 11:19 AM

Just walked another 2 miles. I know exercise doesn't do much compared to eating, but I just want that starting weight to be as low as possible tomorrow morning. We'll see.

emalily 08-31-2011 01:23 PM

God, I can't wait till tomorrow. Just because I walked 5 miles today and drank some water doesn't mean I won't be even heavier tomorrow: I just woke up from a nap and ate a bunch of stuff, including three of my mom's ginormous cookies. Terrible. I know it's my fault I did that; I just like the fresh start afforded by the new month, so I got weak and told myself I would still start tomorrow, just not with an empty stomach. :(

It's going to be crazy, yall; I really can't wait to see the results of 30 days on nothing but straight protein and water.

Aloha Linz 08-31-2011 01:46 PM

Kiley -
thanks love! I really hope to have fun. I'm gonna try to do Atkins induction style while I'm there, and maybe a drink or two...or three...the girls aren't big drinkers, which is good, because I tend to be a chameleon & do what the others are doing...thank gawd they're not a bunch of lushes! ha ha :) I figure it's kinda easy to eat on plan during the days and when eating out, as long as I can choose what to eat. And as long as we don't go to any bbq joints....I'm a sucker for true texas bbq! (Emily, how do you do it...live in the same state of the best bbq EVA!?!?) I know one night we're staying at one of the girls house, so, what will she make us?? Oye...moderation...control, control! I swear, I wish I had a bunch of super strong diet pills I could take with me this weekend so I don't just completely stuff my already chubby little cheeks! :) Good luck in NC girl...you will rock it if you want to!! Hmmm, maybe I should take that advice too eh? xo

Emily -
you have touched a special spot in my heart with your wonderful & encouraging words. I don't wanna let you down...I wanna say I will do this with you...problem is I always say I'll do something, get a week into it, then bail. So Em, you know what, you're right, I'm the only one that can say I'm gonna do this or not...and (deep breath) ok, I'm in it for the long haul. I will commit to you & be your cyber bff! Btw, I'm being so brutaly honest with you all about who/why/how I really am....I figure, it's the only way to really change bad habits....admit there's a problem! Call me out if I'm slacking or I pull a disappearing act! You have my permission :)

I was nodding my head & going "yep, yep" as I read your words about buying the EAS shakes for your protein shake plan....last week I had bought everything I needed for my Oxygen magazine "lose 10 lbs in 21 days" diet...that lasted 2 meals. Then I got a bunch of turkey bacon & turkey sausage & lean ground beef, chicken, etc...and was gonna do atkins induction....I swelled up like a tic. And then I made oreo cupcakes. Yep, that's how I roll. You should see my fridge...very well stocked & going bad. Such a waste!!

I love your encouragement about my classes...you're so right, clients will be super stoked, and hopefully I'll gain more because of my loss! I've been whining about lack of business lately and crying to my mom about it. She says I need to do marketing & put myself out there. I have the same whimpy response every time, "I'll advertise when I feel good about my body again!" She's had about enough of that....I don't blame her! I've had about of enough of me too! Gross!

Anyhoo....I know what you mean, and you're right, naturally skinny people really DON'T get it....food doesn't encompass their every thought & waking moment. They accept social invitations without having a panic attack over whether there will be "food I can eat"....I wish I had that mindset sometimes. But hey, we're all made uniquely the way we are, and I strongly believe we struggle with this for a reason...what that reason is? Maybe in 30 days it will be a little more clear :) So, you go girl, rock it like the rockstar you are, and we will do this together!! You're off to a GREAT start!!

Btw, how old are you guys? I'm 33....live in orange county, ca....single, live alone with my dog :) btw, I hate living alone. Too much freedom for me to eat whatever & whenever I want. Living alone this past year is part of the equation of my 30lb gain.

huggin you girls!

**Emily I was typing when you posted that last post....don't worry abou the cookies girl...it's august, and nothing counts until September! If it makes you feel better, I had 2 cupcakes and a carl's jr burger already. Isn't that nice. Get it out now, cause come tomorrow, there's no stopping our Hot bods!! We've been to hell & back and HELL HATH NO FURY like the fury of chicks on a mission!!!! xoxoo

Aloha Linz 08-31-2011 01:55 PM

Hey what do you guys think of posting a starting pic, and progress pics every week? Or at least just a starting pic? We can cover our faces, but maybe add a little fuel to the fire?? Then we have to post after the 30 days are up.....and emily has her gorgeous photo shoot! work it, own it!

