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Old 05-13-2014, 06:38 PM   #1
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Maybe this is the right place to ask the question. ..

So I'm going to shoot back to Christmas... I gained 20lbs in about 3 days, and the weight never came off, not with a fat fast, not with Paleo, nothing.
My periods have become irregular, I am to not be able to tolerate alot more foods, my skins super dry, I'm always tired and weight loss is not going any where, and I'm always cold..
fast forward 2 weeks ago I was having horrible stomach issues, everything going through me, horrible bloating. I go to urgent care <I'm currently looking for a new primary care dr>, they do blood work, everuthing comes back fine but my inflammation was very high, and my tsh was 4.2 they say that's normal but I looked online and alot of sites say that's hypothyroidism?
Any suggestions, or tips while I wait to see a dr? Anyone suggest a dr in nyc?
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I feel for you
Some of my symptoms were:
always cold
dry skin...very dry
hair falling out
I gained 10 pounds that doesnt respond to diet and I work out daily
extreme exhaustion....my eyes close about 7pm each night

I was tested 3 times...twice by the 'best endos' money can buy in the city
always told that I was fine
I researched wilsons temperature syndrome and found a doctor versed in it
he completed blood tests and before he got the results he said we are doing a therapeutic dosage of armour regardless of results because he believed that I was hypo.
from his website:
The symptoms of Wilsons Temperature Syndrome are classic for low thyroid problems.
When the symptoms come on together they are more likely to be related.
The symptoms often persist even after the stress has passed.
Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is characterized by body temperatures that average below 98.6 measured orally, typically below 97.8.

I took my temp prior to seeing the doctor 3 times a day as indicated for 3 weeks. My temp was below 97.8 consistently
My blood tests came back and indicated hypo as well according to him. He believes in treating the symptoms and not the test results which is HUGE
He started me on armour 2 weeks ago (I go today for a recheck)
Ive lost 6 pounds without diet change, have energy returning (I stay awake until 9 now)
my fog has cleared and my skin is responding....yes its working!

Medical Providers for Wilson's Temperature Syndrome - Wilson's Syndrome

provider search and there are doctors in brooklyn!
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Old 05-14-2014, 06:06 AM   #3
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Yes, a TSH of 4.2 'suggests' hypothyroidism.

Some years ago, the TSH 'limit' was 5.0. Anything above that was considered hypo. That was changed by the national org. of endos to 3.0, but, unfortunately, many doctors never got that message and continue to go by the 5.0.

These days, a good thyroid doctor would consider anyone with a TSH above 2.0 who already had symptoms as possibly hypo.

What's important to know is that a good thyroid doctor considers BOTH lab results and symptoms. I was told for 5 years (by my primary) that I had no thyroid problems, although I had escalating symptoms--which he attributed to 'aging.' It was only when I self-referred to an endo that I was finally diagnosed and treated.

I can't help with a referral, but if you have any friends with thyroid issues, they may be a good source of info about doctors--even if only ones to avoid
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