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Backache on induction in ketosis ?

I have been suffering for the last two days from a dull back pain in the lumbar region and it worried me.
So as is my wont I started to investigate and not only here on this forum. While there some posts directly related in my search I found that the words back or ache seem to have been mentioned in quite a few blogs and indirect headings like "Lost a gazillion pounds in not so gazillion days " on here.

So here is what I found out about the backaches.

-A lot of people on the net complain about it. They are not always in the same place.
-if the back ache manifests above the bra band it might be wise to consult a doc as this could be a sign of a heart problem in WOMEN.

-to determine if the pain is muscular or related to other ( as I will mention below) lie on the floor with your back s relaxed and against the floor as possible and support your legs on the bed or soemthing of equivalent height. If the pain eases after a bit it is likely not muscular.

Potential causes:

- a muscular strain of some sort
- constipation
- magnesium ,calcium potassium shortage
- low water intake
- high water intake

Constipation: could be caused by too much cheese,intake of carbs with non fibrous carbs (think all the carbs coming from cream cheese,stevia and cold cuts instead of fibrous vegetable matter )

Magnesium,calcium potassium shortage: We know about that already and how it works. Noteworthy that it does not have to be cramps but could also be mini spasms of the back muscules

low water intake: your kidneys could be stressed due to low water intake
high water intake: Equally your kidneys can be stressed by being given too much water. To kidneys water must be processed.There is no "runthrough" option if all the toxins have been flushed out of the system,the kidneys will go through the same motion as if it was the first glass of water of the day.

My personal culprits I am investigating is too little water. I don´t get the 8 recommended glasses of pure water and I may have too much cheese in my diet .So I will tweak this. I did the lying on the floor test and while it is not gone it feels immensely better.

Anything I have forgotten? By the way take anything you read including my ramblings with a pinch of salt (I am no doc) and if you are unhappy in any way with what is happening to your body it is wise to consult a doc .
Not too much salt though causes water retention ...

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