Aloha Linz 08-31-2011 02:26 PM

I'm gonna post my starting pics....so here goes nothin'!

first I'd like to display the damage I've done in 3 1/2 weeks since my photo shoot I did on 8/6. Here I am at 148lbs on 8/6:


And now, sigh, this is me today, 8/31 at 163 lbs, and a funky elbow thing I'm doing...**OFFICIAL STARTING PIC**


I can do this! I did that damage in 3 1/2 weeks, I can undo it, and thensome!!

emalily 08-31-2011 03:04 PM

Lindsey thank you so much for committing!!! It feels so good to have someone say they will go the whole distance with me; and we can definitely make it a measly 30 days ;)
This time is going to be different, because nothing is going to happen to de-rail you- you are the deciding factor, and since you DECIDED to make this trip back to the healthy, whole, hot you, there is nothing that can stop you. You are in control; you are in charge! And seriously, you will get so many clients because all your old and existing clients will tell their friends about your incredible weight loss (20-30 pounds in a month baby!!) and they will want you to train them! So prepare yourself for a lot of compliments AND a lot of business.

As for before pics, I can't see your pics but I understand firsthand how much damage can be done in 3.5 weeks, so I have a good idea. How tall are you? I can't figure out how to post one; I took one from the front and from the side but I can't get them on here.. :( Oh well; you would just see a moderately average/chubby 5'6 gal (21 y/o) with medium length brown hair in a ponytail, looking like her dog just got run over. Hopefully i can figure it out and post them, because I will DEFinitely be posting those after pics :D

Tomorrow is a new day; you're right- nothing counts till September. But I just walked in to my house again after running errands and it STILL smells like molasses cookies in here, which usually is delicious but since I ate like 4 now it smells nauseating. Oh well; counting down the hours till I can get my official starting weight, walk my first real 3 miles and use my dated motivational cards.

Btw, like I said I'm 21, female (obvi lol), living in Richardson, Texas with my mom, dad, two younger brothers and a good friend who is going to a university in Denton. The times before when I was successful at losing weight (got down to 115, sweetness) I always lived alone, either in the dorm at Baylor U (where I still attend for nursing school) or in an apartment I had for a year in downtown Dallas. I actually liked living alone because I had complete control over the food in the house, meaning I generally had nothing but my immediate diet-specific food, like a whole shelf of canned chicken lol and nothing else. And when I would mess up like at school eating a cookie someone offered me, I would go home, throw everything out and get a "fresh start" with another small selection, like filling the fridge with non-fat Greek yogurt. That actually made it very easy for me to lose weight and stay there, as wasteful as I was! So right now my biggest challenge living at home is ignoring all the delicious stuff my mom makes, because she is a fantastic cook/baker. Anyway, it can be done and it must be done and it WILL be done, because we are doing it together and we make no excuses!!! There is no ******** here; no laziness; no room for giving up or changing our minds or backing out. We are in it to win it, and there is nothing else until we succeed. After all, this is what we want most in the world and I, for one, am not going to accept anything less than 110 pounds of ME in a month.

emalily 08-31-2011 03:17 PM

***Official Starting Pictures***





Now I KNOW we're all going to be much happier with our pictures 30 days from now, so stay tuned!!! You're gonna want to see this sexy beast (re)emerge into the world ;)

Love you girls!!!

emalily 08-31-2011 05:23 PM

I just bought some smiley face stickers to put on the calendar on the refrigerator every day for a successful day; I will do it only for the day before because in the past when I did things like checking off a successful day, if I did it after dinner or something, I would then eat a bunch of crap late at night and the day would in fact NOT be a success. So, I am going to stop eating at 7pm tonight to kind of prepare for tomorrow, because Day 1 would feel super gross if I still felt full from today. Today has been pretty bad, but that is what Sexy September (or Sexyback September... lol) is all about: getting my mojo back; regaining the feeling of being attractive, desirable, slender, energetic and interested in doing things like dressing up, hanging out with people, even studying!
I am really psyched about tomorrow; I have been eating badly the last two days but wishing and hoping I could start then, but in my mind, it wouldn't be real because it wasn't September; it wasn't a fresh, new month. You know what I mean? I always have to have a new "something" to start out with. And this month just happens to be the ONLY month that starts with an "S", for which I am eternally grateful :) I need to get my sexy back. After 7pm, it's just a waiting game, and then tomorrow morning, 5am, I get to start getting my sexy back and proving my willpower by taking a 3 mile walk, and then eating tuna for breakfast! Hold me to it, yall, because it's gonna be insane. I can't wait!!! Here's to the fabulous month of September, 2011!


