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How does Hashimoto's fly so under the radar of tests???

I SWEAR - for a good 4 or 5 years I've had my thyroid tested over and over again, with tests always coming out normal. Then this fall - BOOSH - Hashimoto's. Because of an odd situation with the doctor who found it, I was only on Armour for a month or so and I felt a little better, and only today was able to get my new endocronologist to refill the prescription. When do things get better? And why did my new endo's test not see it, despite it having been found by one doctor and confirmed by another in an ER visit?
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Well, I went to a couple of doctors that did a "full thyroid panel" that didn't include a Hashimoto test (or many others that should have been done), so they may not have actually looked for it.

It also isn't a constant thing. When your thyroid is actively being attacked, the antibody levels are high. But it isn't always under attack, so sometimes your antibody levels are low and may be under the lab range to call it Hashimotos.
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You have to understand that treatment is only for hypothyroidism; there's no 'treatment' for Hashimoto's (an autoimmune condition that can cause hypothyroidism).

As has been explained, unless the blood draw is done at a time when the antibodies are actively attacking the thyroid, there is usually not enough for a diagnosis. Because Hashi's has so many false negatives, most doctors are not too concerned with diagnosing it. So it's not a question of anyt doctor 'not seeing it.' It may or may not be apparent on any specific blood test.

My own Hashi's was diagnosed via a biopsy after many, many negative lab tests.

The hypothyroid condition is the one that requires supplemental hormones. A person can have Hashi's but not yet be hypothyroid, but the usual pattern is that it's the hypothyroid condition (symptoms) that lead to treatment and eventually the Hashi's diagnosis.

That's why with thyroid treatment, it's important to keep any new doctors informed of one's condition. Once you begin taking thyroid hormones, it's for life, and if you should discontinue them for any reason, you can really screw up your hormonal balance.
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