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hmmmm could this work?


I guess I'll give a quick synopsis of my journey... I weighed 210 at 18yrs old (am 5'5).. I tried cutting fat/ curves/ swimming ect. to no avail.. finally out of discouragment i totally gave up excercise and went strict atkins... and i ate all the meat eggs cheese, mayo and butter I could find... I lost 70lbs in a year... and maintained 135 for the past 4.5- 5 years.. this year however.. now 24... In my head i decided that because I was "so" good.. I could go for lower calories and higher carbs.. ive gained about 15lbs am at 151 this morning... and yesterday I made the decision to go back to atkins start at induction and then slowly work my way up and taylor it to myself... my question for you guys i see alot of you have had great success... will i fail doing atkins with the higher fats .. have any of you done both? I'm looking for help, and advice.. I feel like maybe my metabolism is just screwed up, i kept detailed calorie journals ranging from 12-1600 a day but my carbs have been 50-100... and ive steadily gained.. in addittion i also work out regularly (2-3.5 miles a night jogging) plus i have a busy job... my thyroid is good... the only other contributing factor was 90% of what I was eating was packaged bars,shakes,candies, and the like low fat low carb bread tortillas ect.. please any advice would be helpful....
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Originally Posted by Lezune View Post
the only other contributing factor was 90% of what I was eating was packaged bars,shakes,candies, and the like low fat low carb bread tortillas ect.. please any advice would be helpful....
I think you have your answer. You can't eat 90% processed junk and expect good results, switch to a whole foods centered diet, if you want to eat high fat there's no problem with Atkins, obviously it worked well for you before! But do it by eating good stuff, beef, chicken, veggies, berries, butter, cheese... not so much the candies and shakes and low carb bread!

If you'd like to eat higher carb but still be structured, I highly recommend you look into a paleo diet. The Primal Blueprint is a great plan and has a very good website too: Mark's Daily Apple This may honestly be more for you than Stillman's since you don't have much to lose and are pretty active, and you WANT to up your carbs.

Also if you lost your weight on low carb and then transitioned to a higher carb amount, some of that weight gain will be normal and water weight... the quick losses you had on the first weeks of low carb are the ones you put back right away when you stop eating low carb, this is normal and is not fat. If 135 is your goal weight and is what you want to have reached when you eat higher carb, you'll need to go down lower than 135 on low carb to factor in the water weight gain, if that makes sense.

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