krisi 08-31-2011 06:30 PM

I'm in like sin!
I will start tomorrow! I'm 5'11 and 215 pounds my ugw is 150! I would love to lose 30 pounds in 30 days! I'm here to support and to get support I'm local too in Texas... My e-mail is krisistark@gmail.com e-mail me if you want my number to text I'm up for daily, hourly, minutely lol motivation! :rofl:

emalily 08-31-2011 06:43 PM

There are so many things I want to accomplish this Fall. I am in my senior year of college (last year of nursing school) and at this point, I don't care about grades or school or anything but getting my eating and body under control. This is the most immediate thing in my life; the thing I look at and feel and walk around with every second, and while it is messed up (=to big, bloated, not slender or comfortable) I cannot focus on or care about anything else. So my grades may be a little messed up this semester. Which is not horrible, since I've only ever made straight A's every day of my life, middle school thru college, and therefore I have a fantastic GPA to balance this semester out (maybe some C's for the first time in my life..). Right now, I just know that this is paramount: going straight tuna, water, walking and maybe a multivitamin for 30 straight days to show that I do have discipline and can follow through on realizing my goal. I will weigh 110 pounds; there is no question. I can't wait for midnight.

When I've been on track for a few days I always start to feel good and then forget why I was so upset about myself; therefore I will be highly vigilant the 3rd, 4th and 5th days. I haven't made it to day 6 on straight protein for ages; I cannot wait to get there and hopefully be down about 10 pounds to 124. I haven't seen 124 on the scale in a couple of months, and I'm just dying to be there again. I will probably weigh more tomorrow morning than I did today, because today was yet another free-for-all. I truly loathe the "last chance to eat" mentality, because it never turns out to be the last time but just continues until I've gained 15-20 pounds. It's time for this to stop. I miss who I was, the woman I got a short glimpse of this summer. I only weighed 115 for a few days at most before I started to fall apart, but it was never a stable thing. This whole past year has been a "lose one gain two lose 3 gain 1" debacle that I suppose drove me crazy near the end and I just let go. Let myself go. This time will be a straight shot from start to finish. No ups, just down. No gaining allowed. No de-railing. Off the plan is not an option. If for some reason I lose my bag of tuna and am out with nothing to eat, you know it never killed anyone to NOT eat, but it has sure killed me (metaphorically) before to eat crap with the excuse of not having any acceptable food. This is a battle to the death, with me as victor and the fat as loser, because it will never see THIS body again, I can assure you. I know with all my heart that I belong at 110; it calls to me, and when I see it on the scale that most glorious morning I've been waiting for all my life, there's no going back. It will be mine forever, and I will work to maintain it. I'm never, ever, never letting myself go again. I love feeling attractive, desirable, interested, active, alive and sexy far to much to let ANY food get in my way.

emalily 08-31-2011 06:44 PM

YAY Krisi!!! I'm so glad you're in- I can't wait to lose 30 pounds with you!! And, I'm so glad you're in Texas!! I will be emailing you girl!

krisi 08-31-2011 07:05 PM

:high5: we can do it girl my lowest weight was 163 I did that in a month and half from my highest weight of 220b/c I suffer from exercise bulimia.... Now I'm 220 ::sigh:: but I'm ready for a change I'm tired of this!

emalily 08-31-2011 07:43 PM

Okay girls, we're going to post our *official* starting weights tomorrow morning so we will have an accurate measure of our weight loss for each day. Even if you know the number is going to be higher than you want to see, we need to do it and put it out there. Then every morning I'm going to post my weight and what the difference is from the day before. I don't think I'll post any more pictures until September 30th, because I want to see the whole change. Here we go; hold on!!!

johnsa37 08-31-2011 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by emalily (Post 14964929)
Okay girls, we're going to post our *official* starting weights tomorrow morning so we will have an accurate measure of our weight loss for each day. Even if you know the number is going to be higher than you want to see, we need to do it and put it out there. Then every morning I'm going to post my weight and what the difference is from the day before. I don't think I'll post any more pictures until September 30th, because I want to see the whole change. Here we go; hold on!!!

I will be joining you gals through the 17th!!! Then I will be getting MARRIED and going on my honeymoon... will not be eating tuna in Aruba!!! :kicking:

emalily 08-31-2011 08:26 PM

Way to go Mac!! I'm so glad you are joining us!! And congrats on the wedding; I wouldn't eat tuna on my honeymoon either lol. Let's see how much you can lose to look hot for your man on the 17th; I bet you could be 120 by then, starting at 132ish. That's only 12 pounds, and Stillman can deliver even more than that in 17 days. Your honey is not going to believe what a dream you look on your special day; I am so excited for you! Are you going to be exercising or just doing the diet part? I've always found dieting to be pretty much the whole game when it came to weight loss, and exercise not so much, but I think I'm going to walk a ton and try to Shred it with Jillian tomorrow morning just because it makes me feel better about myself and how gross I am starting out lol.

