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Old 07-23-2013, 04:20 PM   #1
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New here

Hello everyone, I have just signed up and need as much help as possible. In the past 5 years I have lost a total of 70 #, but this past year I had 2 cancer surgeries for thyroid, which I no longer have. Had radiation possibley more treatments to come. In the past year I gained 30 #, did not know why, Iam pretty conscious of what I eat, more into portion control. The #'s just kept piling on then I found out about the cancer, assumed not having a thyroid, is why I was gaining weight. Two months ago I started induction and lost 6 #s and not one single pound more. I have no thryoid at all anymore it was totally removed. Any ideas what I can do. Also diabetic, went from 270-370 sugars on insulin, to just oral meds now and my daily average readings are 100. HALLELUJA!!! That alone makes the plan work, but sure would love to loose this weight I put back on.
Thanks so much for any and all suggestions.
SHANCOPP, I can totally understand what you are going through, since my surgery/radiation, by fatigue is not as bad as it was even a month or 2 ago. Its the awful weight gain that just wont go away, hope these boards might be able to shed some light on getting the weight back off.
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Old 07-24-2013, 12:48 AM   #2
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Don't you have any Rx for your thyroid?

You will need to be taking thyroid hormones to replace the ones your body no longer makes. Is there a doctor who is going to help you find the optimum dosage.

My understanding is that they wait a while after surgery, but not too long. What are your doctors doing about thyroid hormone Rx?
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Welcome! I know it depends on ongoing radiation and treatment as to whether you get Rx'd hormone(s)...some doctors only give T3 while you are going through that (not T4) and some...sadly..will tell a patient 'Oh, your body will just make the missing hormones' (I've seen/heard this one over and over).

The very best of luck to you luv2dance...lowcarb works well and I was able to come off of all oral insulin when I finally got it through my head there's no cheating in lowcarb (and no crying in baseball). A lot of the weight gain after a TT is from fluid and if you can hold your bottom line on the lowcarb and not cheat...it will eventually start helping you lose the fluid and also fat once you are healed.

I'm on quite the dosage of oral steroid daily (I have vasculitis and must have steroid) and yet lowcarb eating helps me...if they raise the dose, I start picking up water...but once they dose down...if I just stay lowcarb no cheats...the water gets eliminated and there I am..back to goal.
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I, too, just started this thread yesterday. I've been taking Synthroid since 2006. I still have my thyroid and it is under control now, but I'm still trying to loose the weight. Something I found was to go gluten free. I don't have celiac, but I am sensitive to gluten. I've lost 43lbs just cutting out the gluten and lowering my sugar intake. I still have a long way to go, but I'm at a plateau right now. Anyway, going gluten free is good, but it's not the same as low carb. There are many gluten free products high in carbs, so read labels. There are many substitutes also. And drink your water.
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