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Old 02-09-2013, 12:49 PM   #1
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WOE: LCHF/Nutritional Ketosis
Start Date: 1/29/2013
Whey can cause blood pressure crashes?

Well @%#$! I just got some whey protein concentrate (not isolate) and made up a shake (whey, some coconut milk, avocado, eggs, cocoa powder, cinnamon and a bit of xylitol - all things I eat often (not so much the xylitol)). An hour and a half later I started feeling HORRIBLE - weak, dizzy, headachy, shaky. I thought I must not have had enough salt etc, so went and had some bone broth with salt, K and Mg. Didn't help. I wound up having to go lie down! Felt very much like a serious blood sugar crash.

I've found some references to this phenomenon, but most seemed to indicate it wasn't a problem with plenty of accompanying fat or with whey concentrate rather that isolate. My #s were 31.3g protein (16g from whey), 12.7g carbs (4.4g net), 23.4g fat. Percentages 34% P, 10% C, 56% F. I had eaten some coconut oil earlier, which has never caused me problems before.

Any experiences with whey and blood sugar crashes? And presumably spikes, since with BG, what goes down, almost certainly went up earlier.

Is there something else that might have set that off?
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Old 02-09-2013, 10:48 PM   #2
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Could also be the xylitol - some bodies process it like sugar. :/ If you want to get an idea, have the whey protein concentrate with something else, and test your blood sugar about 20-30 minutes after you eat it. If it spikes, don't eat it anymore. If not, try xylitol. If that doesn't produce a strong response, it may have been something else in there, or nothing food-related.
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Old 02-10-2013, 04:24 AM   #3
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Virginia, US
Posts: 39
Gallery: kayellr
Stats: 5'5" 195/171/135
WOE: LCHF/Nutritional Ketosis
Start Date: 1/29/2013
Thanks for your help MerryKate - I will try again with both later. Right now I can't get a blood draw because my hands are incredibly dry and rough between winter weather and extra handwashing that goes with side effect of ketosis. You're right, it could be either - I haven't used xylitol very often at all, and given that I really don't need to keep up a taste for sweet food it may be wise to skip it other than post toothbrush rinse.

Neither product is going to go bad in the meantime, and I'm not eager to repeat the experience right away. I'm pretty sure it isn't any of the foods - I eat those all frequently, but yes it could be something else entirely.

The high protein in the whey probably isn't something I need anyway. Better to get my protein from real food. Shakes are over rated.
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Old 02-11-2013, 03:37 AM   #4
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I don't know how much protein you normally eat, but about a year ago I switched to a high protein diet, and basically what I did during that time wast teach my body how to become efficient at converting protein into glucose. What that essentially did was eventually make me susceptible to hypoglycemia. Now I have to watch how much protein I take in or it causes insulin spikes a couple of hours after eating a high protein meal.

Now in your case it looks like you only got 16g from the shake, did you eat anything else with it? Mind you that may not matter because another problem with processed foods is that it takes a lot of the digestion process out of it. Ie. whatever you eat hits the bloodstream faster, and for people who have trouble regulating their BG, that is a serious problem. I can't eat most processed foods for that reason. I pretty much have to eat everything in its natural form. Shakes I can't do because the protein has been isolated from the milk serum. There is something that is in the milk serum that aids in the digestion of the protein, and if you take the protein away from it, you lose that digestion factor. A couple of weeks ago I had a reaction from eating egg whites! Later I tried the same recipe with the whole egg instead and had no reaction. I deduced that whites and yolks, for some people, must be eaten together. Maybe its the same with you, you have to drink milk it its pure form to handle the protein it delivers. Although milk is high in carbs, if it were straight from the cow, cream and all, you might be ok with it.
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Old 02-11-2013, 09:13 AM   #5
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CO makes an excellent hand lotion. It is greasy of course but it gets absorbed quickly.

Also! A friend of mine told me about a most excellent way of helping with dry hands. Slather your hands with tons of lotion right before going to bed then put on some of those surgical type gloves and wear them overnight while you sleep. It really does wonders for getting rid of the acute problem.

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