johnsa37 08-31-2011 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by emalily (Post 14965105)
Way to go Mac!! I'm so glad you are joining us!! And congrats on the wedding; I wouldn't eat tuna on my honeymoon either lol. Let's see how much you can lose to look hot for your man on the 17th; I bet you could be 120 by then, starting at 132ish. That's only 12 pounds, and Stillman can deliver even more than that in 17 days. Your honey is not going to believe what a dream you look on your special day; I am so excited for you! Are you going to be exercising or just doing the diet part? I've always found dieting to be pretty much the whole game when it came to weight loss, and exercise not so much, but I think I'm going to walk a ton and try to Shred it with Jillian tomorrow morning just because it makes me feel better about myself and how gross I am starting out lol.

Thanks!! Originally I started on Stillman's doing weight training and heavier cardio... but I am just not taking in enough calories to have the energy to do the weight training anymore. So, I decided to just walk the dog (about 45 mins a day) and do pilates if I get bored!

Aloha Linz 08-31-2011 10:17 PM

Awww Em! You really look good girl, but I know you're gonna look even better in 30 days, and what YOU wanna look like! So proud of you for taking this huge step!! What's that you're holding in the pic with your cute face?? Tell me it's not tuna...lol! :)

Welcome Krisi & Mac!! Krisi, where in TX are you? What will you girls be eating to get to your goals? Mac, where's the wedding? So excited for you. What a dream!!

I don't have a set plan yet regarding my eats, I'm going to start pure protein (fish & chicken) and see how my body responds...will probably add some fish oil & primrose oil a few days a week to tweak the macronutrients & keep my skin, hair & nails in check & body guessing. That's about the only thing I've thought about adding....maybe some veggies or additional fats if I'm at a stall. Just thinking out loud!

Regarding training, I agree with you girls...it's hard to do much intensity on this program. I will be lifting only to maintain & not doing any big lifts....just simple, light bicep curls & the like :) Most cardio will be on incline treadmill or jogs with my dog...but even that will be depending on how I feel & aim to increase duration each week. A big problem I see in fitness is people going "balls to the wall" the first week of a new program, then crash & burn. Although stillman's is as balls to the wall as eating gets, it's impossible to pair it with a crazy training regime & hold ground. I will start with about 35-40 min high incline treadmill walks, 3-4 x's per week, ending up at an hour by the end of the month. I notice I get pretty bad leg cramping when I do Stillman's....even when I take my multivitamin & zinc/magnesium supplement. I can't train hard on dead legs! So, I won't...ha! :)

also aiming to drink my BODWEIGHT in water...160 oz! This helps me tremedously....as does 8 hours of sleep....which I didn't get last night, so.....nighty night loved ones!! Can't wait for this fun month to begin!! xoxoxo

Oh, and Em, I saw you asked me this earlier....I'm 5'8".....pretty medium to large frame. I wonder why you can't see my pics? Can anyone else? Boo! xo

emalily 09-01-2011 06:14 AM

It's here!!! September is here!!! So excited.
***Official starting weight*** = 132.2
Warning: Too Much Information ahead. I really hate waking up after eating nonstop the day before, but I DO love getting to have a giant BM that makes you feel like you've lost weight lol. That's the ONLY thing I miss on Stillman's: not getting to take a dump for like a million years, until I go off and cheat. But, this month is a no-cheating month. We are, as Krisi said, in like sin!

Linz, I love your exercise plan; sounds really smart. I've never experienced cramping on stillman's; that must be awful. As for supplements, I just took 1200 mg calcium, some biotin, chromium and CoQ10 (all for blood sugar management so I don't get shaky and hypoglycemic) and 4 Vitamin Code Perfect Weight vitamins (1 dose). And water water water- I'm right there with you. I don't even think I could do 160 oz; you're hardcore woman!

Just finished my 3 mile walk, first of many; I really love walking outside (NOT on a dreadmill) and it was super peaceful and quiet at 5am. Actually, walking is something I can actually look forward to, as opposed to 30 Day Shred or a group fitness class at the gym. I really love a good hour long walk. After my shower, I drank 24 oz water with all my pills n vitamins, and then consumed my first of a bazillion 6.4 oz pack Starkist Albacore White Tuna (210 calories, 4.5 g fat, 1g carb, 42 g protein; ingredients = white tuna, water, vegetable broth, salt, pyrophosphate). I wish I could find a foil pack of tuna that just contained "tuna" lol.


I'm feeling good, girls; more hopeful than I have for a long time. This is it.
I can't wait to give myself a sticker for September 1 on the calendar when I wake up tomorrow, hopefully a pound lighter!! Talk to yall later today <3

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