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Old 02-14-2013, 01:27 AM   #1
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LCHF/NK and Long Distance Cycling

Morning all, first post here.

My partner and I started LCHF eating at the beginning of the year, having read Taubes, and the Volek & Phinney books.

We're both keen long distance cyclists ("long" being 200km upwards to 1000km or more) and one of the motivations for this way of eating was the claims that keto-adaptation would help with energy supply. The form of cycling events we do are non-competitive, so there's no racing - no sprints or need for huge power. It can get hard on hilly rides, but it's easy to temper that with gearing, and you get to rest on the descents. So - this form of activity would seem to lend itself to NK and the promise of an almost limitless flow of energy.

We've been a bit stymied by the winter weather (we don't ride in ice and snow - and there's been a lot of that malarkey in the UK this winter) but we've managed to get two 200km rides in since we started. We gave it a few weeks for adaptation to get underway before riding them (we were both showing useful levels of ketones on blood and wee tests) and we were pretty conservative with speed, certainly on the first one.

But early results are - amazing. We sat in a cafe, 150km into the first ride, with a coffee, looked at each other and said "We should be hungry. We should have had a complete energy crash by now."
Essentially, we just ate what we would eat on a normal day. No need to carry snacks or energy drinks on the bike (though we were careful to use electrolyte drinks in one of our bottles), and even when we stopped for lunch, we weren't ravenous by any means.

Another thing we noticed. Previously on a traditional diet (I was averaging 300-400g carbs a day before this) we would have HUGE hunger issues for a couple days after a ride. Not so now - our appetites seem much steadier, even after a 200km ride.

So far - we're convinced.
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Old 02-14-2013, 06:34 AM   #2
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Dr. Phinney said something similar. He remarked that before becoming keto-adapted he had to have a couple of bananas with him for long rides or he'd completely bonk but in a keto-adapted state he can do the same rides without any problem and no in-ride snacks.

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Old 02-15-2013, 05:30 PM   #3
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Thanks for sharing these results. I did triathlons last summer in low-carb state. I don't think I had adapted yet, and I wasn't NK, and it was hard. I'm really looking forward to see what this season holds! I'm definitely feeling so much better in my workouts than I was last year, so I'm feeling positive. Good luck in your future rides!
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Old 02-23-2013, 10:20 PM   #4
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Wow - thanks for sharing your results, MrSmith. I'm looking forward to getting back into cycling when the weather clears up. I haven't gone since I started NK, but it sounds amazing...hope I have the same endurance you've had.
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