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A quick question regarding Stillman's and Atkins/LC cycling?

Over the last few years I've ran across an occasional post or thread about someone who was doing the Stillman's WOE. As of late, I have noticed it here and there since returning to LC as it has worked for me in the past.

Although I have been at induction levels I have yet to see much of a loss as I have seen in the past. Of course I am older now and probably a bit more resistant ( if possible) to dropping like I did before .

My question is for those who cycle between Atkins/LC eating and Stillman's:

How many days do you cycle between Atkins and Stillman's?

Is there a bounce window ( up a few oz or lb's) once you return back to Atkins?

Is there a steady loss once you return to Atkins?

My curiosity has me wanting to try this out. However, I can only imagine going from this woe (lc/atkins style) to Stillman's a big shift/shock to my metabolism in which I'm almost wondering if i will just regain those pounds lost once I return to Lc eating.

I guess I am just looking for some feedback as to what everyone has experienced when cycling.

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I can give you our experience cycling STillman's & occasional Atkins (hubby & I both on WOE) We went full-tilt on ATkins March 6, and lost really well for March & April...I lost about 18.5 lbs. in 7 weeks. Then spent about 5 weeks losing only 1.5 lbs. doing Atkins induction. Have never been able to add carbs to Atkins & continue losing--20 total carbs has always been my limit to lose at all. But May was the worst for me, by far...staying at less than 20 carbs total and still only losing a little over a lb. in 5 weeks. That's when we switched to Stillman's with occasional Atkins meal (that's what we call a cheat meal...eating a totally Atkins-legal high fat/low carb meal...fatty meat with Atkins-legal veggies.) Our experience seems to be that it is way too easy to over-eat on Atkins...with the high fat and calorie-dense cheese, cream, etc. we tend to eat just way too many calories to lose weight. It's hard to over-eat on Stillman's...the food is just too boring, lol. And we find that after the first couple of days you get appetite suppression (there's a lot of talk on the main board that implies you HAVE to have the high fat to get appetite control...not our experience at all. Very low fat protein, with very close to zero carbs, produces the same appetite suppression. And since you're not eating high-calorie high fat foods, you're eating far less calories and being satisfied.)

...So since the end of May, we do mostly Stillman's (very, very low carb, very low fat and mostly lean protein.) A typical Stillman's day for us is egg & lean turkey sausage for breakfast, couple of lean turkey patties for lunch, and lean chicken or turkey burgers or very lean steak for dinner. No dairy, no veggies, no added fat (cook with just a little spray of PAM in the pan.) Only condiments are low carb ketchup or mustard. Boring, but easy to plan & prepare, no thinking required, lol. Just eat the boring food & be rewarded on the scale.

About once a week we have ONE meal that's Atkins style...often a restaurant meal. So we'll go to Outback & have house salad, ribeye steak with grilled veggies or broccoli. Or we go to Chili's and have the fajita trio (no tortillas, we just eat the meats & shrimp with the grated cheese & veggies, with guacamole & sour cream) That's it, though...just the one meal about once a week. The other meals that day are our regular Stillman's meals. Usually the day after we have our Atkins out-to-eat meal we're the same or up 1/4 to 1/2 lb. Which usually is gone the next day and back to losing on Stillman's.

We have had one vacation since May, that was 3 days, when we were totally off-plan and eating whatever we wanted. We went right back on Stillman's so the net effect was a week with no loss (popped up for 4 days, then 3 to get back down to where we'd been the day before vacation.)

So, eating this way...mostly Stillman's with the very occasional Atkins-legal meal...since the end of May, I've lost just under 35 lbs more...so total for both the beginning Atkins loss & the time we've been on Stillman's has been just under 55 lbs. The Stillmans part of my diet has been fairly steady loss for me...there's been an occasional near zero-loss week, but that's been followed with a 3-4 lb. loss. Mostly, though, it's been steady, losing a few ounces every day, adding up to an average of between 1.5 to 2 lbs. loss per week eating this way.

I'd love to be one of those people who lose 4-5 lbs a week...but I'm not. So I'll take 1-2 lbs. a week...
Cathy from Nebraska (and Florida!)

RE-START date 3/06/2012

-65 lbs. Club for 2012 Re-start! Now at lowest weight in 8 years. Down 75 lbs. from all-time highest weight.

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