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Old 05-11-2013, 02:23 PM   #1
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Start Date: Originally 6/7/07...
Switching from Stillman's to NK?...Help!

I have been reading on this board with interest, and am very interested in the NK woe. I have been doing Stillmans since the 1st of April (more strictly at first, but not as much now...still keeping carbs low, but have increased my fats from what they were.) I'm finding it very hard to maintain the strict eating style of Stillmans for so long.

My calories have been low, and even though I try to alternate them high-low (think: JUDDD), it's a struggle. It's just hard to eat enough calories when trying to eat so little fat. For example, this past week, I only cracked 1000 calories twice, the week before, only once, the week before that, twice. And, though I am getting some alternating, I'm afraid I'm just not eating enough. Add that to the fact that my weight losses have slowed considerably from what they were at the beginning of April, and I'm just not sure I can keep up Stillmans much (any?) longer.

Fast forward to today...I'm concerned with switching between two such drastically different plans. I'm not sure if I can just go from one to the other in a day? I'd like to just jump right into NK, but I'm worried about what my body is going to think about that. I don't want to make myself sick, or pack on pounds up front (could that happen?), but I'm just kinda done with Stillmans and feel like I need to move on.

So, I'm looking for thoughts from you NK vets. Do I just jump right in...?

You know the laws of dieting. All gains are water weight. All losses are of fat! --SoHappy
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Old 05-14-2013, 02:22 PM   #2
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Do your homework is the best advice before jumping in and perhaps ending up getting sub optimal,vague or conflicting info and therefore giving up Decide what and WHY your goals and methods of attaining those goals are best for you, otherwise if you are conflicted you may end up sabotaging your success due to non committed attitude. There are traps and detours to any eating approach,the culture doesn't accept it and weak moments may bring out old habits as well as carbs in and of themselves come with a surprise package: craving for more!!more carbs ....leads to more carbs.Re evaluate periodically in your journey and fine tune your plan and tactics, but do not change it like a leaf in the wind.
Read some actual fact filled books about very low carbohydrate diet or about ketosis fir weight loss ...read first before or at least along with,getting some extra tips from forums. Phinneys books, Atkins, etc. Low carb diets section on about.com has some very good FAQ. Lists(avoid very carefully clicking near or on the ads for products when reading and navigating those sites initiallytil you get the hang of it) There are all varieties of people/posters, some very loosely following a carbohydrate restriction based food plan and some very young and or naturally thinner than others who may have an approach not compatible with a hard core carb addict with obesity and history of metabolic resistance (thinks about bread...maybe eats a bite of crust or1/8 apple, gains 5 lbs for instance (measure inches more helpfulnot just weight) Follow a method rather than ad libbing much, though consider your specific needs such as health. Don't expect to have a substitute for many previous previous favorite foods such as. Bread. There are some who try too much and end up going off the limits for acceptable carb levels. Gather supplies such as glucose and or ketoe blood meter and strips. Get a food scale so you know exactly how much you are deciding to have ,don't fool yourself. Later you may be able to eyeball it.
Remember we are all aware that some mistakes may happen..no need to hate yourself for a mistake if it happens ...but consider what is the importance level of your efforts and what is worth it and what is not worth it. Others opinions of eating habits may appear so calm and relaxed that you may appear to be obsessive and may feel that lure of carefree eating being the way to go, with some vague idea of portion limitation or eat this not that methods....that is fine for some, but if you are dedicated to your goals and know the difficulty of it, dont succumb to the culture of "dont stress out about eating so much"
If you have gotten off the path you have a job that follows:to be painfully objective .and scientific about the events prior during and associated with going off plan :become an investigator and hence keep a mental or written journal of high risk areas, events ,people, times, etc.An example would be if one is weak and tired and likely to be vulnerable to temptations...like after a long work day/shift , and there are frequently food and treats left over in a kitchen work break area, one learns not to go near there if at all possible or take other measures.This is not obsessive but rather working and changing for your health and happiness.
More on those Mistakes:don't welcome them and excuse them with lame rationalization s. A common excuse for deviating from ones chosen eating style is the infamous Birthday cake ....it is optional when attending a celebration, if you choose you can decline and choose other allowable food of your choice ("I don't eat cookies" is proven better than sayi g "I cannot eat cookies " or other statements like I shouldn't or I better not) Have a piece of meat and call it what you wish like ,here's my slice of cake I'm going to eat while appearing totally convinced and happy about it. Misery loves company..if others tend to pig out or are totally comfortable eating unhealthy foods, you may have to limit your contact even if you cannot cut off that relationship, set boundaries to include less options for eating and more task or active options and plan your arrival and exit ,meet up after the meal, have coffee at a coffee place ,eat first, bring emergency snacks like beef jerky or cooked eggs etc. Coolers are helpful, frozen cooked items that can slowly defrost in them until you are needing to eat them.Change the eating culture such as sqndwiches and the practice of eating snacks from dry crunchy carb type items.Nuts are easy to over eat so though its a more appropriate snack than others, you will have to decide what fits and what doesn't You don't have to compromise so much that your choices become others choices that end up with" carb creep "....more than you planned to ingest and a feeling of defeat or helplessness.just some thoughts
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Old 05-14-2013, 06:03 PM   #3
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Hi Andrea!
Looks like we started the same week and have had similar losses thus far. Congratulations!

I read up on Stillmans, and it seemed very challenging. I started on Atkins induction, did Fat Fast (5 days) then I found mt way to NK 80/15/5, and it's been wonderful!

I don't have enough experience to give you advice on the switch, but I do know that the NK woe will be a cinch after doing Stillmans.

Good luck with your journey!
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Old 05-16-2013, 10:23 AM   #4
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eatyourfat: you did a great job of condensing a whole bunch of posts in one post!

You can never read enough as you cannot absorb it all in one reading. I know I go back to older posts and read, read, read.
Desert Rose
"I don't age, I blossom!"
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