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Major LCF Poster!
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WOE: Perfect Health Diet/JUDDD
Start Date: LC;HCG; 1/19/12/JUDDD; 1/13/13 PHD/JUDDD
Know your JUDDD BUDDD...

I love this group of people- they are the most supportive, intelligent, encouraging, happy bunch of individuals. You certainly get a taste for people's personalities based just on how they write posts! It is fun. I also am curious about so many people and would love to know what everyone does. Maybe you are a stay at home mom, a brain surgeon, a domestic engineer, an electrician, a corporate CEO... Would you mind sharing what you "do" during your day?

I'll start. I just retired last September after my 36 year career. I am a pediatric occupational therapist. I spent my last 20 years as the chief therapist for our program where we provide occupational and physical therapy services for physically disabled children ages birth to twenty-one. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to administrate and manage services for about 70 professional staff and over 2000 children and their families. We worked to help each child achieve their maximum level of independence in activities of daily living.

In my spare time, I worked with a different population of kids. Those with learning disabilities and developmental delay. I provided occupational therapy in the home.

It was a great and rewarding career!! But I REALLY love retirement and enjoy spending my time playing. Eventually I may do some volunteer work, but I am enjoying my free time for the moment.

What about you???
Good broth resurrects the dead. ~ South American Proverb
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Way too much time on my hands!
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WOE: Back to JUDDD 1/5/15
Great idea!

I am a Jill of all trades. I get bored very easily, so I tend to go from job to job. I graduated from college in 1998 with a degree in English. There's not much you can do with an English degree. I intended to teach and did that for a few years before deciding I really didn't like it. Since then, I have been a call center supervisor, an Emergency Medical Technician/Firefighter, a Laboratory Technician/office manager, an administrative property manager (off-site property managment), I worked at a beauty supply store, and I'm currently a Project Administrator for an automation controls company.

The job I spent the most time doing, and loved the most, was being an EMT. I also really like what I'm doing now.

JUDDD got me where I want to be!
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WOE: Enjoying JUDDD's freedom after years of low carb
Start Date: Every day!!! JUDD start 1/13/12
I have a degree in Music Education, and taught for two years. Stayed home for 25 years whilst rearing my two daughters, and re-entered the work force when my "baby" was a senior in HS.

As a temp. I got a job in a brokerage office that was just opening, and they liked me so much, they offered me a job!

I subsequently got my stock broker's license (Series 7), whose exam is likened to the Bar exam in its comprehensiveness. So at age 50, I did the thing I am second most proud of (after my kids, of course) It had been a LOT of years since I had done any studying.

I support two brokers operationally (don't have my own book of business-YAY!) and have been in this crazy business 15 years.

I still sing in a symphonic Chorale which performs with our symphony orchestra, which I love doing, (we are doing Carmina Burana next month), and am the go-to know it all for the office. With age comes (sort of) wisdom.

I am thinking about retiring, but have no plans to do so as of yet. I like having the money come in!
"Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death." Auntie Mame

"If you're afraid of butter, add a little cream" Julia Child

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WOE: Mine, all mine
Start Date: controlled carb '97-98
Dawn, I get bored easily, as well. Three years is my max for holding a job.

I have been a hospice RN for 2 1/2 yrs. Before that I was in L & D.

In my spare time, I renovate dumpy houses....love to do physical work and get my hands dirty.
BUT I am currently stuck w houses that I have had to rent out.

Retirement plan for 62 (1 1/2 yrs away). Then I'm selling everything and taking to the road....or to another country.
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WOE: LC,IF,RX hCG Simeons for last 20 lbs. Phase3
Start Date: January 2007
I'm semi-retired. I do loan closings for folks who are refinancing their mortgages. It's interesting to meet new people and see how they decorate their homes or to visit their office.
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I am an Audiologist. I worked in a pediatric facility in Florida for 10 years before moving to Illinois to work for a hearing aid manufacturer doing technical support from a call center. In September my husband lost his job and we moved to Indiana where he opened a pet sitting and dog walking service. I was able to keep my job and now work from home. I do technical support for pediatric facilities and schools.
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Major LCF Poster!
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i am a mom of 4: 3 boys -- 14, nearly 13, nearly 10 and one princess who is 7.5. my avi picture is noah, my almost 10 yr old and his sister. i am an RN by trade. have not worked as a nurse since right before baby #4 was born, but maintain my license. when working, i was a L & D nurse and when not there i was in a med/surg unit. being a nurse was my job for a time, being a mom is/was my career. being a mom came first as i didn't want them in daycare.

