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Old 12-13-2013, 05:47 PM   #1
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New hear...hell'o

Honestly? I can't believe I'm even here....I lost 45lbs on lc several years ago...ok, 15 years ago...and of course like we sometimes do, I let things get to me and gained it all back....I'm a stress eater and I have been on so many diets over the years like about 50? I bet there isn't a diet out there that I haven't been on..you name it, I've been on it since I was 14. Remember Metracal and Sego? Oh yes, we all remember Aydes! Just eat two candies before meals and you would lose a ton of weight.... yea, right...And then the liquid diet, I drank that awful red stuff! In the 70's I discovered Dr Atkins...I got off of birth control pills just to be able to get on this diet....Let's see that was in the 70's, my daughter is 40 now.. Then there was the water diet? Now that was a hum dinger....then in 81 I think, it was the Beverly Hills Diet, that one I couldn't even bring myself to do. I couldn't live on grapes..sorry. There were so many diets along the way. Then in the 90's I discovered Protein Power! I actually lost pretty good on that one till something happened and I blew my diet all to heck and just ate whatever got in my way. I got to the point that I was just plain fat and disgusted with myself. I finally decided to give low carb another chance cause I was desperate. The day I went to Wal-Mart and bought the book, "Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution", I sat out in the parking lot and ate four chocolate and pecan covered donuts that I bought the same time I bought the book...I figured I would go ahead and binge before my next "diet". Well, it turns out that this time the diet wasn't so bad...hmmm. Well, two months later I went from 183 to 139. The day my husband told me that I didn't need to lose anymore weight was un freaking real! To be honest...I didn't want to get off the diet cause I loved being on it! I felt so good and I could eat so much and the weight would still just fall off! Ok, he insisted I get off the diet so I did and low and behold, I got back into bad habits and piled the weight back on. Now several years later I really want to get back in the lc groove. I just remember how I was really loving how much I could eat and still the weight just fell off! The one thing about eating low carb, for me? It made me lose my appetite. I know that sounds like a good thing but for me it made me lose faster than I really needed to, after all I'm not a spring chicken anymore and I really didn't want to look like a deflated balloon....As I write this I am hoping no one thinks I am some kind of flake. I am desperate. I am about to turn 62 and my knees and hips hurts so bad just trying to get up off the pot! This is pathetic! I hope you will welcome me into your lc friends!
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Hello TX, guess what? Your story is almost everyone's story, a sad tale of woe, and the simple truth is that it's not the diet, it has to do with how much deprivation are you willing to endure at any given time?? Only you can make that choice, but we will commiserate with you, many of us have been here for years. There are lots of forums and web sites full of people like us.

We have a Daily Roll Call thread, everyone posts mostly chit chat on that one, some have been here over 10 yrs. so we have seen each others ups and downs, literally! There are weekly threads for Menus and Exercise, and people post daily on these, if they so choose. Sometimes we feel like eating strictly, sometimes we don't, but we are all a friendly bunch. Your way of eating or not eating doesn't matter to us, no rules, no perfection is looked for. No magic, you have heard it all before by now. Are you able to exercise at all, even chair exercises, light weights will help? Just walking, even if just for 10 min. at first will help. Get a routine going. Try it.

Join us..............unlike some places like this, we won't bite.

Don’t just do something, stand there!
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