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Old 06-21-2014, 06:14 PM   #1
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Start Date: 05/04/2015
Yet Another Question About Stalling...

Hello all,

I'm new to your Forums and Low Carb Dieting in general. I started the Atkin's about two and half weeks ago, after stalling at 129lbs on my former diet for three months. This was after consulting with most of my family, who are physicians, specialists, surgeons, and general know-it-all's with big hearts and too much biochemistry knowledge. They left me with a headache and a brain crammed full of calorie deficits and percentages. Everything started off well, the scale moved, and I'm down to 120 lbs, and now, it's happening again. I've stopped and the bloody scale hasn't moved in seven days.

I'll admit, this diet is not the funnest thing for me. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian, not really by choice, but I lost a lot of food groups I rely on for my nutrition. So to say the least I've been quaffing down a lot of eggs and cheese. And salad. Oh the salad. I almost exclusively eat it with vinaigrette, because I'm finding it really difficult to eat enough fats. I also watch my calorie intake, because as everyone knows, calories are extremely important in weight loss. On my former diet, it was extremely simple for me - 800-1000 calories a day and less than 30% fat. Now, I'm struggling to eat proteins and fats. Yes, the Atkins diet recommends vegetarians skip right to phase II, but I want this last ten or so pounds off now (preferably by mid July.)

As for exercise, I do an hour and half of cardio a day (ballet barre one hour, running for half an hour) and one hour of barre toning. Six days a week. I was a former gymnast and ballet dancer so I am a bit fanatical about exercise. I don't think activity level is a problem. I've also taken measurements since I've started and they haven't changed.

I read most of the induction threads last night. I don't use artificial sweetners, I drink at least 100+ ounces of water a day. I make all of my own food at home, including salad dressings and condiments because I suffer large amounts of migraines and I have SLE, and almost all preservatives have triggers in them. I actually don't have a sweet tooth so I thought this diet would be perfect. My only dietary demon is fresh baked bread and cheese plates in Switzerland, and I'm not going home until October so I should be safe.

If anyone can offer some advice, it would be more than welcome. This is beyond frustrating. I know what your thinking. "Goodness, she's only been on it for three weeks..." But I see this nightmare of stalling and fighting a battleground pound for three more months. I actually had a nightmare last night that I ate a Ritz cracker and gained three pounds. I actually asked this question on another forum and got a rude response about vanity pounds, so it was disheartening. I'm only 5'2" with a petite frame and we carry weight differently at this height. If I can't find anything here, my family might suggest the Scarsdale *cringe*

Thank you, in advance. I will even post my daily diet, if needed.
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Old 06-21-2014, 09:58 PM   #2
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Dr Atkins does not consider it a stall until you have gone 4 weeks without either losing weight or inches. This WOE works---maybe not as quickly as we would like it to...but if you follow the rules---the weight WILL come off!

Good luck to you! Don't give up hope
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Old 06-22-2014, 03:09 PM   #3
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AJ, you don't have much to lose, so the weight is going to come off more slowly. Also, our bodies are just weird. It's not unusual for me to go 3 weeks or more with no losses, and then lose 4-5 pounds in one week. Overall, it will average out to losing 4-5 pounds for the month, but all the numbers will come in one week. It's odd, but our bodies are just going to do what they're going to do.

Having said that, you definitely want to go with a plan that you can live with for life, not something that you aren't happy with. Don't eat this way if you're miserable with it.
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Old 06-22-2014, 08:40 PM   #4
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Stalling for 3-4 weeks has been par for the course for me.

You might also consider cutting down on the exercise. Perhaps even by a considerable amount. An hour-and-a-half of cardio a day is quite a lot. There are threads here on the pros and cons of exercise, might want to browse through them.
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Old 06-23-2014, 12:18 AM   #5
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Stats: 123/119/110
WOE: Keto
Start Date: 05/04/2015
Hi all,

Thank you for the valuable insight. I thought I might be jumping the gun just a bit, and today the scale was same, so I think I will just have to decide whether or not to stick with it a while. I did have a rather long stare down with a piece of corn that my husband grilled. It's rather difficult when that would be perfectly alright for me to eat a month ago (sans butter) but now it would unacceptable. I ate extremely healthy in my youth, both of my parents are surgeons and were very strict with what we ate, and until I was 25 and was in a very unfortunate accident that left me in a wheel chair for a year and a half (and chubby,) I was actually a bit underweight. Now it is so frustrating to be on the other end of the scale and I'll admit I'm bit fanatical. I want to look great when I get back into medical school, because how can I administer health advice to a patient if I am not healthy myself?

And John, if I may call you that, my father suggested that I cut back on the exercise as well. His personal trainer said I might be "over trained" because when my original low cal/fat diet started failing, I ate less and added more exercise until I was at one and a half hours of cardio. But I love it, and it makes me happy to do it, especially after the accident. And another issue is, I instruct a Ballet class for three hours in the morning and my daughters Level 7 Power Tumbling glass three nights a week. I have to spot/lift fourteen year old girls and demonstrate handsprings and all manner of gymnastics on a tumbling track. So until I go back to school I don't think my activity level is going to stave off, barring injury. I will look at those forums though, and thank you for taking time to post- and I am sorry you are stalling. It's so deflating.

I think I am going to have really consider staying on this diet, because I have lost so many foods I like. Initially I saw that what, some 70% of your carbohydrates need to come from vegetables? I said, wow, I'm a vegetarian, I do that every day. I'll add some cheese, and maybe an egg…and I didn't consider where I would get my fat from. Now I've been munching salads for three weeks straight and it's a bit lackluster. And if there is one veg I can't stand, it's cauliflower. I don't care how many ways you hide it. After looking at my dietary journals over the last six months, I was only consuming 150 grams a day of carbohydrates anyway and while that sounds like a lot, considering the amount of beans and whole grains I ate, it wasn't too bad. It was just the bloody stalling. Perhaps I will hang with this diet until July, when I go on vacation to the Caribbean, and see if I drive myself mad, salivating over corn and peas. Maybe it will pass, let me lose to my goal, and I can move on to maintenance, where more veggies are allowed. Thank you again.
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Old 06-23-2014, 06:59 AM   #6
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Atkins may not be for you. You need to find something you can live with.
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Old 06-23-2014, 07:19 AM   #7
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You might want to consider primal...it would let you have a lot more food. It will likely make you lose slower but you could happily eat some higher carb vegetables. You would also be able add nuts in. (you'd be amazed at what you can cook with almond and coconut flour)

check out Maria Emmerich's blog

I hear you on catching flack for the goal weight. I am only 5'3 and am built really small. My 10 yr old has bigger hands then me and weighs only 85 lbs.
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Old 06-23-2014, 07:42 AM   #8
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I am no expert but here is are my thoughts.
Can you eat fish, fresh like tuna or salmon or canned like tuna or sardines, chicken and cheese because you need to up your protein without few carbs. You also have to get rid of that low-fat mentality that's been drilled into our heads for too many years because if you focus on calories instead of carbs, it will not work.. Also if you try low fat with low carb together, it not only doesn't work but it will make you sick. Your body needs fuel to function.
If you don't like cauliflower than don't eat it and go to other vegies like spinach, poured out of a bag and stir fried with some garlic and butter.
Green beans, yellow squash, zucchini, broccoli all with butter (butter is 0 carb) and maybe cheese too.
You also could need supplements of vitamins and minerals.
No fruit right now because even natural sugar is still sugar.
I've read that too much cardio produces cortisol which stalls weight loss...
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