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Losing Weight & Gaining a New Perspective

Hello Low Carbers!! I haven't posted to the boards since.... I don't remember when -- probably the December Challenge (my old thread). Lots of new faces plus the old ones on there (Helloooo old friends… if you’re reading this…Way to go guys -- Keep up the good work!!). Last time I was around the boards, I was somewhere around 166-170.... not anymore, I’m afraid. So knowing I was going to recommit to my health after my vacation this year, I made a conscious decision to get rid of the two scales in my house because I know I become really obsessed and the scale runs my life, my moods etc so my thought was to change my tactics this time around. I wanted to make this a lifestyle change.

After about 1000 margaritas too many and gorging on whatever food I wanted during my Mexican vacay in mid-March... I had one more night of indulging at girl's night with wine and sushi. I guess the wine made me bold because I decided to weigh myself with all my clothes (sweatshirt, pants, shoes EVERYTHING) at my girlfriend's house, at night, and I about died. It said 192. Now the last time I looked at that scale prior to ditching them I was about 180. I never thought I'd see the 190s again after the first time but this is what happens when you don't stay aware.

Since that night I have been severely motivated and have been doing the following as of March 23rd:

1. Following low carb staying mostly under 20 but have allowed myself even up to 50g on my birthday instead of going OFF the diet completely (April 1 -- still stayed in ketosis). I use a tracker app on my phone and log everything. I've also used the 65% fat, 30% protein, 5% carb ratios to make sure I'm getting enough fat.

2. I'm not weighing myself nor have I measured my body since starting again. I'm using my clothes as my loss indicator. (Plus I know what my measurements were at my lowest so when I do finally choose to take measurements/weight I'll know my progress).

3. The BIGGEST thing I've been doing is walking/jogging. I've walked just about 5 miles most days of the week and if I couldn't get outside or my walking partner was unavailable, I’d do work out videos for 30mins to an hour. Six days per week... I'm doing something... anything... and I feel like a new person.

I know this is long but I felt compelled to come back to the board to report how liberating it feels to not be controlled by a scale. I know for some people you need that as motivation but coming from someone who was held prisoner by her scale, the constant ups and downs, the constant cycle of induction, cheating, induction, fat fast, cheating, induction, the mentality that I want "quick weight loss"... it has all went away...just like that. Doing it this way has changed my outlook on dieting/exercise and even better, my self image is changing slowly as well. For example, I had a few beers (Michelob Ultra) last night at the Phillies game, had the inside of an Italian hoagie and was able to enjoy myself. Before I would have been dealing with a lot of mental anguish during and after my night out over what I was eating/drinking instead of just having fun. I will honestly report that I really, really wanted French fries too but the Big Guy upstairs must have been listening to my silent prayers to keep me strong because I made it home still low carb.

I don’t know what I’ve lost so far but I know that I feel loads better… my clothes are looser… and what I’m doing is working physically AND mentally. What I’ve gained in the past couple weeks is much more valuable to me than any weight loss I could have achieved. I keep thinking about that saying “when eating an elephant, take one bite at a time.” I’ve been overweight most of my life… I shouldn’t expect to change overnight. Here’s to a long journey ahead, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon… one day at a time…here’s to enjoying life in moderation and loving myself… not restriction and self loathing.

I don't know if this will reach anyone deep down enough like it did for me but I thought it was worth the post. Keep on losing everyone!!

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail". Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I don't weigh myself much either. My DW keeps asking, "how much have you lost?" I say, I don't know....

Only when I go to the Dr. and they "force" me on their scale do I reluctantly weigh in on their bogus scale with my heavy clothes on .

My wife weighs herself every day. She is naturally thin but even she can vary 5-10lbs up/down in a matter of days depending on what types of foods she's eating which is quite alot considering she only weighs 110lbs.

With the amount of effort I'm putting in and strict adherance to low carb the scale just depresses me. "Shouldn't I have lost more than that?"

For me it's better just to ignore the numbers and look forward to things like having to use the next hole on my belt to keep my pants up!
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