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Old 04-28-2014, 01:27 PM   #1
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Bowling Green, KY
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Start Date: 4.19.14
Hello Everyone

Hello my fellow low carbers, I'd like to introduce myself and share a summary of my story.

I'm Sherry. I'm a 53 year old, wife, mom, and stay-at-home grandmother. It seems like I've spent most of my life overweight and trying to make permanent changes in my eating habits. I've had lots of success along the way, and am a big believer in low carb living, but I just can't seem to stay with it consistently. At this point I've GOT to make a permanent lifestyle change. I feel so bad physically and emotionally, that weight loss is only a secondary goal to improving my health enough to WANT to be alive. I just can't go on schlepping through every day feeling so horrid.

Way back in 2007 I was a regular here and really enjoyed and benefited from meeting folks with similar challenges. I'm very thankful that I've found the God-given grace to begin again. I really look forward to getting to know you guys. It can make such a difference to share the journey!

For those of you who want to know more about my story, please continue reading below.


OK, here's more detail about where I am, and where I'm trying to go.

After my husband's job loss and down sizing, and leaving my job to take care of our grandson, I literally cannot afford to seek extensive care for my many ailments. That may be a blessing in disguise as it forces me to focus on healing myself with diet, exercise, and weight loss - which I still believe is mostly doable at this point.

My current list of physical issues includes a several gastro problems, joint pain, lack of energy/motivation, peripheral neuropathy, depression, sleep issues, borderline high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, chronically inflamed peroneal tendon, and the many "little" annoyances of aging and being 60 to 70 pounds over weight.

I do have one health issue that I cannot self-heal, as far as I know - familial combined hyperlipidemia. When I was first diagnosed in 2012, my triglycerides were about 3300 mg/dL and my cholesterol was nearly 1000 mg/dL. As many of you likely know, those numbers are astronomically high. The doc says the disease is genetic and needs more than just diet and exercise to get my levels into an acceptable range. Before the financial **** hit the fan, he was recommending a sort of blood dialysis treatment, and had prescribed expensive meds, neither of which I can afford at this time. Given the huge increase in stroke and heart attack risk with this condition, it's really important that I do all I can to reduce my risk with diet and exercise.

Emotionally, it's very VERY hard to try again. It means having to face my ongoing failure to STOP eating myself to misery and death. For so many years I've had an unhealthy, "addict-like" problem with food. Being unable to stop the self destructive behavior has actually been harder on my sense of self, than feeling so unattractive due to the excessive weight.

Today marks 9 days of gluten free, low carb eating for me. That's a huge deal as I literally could not imagine going ONE day without sneaking off for a fast food meal or eating a ridiculous amount of some terribly unhealthy snack in an effort to "comfort" myself.

The really surprising news is the complete disappearance of my stomach woes, and a noticeable improvement in joint pain. I fully expected to feel better from a serious reduction in carbs as that always gives me more energy and helps reduce cravings and clear brain fog, but I'm especially encouraged at the stomach/joint improvement.

For many years I've suspected I have a gluten intolerance, and how much better I feel after eliminating it for just a short time confirms my suspicion. I've just finished reading "Wheat Belly" and would definitely recommend it.

My current way of eating is pretty chill. I've not cranked down hard on anything except sugar and gluten. I'm eating more carbs than is ideal for weight loss, but since that is a secondary goal, I'm just taking it easy as I try to adjust to no gluten. I'm eating as many whole foods as possible, and trying to minimize processed food.

I've just started monitoring postprandial blood sugar with a goal of staying below 100, and am working toward no more than 15 g of carbs per meal. Supplements include D3, Omega 3, Iodine, and Magnesium.

Fortunately I love exercise of all sorts, but it is hard to get going when you feel so bad. I've managed to hang on to a few activities like walking the dog, yard work, and easy going tennis about once a week, but am hoping to be able to get back to and stick with a more aggressive exercise habit.

We are very fortunate to have a high quality elliptical machine here at home and a membership to a local gym. When money got tight, my husband and I both agreed to try and hold on to the gym, so we cut the cable rather than dropping our membership. BUT, even after sacrificing the cable, we've had trouble finding the energy to go regularly.

My goal would be to do one hour of cardio a day and 3 weight lifting sessions per with bike riding and tennis mixed in for fun. I've been a runner off and on my entire adult life and would love to return to that, but I'll stick with the elliptical and biking for cardio until I've lost enough weight to avoid aggravating my joints and tendon problem.

This past week as I adjusted to much lower carbs and no sugar/gluten, I just walked the dog and worked in the yard for exercise, but this next week, I'm planning on at least five 30 minute sessions on the elliptical at a low to moderate resistance and speed.

So, that's about it. As always, I plan to mix in a strong dose of prayer and gratitude to my daily efforts.

Thanks to all who took the time to read. I'm wishing you all the best!
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Old 04-29-2014, 11:12 AM   #2
Very Gabby LCF Member!!!
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WOE: moderate carbs and eating when I remember to eat
Start Date: 6/1/2012
Hey lady, welcome back to the group...as you know we're an eclectic group who each way of coping with our woe and, generally, try to stick to a low carb style. Sounds as though you've researched well to determine how to improve your health through diet and exercise and kudos for that. Also, that you've made the change to drop into onederland and I know that it's just a start...sorry that finances are so tight for you and hope that changes soon.

Hope you'll be joining us on the exercise and menu threads as that truly helped me when I was motivated to lose. Stick with your plan and the pounds will come off...it is a marathon not a sprint....hugs
Mary in SoCal

Patience and Persistence not perfection
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Old 04-30-2014, 08:41 AM   #3
Senior LCF Member
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Bowling Green, KY
Posts: 67
Gallery: Iolani
Stats: 205/182/125 5'2"
WOE: Low Carb/Gluten Free
Start Date: 4.19.14
Thanks so much, Mary! I really appreciate the encouragement! Hugs to you too...
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Old 04-30-2014, 09:53 AM   #4
Loretta V
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Hi and nice to meet you Iolani. Sounds like you have your plan all worked out. Just be patient and don't over do the exercise at first. Patience and persistence pays off in the long run.

Welcome again.
Goal 120 12/01/01

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BarbCO 4-15-2007
Jezzie 4-23-2012
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