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swella73 06-01-2011 08:54 AM

Advice Needed....
Hello there!
I have been lurking and strongly considering giving this a try. I would love to start as soon as tomorrow, my only dilemma is that I am going out of town on travel a week from today for 2 days. I know for sure that at least one of those days (if not both) I will eat hopefully lowcarb but possibly a little off plan. My question is: should I wait until I return on next Friday or can I go ahead and start now and consider those two days "refeed" days????

Any suggestions you can provide will be great!!

BTW - I plan to go strict QWL after my trip so that I can be at least 15 lbs smaller by the 4th of July if possible. :aprayer::aprayer:


IM2fat 06-02-2011 04:23 AM

Hey swell. Nothing like today for a fresh start! Just play it by ear. Do what you can and plan to be strict when you return! Unfortunately when you are away it can be a little difficult but I suggest packing some portable tuna, your vitamins and some walking shoes! At least you'll be covered in a pinch! Be strong and we will be thinking of you. Hop on over to the June thread and let us know how it went! Good luck to you

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