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Live Vintageously 05-30-2011 02:45 PM

Results with Stillman's Quick Weight Loss diet?
Hi all! I lost about 100 lbs. with the "everything in moderation"/body wisdom/intuitive eating. I've still got 30 lbs. to go. Last summer I tried Atkins (not original '72 version) and only gained and maintained my weight on it. My guess is it had too much dairy and fat. I certainly felt queasy while eating that way. I'm thinking of trying Stillman QWL, with refeeds/cheat days as needed.

I didn't see a Stillman's results thread. So...

What have your results been from Stillman's?

ravenrose 05-30-2011 03:29 PM

most people starting Stillmans or any other plan are starting from their highest weight. those results will be completely different than yours, because your body has had plenty of time to realize you were losing an alarming amount of weight and marshal its resources to get that to stop. good luck!

aleriaaa 05-31-2011 05:25 AM

Hi LV!!! Congrats on your amazing weightloss thus far!! Awesome job!! I agree with Raven that your results may be slower now, than if you started stills from the get go, but dont let that stop you!!

I began a strict session of QWL at 127, and 10 days later, Im 120. (Prior to that I was 150 and began meat/fat only + cream (started in march).

A typical day for me would be:
2 eggs/tuna
2 eggs/tuna
2-3 eggs/chicken breast (or gorund turkey)
black coffee
2 sweet&lows
2-4 Crysyal Lights
1-2 gum

I was surprised my weight would still go down, and Im surprised again every 2 days!!! This plan works. Join us in the May thread, and look for the new June one tomorrow!!:high5:

You can do this!!!!:hugs:

Live Vintageously 05-31-2011 08:57 PM

Ravenrose your observation is noted. I actually had lost the 30 pounds I am currently carrying but had to be ultra restrictive with my food (meager, meager portions) and walked the equivalent of 8 miles a day, working at a flower shop. When I went back to college and wasn't walking as much, well...30 lbs and 3 years later is the current version of me.

aleriaaa this may sound crazy but... do you miss vegetables? And how long does one stay on Stillmans? I'm willing to try it if it works and doesn't cause my weight to rebound when I come off it and eat veggies or a piece of bread a few times a week. Further thoughts on the fine art of Stillman? :)

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