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Rhianmusic 08-13-2010 12:32 AM

Need help on diet

I just wanted to check if I am allowed to have sugar free chewing gum to get rid of the horrible taste in my mouth that is ketosis and also how much jellly - I think you guys call it gelatin are you allowed a day - a packet a serving of so many grams?

Any help is appreciated.


IM2fat 08-14-2010 05:27 AM

By all means. .chew some gum! I have to have it with me at all times. keeps my mouth busy!~ All things in moderation. .just make sure you are using the sugar free gelatin. .. . feel free to pop over to the August thread where there are a lot of veterans that hang out and can answer any questions, offer support and share some laughs! We are always looking to expand our forum and hear success stories! Good luck to you!

ontopofmygame 08-17-2010 12:02 PM

Ditto, come and get some support from the August thread. Drinking all of your water also helps with the breath. I am not sure about the Listerine strips that melt in your mouth, check the ingredients, they are good in a social pinch!

milo_juniper 12-05-2010 08:20 PM

You can also get chlorophyll in pill or liquid form which deodorizes you from the inside out.

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