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Shannon_ 01-05-2010 05:08 PM

Hi Im 20 pounds heavier than I will be in April!
And Im going to rock Stillman's til I get there! All that being said, Ive only managed to lose 7 pounds in 11 days using Stillmans and of course then I caved!

Have any of you ever caved when you see the scale move up despite weight loss efforts? That is exactly what I do each and every time the scale doesnt move down. So, I am NOT going to weight myself at all until I fit into my prepregnancy clothes really well!

Im 5'2 and 142 pounds. I will monitor my progress once a week with waist and hip measurements only. I will not sabotage my efforts this time around.

I have 3 children 5, 3, and 6 months. I have always lost the excessive weight I gained with each. Im currently down 45 pounds since I delivered and am no longer breastfeeding. Im wearing terribly frumpy clothes, and I have a double chin in every picture taken of me.

Enough is enough! Im tracking my exercise and food over at fatsecretdotcom for now. Today was the first day of my eating, and Im surprisingly low calorie and not hungry :)

As for exercise, Im using Tom Venuto's techinques incorporating weight lifting and cardio. I know the cardio will slow to a near grinding hault soon, but Ill just do what I can do.

Low carb always seems to give me enough energy to breathe, lightly sleep, walk, and eat. Maybe if Im lucky, my mental clarity wont be too foggy.

Im no stranger to this site and certainly no stranger to low carb and yoyo dieting. These pregnancies are the reason I need to lose weight; otherwise, I can maintain in the 120s without too much trouble.

So Im looking forward to meeting you all and travelling this road together. :heart:

IM2fat 01-05-2010 05:25 PM

Hey Shannon! Sounds like you have a real handle on it already. .but, I think every one of us has caved. (could be why we all log in for support?). . . Anyway, it sounds like you are inspired and inspiring!! Please think about joining the rest of us Stillman's followers on the January thread . . I know the others would love to have you and they are a great group. Lots of tricks and tips! I've been running my yap for a couple of months already on and on and on about Stillmans! It Rocks and will get you to goal before you know it!

Mrs Nadal 01-05-2010 10:11 PM

Welcome Shannon:welcome:

Pop over to the January thread and join us:D

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