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Reconciling Atkins/LC with NK numbers

I transcribed a portion of Phinney's interview with the Diet Doctor. Weight loss and mainenance needs are discussed.

On Atkins Induction:

They might eat 1400 calories per day but be burning twice as many calories a day for a... you know, a heavy male might burn 2800 calories. So the other half is coming from body fat. So when you look at what that person eats--what's on the plate--if the person's eating 1400 calories and 600 or 800 calories of that comes from protein, that looks like it's a half protein diet. And so it looks high protein. But that's only what the mouth sees. What the body is seeing is a moderate protein intake because the mouth isn't seeing the half that's coming from inside. But once you get to maintenance, maintenance means you're not burning any more body fat, and that requires that all of the fat that you are burning each day, whether it's 3/4 of your energy intake, has to come from the outside.

Elsewhere in the same interview, I found these points:

What kind of fats for maintenance?
-saturated and monounsaturated.
-need some omega 6 and omega 3, but it's easy to get. Don't seek out the omega 6's.
-Phinney says he eats olive oil, a form of high oleic safflower oil, natural fats in meat, poultry, and fish, butter cheese, and possibly canola oil.

Phinney says he eats 25-50 carbs and 75-80% calories from fat, in his maintenance. ((He did mention a 100-carb maintenance figure when he was talking about eating berries, so I infer that one's 'carb ceiling' is to be crafted according to one's ability to eat carbs and stay in a state of nutritional ketosis))

He says as we get closer to a good weight, we have to adjust dietary fat upwards because we don't have as much fat to burn, and must adjust dietary fat up to maintain.

He says the state of ketosis allows a free flow of fat for fuel. We want that for both weight loss and for maintenance.

He says to eat low carb veggies, and says that there is room for berries. He eats 100 g berries with cream.

He says he doesn't count his foods---he just eats to satisfaction.

Thus, I extrapolate that we find our correct amount of protein, then eat however many carbs we can eat while staying in a state of nutritional ketosis, and then eat to satisfaction from fats.
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