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heislord5 09-23-2009 11:03 AM

What about Protein Powder diet?

I'm wondering about the effectiveness of a protein powder diet for a day or two to eliminate muscle loss while losing fat?

I'm just playing around with different ideas. I measure and record my muscle, fat, water and bone every morning.

Today I started the day thinking I would just have protein all day (mostly powder, but maybe a piece of chicken or fish when I got home). Then I thought about the fact that my muscles need insulin & carbs to deliver the protein to the muscle.

So I decided to basically do protein powders all day, with 2 of the protein drinks containing a cup of apple juice each.

My protein powders are fairly pure and contain no flavors, no sweeteners real or artificial. Just 100% pure whey isolate or pea protein or rice protein. I actually combine them.

each serving (30 grams) has about 110 calories fat/carb/protein of 6/5/99 calories.

my protein/apple juice combo has 220 calories fat/carb/protein of 6/115/99 calories.

So far I've had:

protein 5:15am,7am,8:30am

protein+appleJuice 11am

protein 1pm

will continue with maybe 4 more proteins and a protein+juice. Or possibly get a boneless skinless chicken breast when I get home tonight.

Any thoughts on this for a one day accelerated fat burn? do you think this would help to preserve muscle better than something like the cabbage soup diet?

I came up with this idea yesterday after eating about 1900 calories in the course of about 3 hours. I actually got away with it (did not measure an increase in body fat), but I would thinking about doing something like this to stay ahead of the game. Anyway now I'm just wondering if I'll see a huge drop in body fat measurements tommorow with my muscle measurements staying level?

BTW - I actually separate LBM from Water measurements, so I don't see the huge fluctuations in LBM measurements caused by variations in hydration level.

I made a spreadsheet to track calories and body measurements that can be used in conjunction with a scale that measures fat%,weight,water%,bone lbs.

you can find it at youtube by searching "awesome fitness spreadsheet". The spreadsheet can be accessed from the description of the videos and can be stored online at google for easy access. I have over 1-hour of videos there explaining how to use the spreadsheet. Obviously its free to have or copy.


heislord5 09-24-2009 04:19 AM

Ehh. I started using carbs at the end of the day. Measurements the next morning show loss of muscle and water. I actually ate a caramello to celebrate chocolate day. :) I kept my total calories very low though for me~1525 and gained .11 pounds of fat while losing .4 pounds of muscle and 1.7 pounds of water.

Yeah my weight went from 204.6 to 202.6, but when you look at what it appears I lost, moving the scale is not always a good thing.

Weight 204.60 202.60
Body Fat 25.10% 25.40%
Water 54.60% 54.40%
Bone lbs 7.60 7.40
Fat Mass 51.35 51.46
Lean Body Mass (LBM) 153.25 151.14
Net Lean Body Mass 33.93 33.53

Net LBM = LBM - Water%*Weight - Bone lbs

What I ate by %:

Fat : 13%
Carbs : 28%
Protein : 59%

twilight 10-10-2009 05:51 PM

How on earth do you measure all that stuff?

porcupine73 06-03-2010 10:18 AM

Hello. I think the protein powder plan could work. In fact if you've read the Eades Six Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle, that's what they recommend about three times a day for the first couple of weeks as part of their 'power up shakes' (plus one 'regular' low carb meal per day). The shakes also include raw eggs (pasturized in shell, or dipped in boiling water for 30-60 seconds), some coconut milk. There's tons of shake recipes in the book.

scootergal 06-04-2010 10:40 AM

IMO, too gimmicky unless you are a bodybuilder and know how to do this to accomplosh it properly. Anything with chocolate and sugar is going to wreak havoc on your metabolism and ketogenic state. Think of your body a s big chemistry lab and how things convert once you eat them.

I'm sure there is much I don't know, but I really suggest pure Stillmans. The amount of weight loss will motivate you. Totally commit and do it.

Hope I don't sound like a jerk. Just trying to point out this.

porcupine73 06-04-2010 11:25 AM

Good catch, I didn't spot the apple juice in there at first. That is definitely not a low carb option. The other thing that shake is missing is fat. If it's just protein powder and apple juice that is not healthy long term. The body requires fat and protein for operation. But it does not require carbs.

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