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Happy SAHM 11-20-2010 08:02 AM

Starting Stillmans -Advice Needed
Hi Everyone,

I am a Mom to 4 children under 4 1/2. I have had very good success in the past on Atkins (lost 40 lbs in 3 1/2 months in 2009). Since I recently delivered my 4th child, however, I am at my heighest weight ever. I would like to get fit and healthy again and shed these excess lbs. as quickly as possible. I have read about Stillman's here on LCF and think it may be a good program for me to start to see results and get my metabolism moving and then ease into Atkins in a few months.

I'm having a little trouble getting started though. I am not sure what my menu for the day will look like. While I love meat, I am not a big fan of eggs. As you might imagine with four little ones, I don't have a lot of time, so quick and easy suggestions would be great. I like cheese as well, but am not sure what Farmer's cheese and Pot cheese are? Any suggestions as to what type of cheese I could eat as a quick grab and go?

If you could post a few sample daily menus, it would be a great help to me. I am great at constructing Atkins/low carb menus, but this may prove a bit more challenging. i already bought some frozen fish and some frozen chicken that I can cook quickly. Any other suggestions for a quick fix that is Stillman's friendly?

I'd love to hear about your personal successes with this diet as well. For those of you who have done both Atkins and Stillman's, I'd love to hear your thoughts on both.

Thanks and i hope to join you all on your journeys.

IM2fat 11-20-2010 04:19 PM

Hi Happy!

I'm sure you already figured out that Stillman's is quite restrictive. Most of us mainly try to stick with Chicken, Tuna, Fish. . and some eggs. . (Although I see you don't like them). . The first four days can be a bit of a challenge so make sure you eat when you feel hungry. . The lovely part is. . no limit to lean protein. . Tuna fish packets are a staple in my house. . The flavored ones give you a little variety. . Some mix mustard or hotsauce into their tuna. The big trick is to have meat already cooked and ready to go. . I buy the Tyson pre-cooked chicken (usually found by the lunchmeat) as well as the steak. There are also some bigger bags located in the freezer section. Gorton's makes some grilled fish that is pretty good (and satisfying). . I also eat grilled lean pork, steak and I throw in an occassional ground beef snack. Drink plenty of water and take your vitamins. I am sure you will lose in no time. .

Also, be sure to check out the veterans in the NOvember thread. . It tends to have a lot of information and the gals there can offer a lot of advice. . . Read back and you will see what some of us are eating to lose weight. . . Welcome and good luck to you!

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