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VeeH 12-04-2010 08:45 AM

Committed to losing 10 lbs, by xmas
Hi, I'm new to Stillman's. I've been flirting with it the past week, but now I'm really ready to make a full commitment: I want to lose 10 pounds by xmas, and I just wanted to see if anyone wants to join me. I have more than 10 pounds to lose, but am hoping Stillman's can jump start my plan to move on to Atkins after xmas.

I just received an exercise step from Amazon yesterday--an early birthday present from my mom--and hopped on it this a.m. for an hour. Exercising makes me feel even more motivated (of course, I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow, b/c I'm so out of shape!).

Anyway, I know this time of year is tough with all those holiday parties (I have one tomorrow), but I'm going to have a plan in place b/c for me, if I fail to plan, I plan to fail.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!

aleriaaa 12-04-2010 10:51 AM

Hi Vee! Welcome to Stillmans! Youre on the right track and will probably see 10 pounds gone by next week! So exciting!!! Awesome job with the exercise. I hear it works great, but I wouldn't know. lol

I like how you said it you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Get that meat ready!! I have no doubt you will get great results!! The first few days can be tough. I typically feel cranky, and tired but then on the 3rd or 4th day, I am recharged and ready to go!

aleriaaa 12-04-2010 11:37 AM

also wanted to add to jump into the Decmeber thread. So many great success stories there. You will fit right in!!!

VeeH 12-04-2010 02:35 PM

Thanks, Aleriaaa. I so appreciate the positive feedback! I will check out the December thread, too. I am totally psyched about doing this right, and I am just going to try to keep it in the day, and just focus on what's right in front of me 24 hours at a time. I had a great, clean, day so far today: 2 poached eggs. sliced turkey breast (REAL turkey, not deli, processed stuff), and now I am making a turkey burger for dinner. I can see how this would be pretty boring to most people, but I have a goal in mind. I am tired of this weight, and I am tired of my yo-yoing and half-baked attempts to really get serious about how truly miserable I am at my current weight. Thanks so much!

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