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Old 06-14-2013, 08:43 PM   #1
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A VAP test question

I understand that a VAP test tells more about cholesterol levels than a standard test. I also know that I would like one in September when I have my next blood test. Anyway, will I have to pay for that out of pocket, since it goes above and beyond a standard test?
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if your doctor orders it and you have some diagnosis to support it, I expect it would be covered, but you can call the number on the back of your med ins card (or somewhere!) and ask. that is the best thing to do. these tests are EXPENSIVE.
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Old 06-15-2013, 11:54 AM   #3
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I don't recall the particulars but a while back I was researching because I wanted to have a VAP done. I read that the VAP info really doesn't give info that is more useful. It will tell more but the info is not helpful. I am pretty sure this is because most current research does not support that cholesterol is connected to heart disease in the first place.

"Good" cholesterol - HDL - is also now said not to be particularly good. Not bad, just not good. Just as "bad" cholesterol - LDL - is not really bad.
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Old 07-03-2013, 09:39 AM   #4
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I'm not sure what "VAP" is... I recently requested a lipoprotein fractionization panel, which may be what you're referring to. This gives triglyceride particle sizes. Is that what you mean?

My results made me pretty happy. I've been supplementing with omega-3s like crazy, and it appears to be paying off. My very small LDL is at the bottom of the range (mine=319, range 313-809). My "large, fluffy" HDL is 7844 on a scale of 5038-17886. I'd like to boost that, if I can.

From current thought, cholesterol ranges are a bit low for women; especially for middle-aged or older women. Cholesterol isn't the culprit - you need cholesterol! In fact, recent observational studies indicate that low cholesterol is a factor in heart disease, not high! Mine is 156 at last check and I'd be happy to see it in the 200s somewhere.

I'm not sure what the cost was for the test. I ordered it through my GP, who was perfectly willing to comply, since he had the appropriate diagnosis code! Evidently insurance will pay for it if it's appropriate to your healthcare plan. I think that might entail something as simple as management or prevention of CVD! a pretty common notation on most peoples' charts, I would think. You might at least query your GP about it. Most of them won't think of it unless they're prompted.
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Old 07-09-2013, 04:38 AM   #5
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Another name for it I believe is the NMR test. Check around for prices if you have to pay for it. Directlabs was the least I've found so far at $127, just checking a couple of places (healthcheckusa also, but more $).
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