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Need Some Guidance/Advice!

I've read several of the threads here re: hypothyroid and my head is just spinning I'm at a loss right now about how to handle, what I perceived to be, the start of a hypothyroid condition (possibly Hashi's). A little history:

I started low carb in Sept. 2010 and by Nov. 2011 I had lost 67 lbs. From Nov. 2011 to the present, I have lost a whopping 6 lbs. Doing nothing different from a diet perspective. I have kept my carbs 60 or under. I measure my food and log my meals and have kept at or under the recommended calorie budget for my weight.

I was always the overheated person in the room. The office was always too hot for my liking, year-round. I would wear short sleeves in the middle of a Chicago winter because I was always so damned warm. In Dec. 2011, I started noticing that I was freezing all.the.time. Throughout that winter, I wore gloves in the office or my hands would become ice-cold. In April of 2012 I had my thyroid levels checked, which I will post at the end of this message. I was told they were normal. I suspect Hashimoto, as I have 2 other diagnosed autoimmune issues..

By the time summer rolled around, I no longer needed to wear gloves in the office, but I was super-sensitive to the air-conditioned temperature in the office and wore a sweater most days. Around August/Sept. 2012 I started to become incredibly depressed (which has just gotten worse over time - but DH & I have been having financial problems and my work environment has become unbearable. I'm currently job searching - a stress in and of itself!- and some of my depression can be attributed to my stressful situation).

I called my GP again earlier this month, after spending yet another winter freezing my ass off, and wearing gloves in the office all winter. Had my physical yesterday, and again was told my thryoid levels are normal. She refuses to check for Hashimoto's, as she says it's unlikely that I have it, and even if I did there is nothing that could be done for it other than to monitor the situation. I know that I can go to an independent lab and have the test done without a doctor's order, but then my insurance won't cover it and I just can't afford the cost right now. She recommended that I go to a nutritionist to "help with the weight loss issue". I still have more than 100 lbs to lose - I shouldn't have to be this damned diligent to lose 6 lbs in an 18 month period of time, when the first 67 just dropped off, effortlessly.

Should I try to find another doctor (maybe go to an endo)? Or wait it out? Here are my lab results for 2012 and 2013:

T4 free 1.19 (lab value says should be 0.61-1.18 NG/DL)
TSH 1.912 (lab value says should be 0.340-5.600 uU/ML)
C-Reactive Protein 4.8 MG/L
Triglycerides 81
HDL Chol 61
LDL Chol 159

T4 free 1.13 (same lab values as above)
TSH 2.757 (same lab values as above)
C-Reactive Protein 3.7
Triglycerides 130!!!
HDL Chol 68
LDL Chol 142
I was also told that I had slightly elevated liver enzymes, to be re-checked in 6 mos.

I feel like there is something really wrong with me, but my dr. is just poo-pooing me and making me feel like I'm an idiot for persisting in trying to make it all better. Should I just suck it up and deal with it?? Also, is it true that there is nothing that can be done for Hashi's, except to monitor the situation?!? That just sound so . . . unbelievable.

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Old 04-27-2013, 03:00 PM   #2
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Hashimoto's is a disease (autoimmune) that attacks the thyroid. Hypothyroidism is a condition, and can be caused by Hashi's.

There is no treatment for Hashi's--the treatment is for the hypo (supplemental hormones). That's what your doctor meant--if the person isn't yet hypo, there's nothing to do for the Hashi's except continue to monitor.

Many doctors don't like to bother testing for Hashi's because the blood tests are notoriously false negative. Just testing negative for Hashi's (low antibody level) doesn't mean you don't have it.

For example, I am hypothyroid, and for 5 years after my diagnosis, my regular blood tests (every 4 months) included antibody level, but mine was too low for diagnosis of Hashi's. But when I had a biopsy of one of my thyroid nodules, the report confirmed Hashi's.

Back to your labs. Most often, any TSH below 3.0 is considered 'normal,' but most good thyroid doctors will treat someone with a TSH above 2.0 who ALSO has symptoms. My own hypo was diagnosed this way. And my endo at the time told me this is very common--i.e., a person will have relatively severe symptoms while the blood values seem almost normal.

Most primary doctors are not good with thyroid--and even many endos aren't. You should try to locate a good thyroid doctor in your area.
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Old 04-27-2013, 09:03 PM   #3
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Thank you so much for responding Leo! I think I just needed someone to confirm my gut feeling! I'll start looking for a good doc in my area.
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Old 04-28-2013, 12:41 AM   #4
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There's no Free T3 test there only FT4 and TSH.
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Yes, no Free T3 test (usually the same doctor's who say they can't treat unless the tests 'warrant it' will not the basic tests that may 'warrant it'..OR they only give T4 replacement cuz that's all they test). And just going to different thyroid sites like stop the thyroid madness will bolster your confidence and may have lists of GOOD thyroid doctors.

How we FEEL should be part of the equation, not just 'woops, tests don't warrant it...buh bye!'
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