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Old 01-25-2013, 03:02 PM   #1
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New labs and setback

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the board.

I have LC-ing for 1.5 years.
I have never been overweight before, but I got leaner right away when I started. My blood lipids were always showing low HDL (high 20s or low 30s) and high trigs (always between 175 and 225).
5 months into the diet I took my first VAP test and it was great.
Trigs down to 110, HDL up to 52 and LDL of 116 of the fluffy A pattern.
My IDL was slightly high at 22 (I have family history of diabetes) and my VLDL-3 was at 18. Overall it was pretty good though.

I took another non-VAP test 6 months after that while I was having very unusual high blood pressure (due to high stress at work) and numbers were slightly worse but still acceptable. HDL 48, LDL 130 and trigs still at 110.

I have been refining my diet lately, eating almost exclusively grass-fed meats, butter from grass-fed cows, organic cheeses, coconut oil for cooking, all the right things. Never a cheat in 1.5 years, unless you consider 90% dark chocolate a cheat. I also take fish oil, magnesium, and vitamin C.

I took a test this week, roughly 1.5 after I started and 14 months after my first encouraging VAP and here are the bad news:
HDL is 44, the lowest since I started
LDL is 151 but still pattern A, so I'm not so worried about that.
Worst news, and hard to believe: trigs are back up at 172

The doctor told me to eat less bread and sweets and when I told him I haven;t touched bread or dessert in almost 2 years he was puzzled.

VLDL-3 is high at 23
ApoB100 is high at 119
IDL is high at 34 (was 22 the first VAP)
Lp(a) is still at 5.0 so that's good.

I'm really shocked. My weight is stable at 190lb and I'm 6'3". I have been refining my diet in a good way (at least that's what I thought) and I get disappointing labs.
What could it be? Fish oil (doesn't make much sense)? Coconut oil?
And why is my HDL so low? I eat on average 20 organic eggs a week, use plenty of grass-fed butter. Can it be the cheese?
I am really concerned. I'm not going back eating grains, but maybe I can fine tune.

Thanks for your help.
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Old 01-31-2013, 08:00 AM   #2
Stevie Renee
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Welcome to LCF.

This is a puzzle because from the looks of it you are spot on with your weight, eating way of life.

I know I learned a heck of a lot from Dr. William Davis. He is very well revered in the world of lipids and low carb. I would google him. He has a couple of sites. One is Trackyourplaque and wheat belly.

It is possible to start adding a niacin supplement. He talks about that.

Hurray for pattern A! Some doc's don't even look at trigs anymore because they do fluctuate. They look at LDH & HDL and the ratio. Trigs are tricky,they can change daily.

I cannot see it being the cheese unless it is in the package and you eat a lot of it! It has potato starch. But if you are eating from the blocks, I cannot see it.

Do you eat out often? All the hidden stuff in the foods?

I would retest in 6 to 9 months.

And go check out Dr Davis.

PS: You may want to take gel type Vit D - but get a blood test to know your levels first. Coconut raises my HDL usually but also my LDL...but I too have fluffy pattern A.

Well wishes!
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Old 01-31-2013, 06:33 PM   #3
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WOE: eating from the animal kingdom
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I just read a book by Dr. Stephen Gundry. In the book, he talks about certain people(about 20%) who have a genetic marker that would make eating animal meats detrimental to their health. You might want to check the book out. Not sure the name of the book but just google Dr. Gundry and it should come up on a search. I am going to have this genetic test done because my cardiac inflammation numbers are through the roof right now even though my cholesterol and triglicerides are way down from what they used to be before starting LC. I will have to think about changing my WOE if it comes back bad. Good luck!
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Old 02-06-2013, 02:30 PM   #4
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You mentioned stress. The late Dr Atkins recommends some exercise in his books. The benefits do raise HDL and lower TRGs. I would check fat intake and possibly up the percentage and cut out lean meats. The only other thing is to take a hard look at total carb intake everyday. If you have the book The new Atkins for a new you, check out chapter 3, on carbs as a review. Remember in the induction phase he limits us to 20 net grams per day. I know that I went through a period when I ate no sugar or white flour and thought I was still doing low carb. One day I counted up my net carbs for the day and realized how off track I had gotten! I would suspect if you do an inventory your carbs have crept up some.

Hope it helps some. Good luck!

ATM fan
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Old 02-09-2013, 07:56 AM   #5
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Thanks for your feedbacks.

I am not worried at all about my LDL levels, since it's pattern A.

I am more worried about my relatively low HDL and high trigs (basically at the same level I had them before starting LC).

I had been a little stressed and anxious lately and I think I have some sort of inflammation in my ears (the type that makes you lose balance).
Could that trigger higher triglycerides and lower HDL?

As for my carb count: I don't count, but the only carbs I eat are rich in fibers (mainly spinach, I eat a spinach salad for lunch everyday at work).
I eat lots of almonds and almond butter, and some 90% dark chocolate (rich in fibers and very low in sugar).
Other than that, I basically only eat eggs (5 to 8 a day), red meat, and fish.
And I cook exclusively in either grass-fed butter or extra-virgin coconut oil.

I supplement with fish oil (900mg of omega 3 a day), magnesium, and vitamin C.

My weight is great and I feel like I'm doing the maintenance phase perfectly (I'm really happy with what I eat and how much I eat).

Absolutely no wheat, grains, and sugar.
I also cut caffeine (besides the little amount in dark chocolate) 4 months ago. That helped me a lot with stress and anxiety (I have a high pressure job, tax partner, and now it's tax season).
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