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Old 12-20-2013, 11:31 AM   #1
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Hyperthyroid. Symptoms, treatments, and diet


Hello all. I'm 24 and got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in August. Although it was suspected in July. I had no symptoms until recently. Like maybe late August, early October. I have 3 kids 4, 2, and 1 so I feel that the pregnancies could be the underlying cause. I'm being tested for graves In a couple weeks. Saw my endo for the first time last Friday. My symptoms have cleared up a little. They have me on an anti thyroid and a beta blocker. My symptoms consisted of constant brain fog (24/7), heart palpitations (all day although at times it would beat harder and faster than others) horrible vertigo (dizziness), irritability, depression, anxiety that caused a few panic attacks, vision problems. I really don't like medicine but since my symptoms were horrible I agreed to take them until my thyroid was balanced. I'm hoping diet, along with the medication and therapy, help speed up the process. I cut out gluten (wheat) and sugar. Debating on cutting out dairy as well. Anyone else change their lifestyle and found great results? Please share.
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Ivet, there is a form of hyperthyroidism that is very common after pregnancy called silent thyroidosis. It starts out as hyper and then transitions into hypo. Did the doctor check your antibody levels? In silent thyroidosis, antibodies attack your thyroid which reacts by spilling a large amount of thyroid hormone into your blood which makes you hyperthyroid. This causes symptoms such as fast heart rate, shakiness, brain fog, intolerance to exercise, weight loss, and more. After a period of hyperthyroidism, the thyroid stops working and you enter a stage of hypo. A certain percentage of women (not sure what percentage) stay hypo and will have to take synthroid (or equivalent) for the rest of their lives. The remaining women eventually regain thyroid function after a couple of years so they only need to take synthroid for that period of time. So, you may have silent thyroidosis and not Graves disease, especially since you've had three pregnancies in the past few years. My doctor treated my hyper phase with beta blockers to slow down my heart rate, and he checked my TSH weekly. It was in the hyper stage for about two months, and then jumped to hypo (my TSH was over 26), and I started on Synthroid. My issue started after menopause, and I never regained thyroid function, so I continue to take Synthroid. I don't know if diet can help as far as regulating you thyroid. Good luck, and please keep us posted.
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You got good information from Ronnie, but I'd also like to point out that with any thyroid dysfunction "lifestyle changes" aren't a 'cure.' You may have a condition that will resolve without supplemental hormones, but when needed, there is no substitute.

The thyroid controls so many bodily functions that if it's not producing sufficient hormones, the only choice is Rx thyroid hormones.
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Hyperthyroidism or hashis. It can and often does present that way as mine did. Took anti thyriod and blockers too. Went to remission but eventually fully hypo. I refused to radiate my thyroid.

synthyroid would never have cut it for me. I don't convert.
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