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gotricia 03-26-2010 04:16 PM

Stillman's Exercise Question
Hi Everyone! I have done Stillman's in the past but never for more then a couple of months. After having my 2nd baby I'm ready to commit myself to this way of eating; I ordered a book off of amazon and am expecting it tomorrow or Monday in the mail. But since I don't have it yet I have a question for you guys about exercise, does anyone have any experience with doing a lot of cardio (1-2 hours per day)while on following this plan? I plan on combining Stillmans with some pretty intense workouts to get to my goal, but my husband feels like I wont be getting enough nutrients to maintain my energy. Any thoughts, comments, opinions are welcome!

Yam-Yam 03-26-2010 04:37 PM

go tricia: Hi! My experience with Stillman's is that I get an incredible amount of energy right from the beginning. Make sure you drink, drink, drink your water and keep hydrated. Eat lots of lean protein before and after your cardio and you will see amazing results and definitely have the energy to do it. I am also committed to taking vitamins. I use MEGA WOMEN, then add calcium citrate tablets, lots of vitamin C, Biotin and Folic Acid. I drink bunches of green tea as well and besides the great antioxidents, I'm sure the caffiene keeps me going.

I did Stillman's years ago and lost 50 pounds in 3 months. I kept it off for over 30 years using QWL and the combo plan. It's just in the past 8 years that I've gained and the pounds came on (and brought many of their friends) after a serious back injury which sent me to the hospital in an ambulance. I was bedridden for 3 months and then in PT. YUK! Also some hormonal and medical issues on top of that and it's when I was no longer able to do the intense cardio and strength training that those pounds came on.

I'm an exercise fanatic and used to do 90 minutes of intense cardio every day, swimming and strength training. (ha! as I said that I just realized I had a smokin' body! And, I'm gonna get it back!!)

You will do great. I'm heading out of town for the weekend. But I'll check back in when I can and see how you are doing when I can. You will do great!! So glad you got the book. I have 3 copies. Very motivational and educational. There are also many great articles on the web about the benefits of ketosis regarding weight loss and the science behind why HP, LC diets (especially Stillman's) really do work and work fast!

I hang out on the board that starts a new thread every Month. This month it's March Meat Lovers (or something like that!) Check it out! It's great and everyone is so encouraging.

aleriaaa 03-27-2010 05:42 AM

Hi Tricia! Glad you decided to join us..We all get together in the March thread and Im afraid your post here will be missed. Unfortunately, I know nothing about exercise, but jump right in and someone will be sure to help you! Congrats on Baby #2!

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