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Carb *BINGING* - any help?

Note: this occurred prior to going low-carb, so it's not like my mind is rebelling against a diet or that I feel like I'm deprived on low-carb.

These binges usually occur if I haven't slept; I suffer from multiple sleeping problems and when I've not slept my body craves high-sugar items.

I'll go buy myself a bar of chocolate to ease a craving - when I'm tired this is an easier choice to make, my sugar addition tells me to give myself a break and give-in. Only it works out cheaper to buy packs of cakes or chocolate, or I'll see multiple things I like the look of on offer, and somehow I end-up buying more than one pack - I'm terrible for making poor choices when shopping, especially when I've not slept for a few days. If they are in the house I will eat them, I have zero impulse control so will eat and eat until they are gone - I've never been able to ration food like this. What's worse is that mild ocd tendencies mean that if I have two different types of cakes I have to have one of each, so every time I go for a cake I end-up eating two at once. I can easily devour two packs in a day.

I don't even enjoy doing this, it's far from torture but if I was to really choose I would take a few squares of dark chocolate over cheap-ass chocolate cake bars. I end-up feeling really sick due to a sudden sugar spike, and guilty because I know even when not 'dieting' this isn't healthy.

I've never had an eating disorder or problems associated with food, I don't feel deprived while on low-carb, and I'm not overweight so it's not like I would normally associate eating such food with guilt...although now I am starting to do that, which can't be healthy. I think it's due to lack of control and ocd. Obviously this is a HUGE problem at the best of times, but on low-carb it's significantly worse as it means going right back to square one getting rid of carb cravings and getting back into ketosis.

Today for example...
For the past 10 days I've been happily back on 20g carbs per day, without any sugar cravings. Today my carb cravings were bad due to having gone two days without sleep and thanks to menstruation, I went to buy a chocolate bar and ended-up buying a pack of 4 mini snickers and a box of 6 cakes. I've eaten them all, todays carb count is a massive 305g!!

How do I recover after these binges?
Do I just go back to normal and just consider this a little blip? Surely it kicks me out of ketosis so I have to start all over again, and it can't be healthy on a high-fat diet to have these high-sugar binges - how bad is it when these binges do occur? How do I get over feeling terrible for allowing such a binge?
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There are several threads here about tackling binging behavior. This is one: http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/ma...few-month.html
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Originally Posted by BabyB View Post
Only it works out cheaper to buy packs of cakes or chocolate, or I'll see multiple things I like the look of on offer, and somehow I end-up buying more than one pack
Those BOGOF and multi-pack offers are wretched for so many people who are completely caught up in the desire for value for money - even tho' they know that if they costed the harm done to their plans, mental and physical health, self-esteem etc. then the monetary saving is never worth it.

One of my friends went through this conflict. He dealt with it by allowing himself to eat one item from the multi-pack but as soon as the pack was opened, the remainder of it went to neighbours (before he ate his own serving so he couldn't be tempted to have a second). Neighbours, or if he shopped at lunch time, he placed the excess in the staff room at work - so only one portion was brought into his house. So, he ended up spending large amounts of money for one portion of something until this was enough of a disincentive that he stopped doing it and just bought individual items.

It annoys me that even simple purchases of stamps or a notepad mean that the cashier will normally tell you the chocolate 'good buy' of the day and point to the stock bin filled with the special offer. There are so many temptations that we don't need them actively offered to us.

As Ntombi said and linked, there are several threads here with excellent advice.
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Maintenance should be a way to thrive, not an endurance sport.

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