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Old 02-27-2013, 10:42 AM   #1
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High LDL

Last week I had blood work done for a yearly physical. I actually haven't had blood work for a LONG time, so I was excited to see what it would be like with the new lifestyle of low carb eating I have started in September. Well, the results are in and the doctor was concerned that my LDL is too high. She left a message saying I should back off red meat, dairy, cheese and any other high fat food. I freaked out a little, because I expected to find that the numbers were great. Then, I went online. It seems this is a common occurrence. But there is so much conflicting information that you almost give up trying to disseminate it all. I had breast cancer 6 years ago and it reminds me of that experience. One day this is good and prevents cancer, the next day this is bad and causes cancer. I understand that the research can be skewed to whatever political or financial bend that is behind the said research!! What I decided for myself is that I am losing weight, I am feeling better, I am becoming more active and for the first time in many, many years I am paying attention to my body. I pay attention to what I put in it and am working to keep it in a healthy state. Beyond that, I will put it in God's hands!! Really, what other choice do we have? I won't stop the low carb way that makes me feel so much better and look better as an added benefit, to make my doctor feel better about my cholesterol numbers. I did ask her to send my results to me so that I can review them and be aware of what is happening. But other than that, I will keep on keepin' on!! Has anyone else had the bad cholesterol results from blood work? Did it make you question your decision to go with a low carb lifestyle?
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I'm also having a "battle" with my Dr. about my LDL cholesterol. It may be similar to yours. (and it may not be ) here are my last 3 visit numbers:

Component Standard Range.....9/5/2012.....11/2/2012.....2/19/2013
Cholesterol 115-199 mg/dL......267............208..............216
HDL Cholesterol.....................26..............28 ................41
Triglycerides.........................297......... ...164..............102
LDL Cholesterol Calculated.......181............148..............1 55
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio.............10.1............7.5............. .5.0
VLDL-Cholesterol....................59...............33 ...............20

If you look at my triglycerides, they are going down, my HDL is going up. this is good. My Ratio is going down, this is the most important thing, make sure they send you your ratio. my LDL has increase slightly since last time 148 go 155 I believe that is is because my LDL is switching over from small particles to big particles. I'm no expert, but from what I have read, as your triglycerides go down, and HDL goes up, your LDL becomes more fluffy, and that is a good thing. So even though your LDL is high, the particles may be fluffy. they can measure the size of the particles if they want. My doctor wants to put me on a statin. Nope, won't do it, was on it for 6 weeks in the fall, couldn't sleep as my legs were very achy. I believe my numbers are improving, even if she does not. I ultimately control what goes in my body and I will never go on a statin again. There is no evidence that statins reduce the risk of heart disease that I can find.
No, I will continue to eat low carb, higher fat as I'm with you, I feel so much better!
Good luck to you!

This may help:

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I agree, the primer linked above is great! Be aware that if your triglycerides are under 100, then the formula they use to calculate it goes wonky, and overstates the number. That is why it is good that you asked for a copy of the results. When you get them, check the ratios, and you may feel better about this WOE.
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