while at home with my kiddos, i picked up a hobby of making diaper salve for my kiddos and lip balm for my hubby. well, in the last 10 years, that has turned into a full blown, self-supporting business to include a range of bath and body care products. it outgrew my house and i had to purchase a building to manufacture my products. i have several wholesale clients that include large day spas that use my product for their pedicures/manicures as well as buying for selling retail in their salons. also have several gift-y type shops that purchase wholesale as well.

my dh is self-employed as well. when our first son was born he started his business mowing lawns. that was a trip...starting a brand new business with no customers to speak of and having a premature baby. talk about a leap of faith! God has blessed his business beyond what he ever thought. over the last 14 years since starting his business has morphed from simple lawn mowing/spraying/landscaping and now is exclusively tree care/pruning/removals/etc and landscaping.
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I work for a large food broker and sell to the K12 segment. I don't make the school lunch rules/USDA guidelines........I just sell the stuff. (So no crying to me about school lunch!!)

I love my job but not my idiot boss.

So, food is literally my life. My friends and neighbors love all the free stuff. Sales meeting and food shows are a blast and I get to travel to some pretty cool places.

PS I have a 4 year degree but it's in business not nutrition. I am married and we have a 16 year old son (moody and a know it all )
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Stats: back to LC 1/6/14, going to stick to & make it
I work in biomedical research. I have worked for the Veterans Administration for 35 years in this field of work - I have a fancy title, but "what I do" is manage the animal facility and the committee that moderates all animal studies.

I plan to work until I am 62 (that would be 8 more years)
Back to Lowcarb
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I am a Special Education Director for a 5 school cooperative. I can retire anytime after June if I want to. Only child graduates from West Point May 26th. YEA!!!! Probably need to work another year to recuperate from 4 years worth of plane tickets home for his vacations.

I too get bored easily but this job is so varied it is hard to get bored. I put in my time as an elementary principal so I feel good having a job I can easily do without nightime duties.

For a hobby I raise and show dairy goats. I also started a hobby business that I have had to scale back since I can't do everything. I use the goat milk to make soaps and lotions and sell at craft shows as well as having a website. I know dazygyrl from a soapmaking forum.

My DH is a teacher/coach and he isn't quite ready to retire yet. He is still enjoying coaching but is happy to be able to come home after school now since track season is over for him. Three sports overlap a lot so he is busy busy for most of the year. He is setting up a greenhouse in the evenings, now that he can work a couple of hours before dark. Now he can grow food so I "can" retire and not starve to death.

I am right on target to be the perfect weight when we go to DS' graduation and I can already wear my formal that I will need for the graduation banquet so I am happy about that.
adi 5'7" 69 years old
181/155/145 LC MY WAY 3/15/03
155/144/140 LFL 5/05/04
181.0/168.0/145 07/25/11 The Rice Diet
180/132/139 JUDDD 01/01/2011
157/148/139 JUDDD 07/28/2014
169/161/139 JUDDD 08/01/2015
174/159/139 JUDDD 09/17/2017
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I am 34 years old soon to be married to my love of many years! He's quite a few years older than me and has 4 kids and 7 grandkids. I have none of my own and don't think I plan to. DH is a regional truck driver who has just bought his first truck. He ships refrigerated products. I like to go with him on trips during the summer. He loves it b/c he can work when he wants to! I have 2 half brothers which I love more than anything in the world! So proud of both of them! One is almost finished with his electrician apprenticeship w/ IBEW and the other just graduated high school last May. He wants to get into something to do w/ mechanics! A plus for me and my vehicles! YAY!

I have been with Equifax for 13 years in October. (No I can't fix your credit. ) I worked in Accounts Payable for 10 years before they shipped the work to India 2 years ago. I lucked up and got a job in the Pricing Dept and am happy with it. I love technology so I'm always up for new system implementations and projects of the sort.

I have no hobbies or talents really. My Granny was an avid reader/sewer so being raised mostly by her I figured I would be, but I'm not! I try to read a book occasionally. I do love to cook and bake. I love taking vacations to the beach and mountains. I'm an adventerous person who's bucket list includes ziplining, going on an african safari, hot air ballooning, seeing the world. I've been to the UK and Paris both for work. I'm a hello kitty fan/freak and I love Mexican food! Few other interesting tid bits - I was born the exact day/year that Elvis died! I went to high school with Hines Ward who played for the Steelers.
Lost on Juddd: 12
UD 1900/DD 400


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Luna Loca
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I am nothing and happy as heck about it!!

