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Low TSH, Low t3 Normal free t4 I'm so confused! Please help!

Hi and thanks for reading. I am hoping for some insight on where to go from here. These are my past 2 labs.

Oct 19,12

TSH- (5.800) Range-(0.300-4.700) Total T3-(42) Range-(60-80) Free thyroxine (ft4)- (1.3) Range-(0.8-1.8)

I was instructed by my family phys to take one more (Levothyroxine 125mcg) on W and Sun. Check in 8 weeks, below.
I also started low carb under 15 carbs a day on Nov 15th.

Re-check,different lab.
Jan 17,13

TSH-(0.06) Range-(0.35-5.50) Total T3-(58) Range-(60-181) Free T4(1.02) Range-(0.59-1.17)

Doc now says to take 2 less pills of Levo on Wen / Sun.

I have not been back for a re-check, as I really don't know at this point if I trust my docs opinion on treatment.

Backround info.

I am a 56 year yr. old female in Post Meno. (I had the blood work done also in Oct. for meno) I started on Synthroid when I was 17. I stopped on my own at 20 (couldn't afford doctors or meds)
Checked at 22, no problems.

Checked yearly. Hypo again in 1991, put on 88mcg and increased the next 10 years till up to 175mcg. In 2000, switched to Armour by alternative doc. Felt the worst ever for an entire year and my t3 was just not improving. Switched doc again. (one I have now) she gives me script for 175mcg synthroid. It's been a rollercoaster since. Up and down. 2006 labs shows thymoglobin antibodies (83)and thyroid peroxidase is (238) Hashimotos, I was told. Never been retested for it.

So present day I again am so confused. The past two weeks, I am sweating off and on, heart pounding, shaky, anxious and my hair is falling out. Thought maybe, female hormones but my labs show I am post menopausal.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks so much for reading this. Renee
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