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Botox for Urinary Incontinence

Does any one have any experience with this procedure?

I'm asking this on behalf of one of my friends, she saw her urologist two days ago and he made an appointment for her to have this procedure done in about two weeks. i saw her yesterday and she's very upset, thinking her doctor just wants to use her a human guinea pig.

I'll try to give you as much info as I can:


approx. 70 years old

has been incontinent for at least a couple of years, she wears pads at all times. she recently had a 12 week procedure done at the same urologist's office where a needle was inserted in her ankle area which sent electric current to her bladder (to kick start the bladder into working better) . after the 12 weeks, she experienced no change in bladder control.

she diabetic, uses insulin.

she has heart problems and has two stents in her heart.

she's overweight by at least 75 lbs, and she carries most of that weight in her stomach area. she's not on any kind of diet as of now.

she just recently was diagnosed with 2 herniated disks and got a cortisone shot (as well as being told she has arthritis in her spine).

she's on a walker because she's unsteady on her feet, but she also has a long list of medications and a lot of those meds have dizziness or fogginess as one of the side effects.

her urologist told her that this procedure involves 29 ( yes, 29) injections into the bladder and they get to bladder by going thru "your hoo-hoo" (my friend's way of saying "lady parts"). it will be a day procedure done at the hospital.

if you've had experience with this procedure or have any good websites to recommend i (and my friend) would be very grateful.

my friend realizes that this an option and if she decides to cancel the procedure it only means that she will carry on as she has been doing, using the pads.

from what research i have done so far, if this procedure works it will only last for about 9 months.

and my friend is also worried about bladder infections and having to use a catheter should something go wrong.

if you need further info, i'll do my best to answer. thank you!
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