I was a stay at home mom for many years and just kept staying at home despite the fact that the youngest kiddo is now almost 20. I take care of the house, and DH, and play artist (I usually tell people I am an artist, but I liked the "I am nothing" comment).

I'm not considered retired because I am too young. I am a lady of leisure, I guess. I also tell people I am a kept woman...I'm kind of a smart-mouth...

On a more serious note, I have had lots of jobs but due to health issues I can't seem to make it past six months of employment at one time...DH got tired of seeing me fall apart to bring home the small paychecks I was, so told me to just quit. And he's right, I do much better this way.
"before" from the bad old days.

"Success occurs in clusters and is born in generosity" --Julia Cameron

Describes my JUDDD Buddds perfectly.
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Better With Age
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I am a Marriage and Family counselor at a large church in FL. I have been married to my best friend for more than 18 years. We have a 17 year old son and 13 year old daughter. We are also the proud parents of 2 Australian Cattle Dogs.

I grew up in Arkansas and deeply miss living there. My husband was a youth pastor and we have lived in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida. My husband and I are both counselors and sometimes get to work together. My dream is for us to have a full-time ministry together helping couples.

If God does not move us back to Arkansas at sometime, we dream of retiring there (more than 20 years off)!

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Wow - what an interesting and eclectic group we have here! I run a digital ad agency so (like most of you) lots of stress here! I have an MBA and many decades of marketing experience and three grown kids with the last graduating college next week. DH is a self employed professional and we are looking to sell our suburban home soon, move into town and start the next phase of our lives. Would love to be healthier and fitter to really enjoy that next phase!

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Way too much time on my hands!
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Lol, I really am nothing! Such amazing BUDDDs here.

I have had a wonderful life travelling the world, first with parents then with DHs 1 and 2. I've lived in:
Isle of Man
Hong Kong
and finally England after DH retired in 1997

I briefly played at being a Beauty Therapist, just did the training though really. I did help in various Kindies now and then in different countries.

So I was an overindulged expat wife.

I have 2 wonderful daughters, MintQ8 (Vicky to me) is my youngest and introduced me to LCF years ago. She is also without doubt my best friend. My DD1 is 46 this year and married on her 40th birthday, she is Downs and he also has learning difficulties.

I love my life and these boards. JUDDD is the icing on the cake as I believed I would never be able to enjoy carbs again.

Embrace a little hunger. It is the sign of healing.

Hunger is not an emergency.

It's not what you eat between Christmas and New Year that makes you fat, it's what you eat between New Year and Christmas.

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I agree- amazing group of people here!
I am a hairstylist- but just do it very part time now. I got divorced about a year and a half ago, I needed a way to take care of my girls on my own. So I'm going to school right now. Hoping to get my license as a speech language pathologist assistant. But now I hear it's almost impossible to get a job! Ugh
Holding hope that it works out for me.
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Wonderful thread!! Enjoying reading about everyone!!!

Ok, I am a 37 year old, I have been married to my hubby for almost 17 years! We have a daughter Katie who is 15 1/2. And a son Frank jr (bubb) who is 14 1/2. My hubby is a pump techinican, he runs and fixes the big pumps at natural gas drilling sites. I started off as a hairstylist, and hated it!! I went back to school to become a nurse aide and have done that since I was 19! I have worked in nursing homes, assistant living homes, and client homes.

I have worked with alot of different people, but my favorite was the hospice. No I am not a sick, wierd person. I enjoyed being the one who was with them to the end. I have heard some of the most amazing stories, and have had the honor of watching their last breathe. I have cried with them, laughed with them and just sat with them! I think this is what made me who I am today! I have learned to laugh in life. You know if it rains on your picnic, then take a minute to play in the puddles type thing!

I do switch back and forth within my field alot. I tell my hubby, one has to or you burn out quick! For the last 3 years I have been watching a stroke victim while his wife is working. She is suppose to retire in november. And at that point I will switch fields all together. Dont know what I want to do, but I want to try something else. Just to say I did!

Oh I did work at a daycare for about 6 months but that was sooooooooo not my cup of tea!!! The kids were great, it was the co-workers that would frazzle me!! I have always said, You have to enjoy your job not just the paycheck! Those co-workers enjoyed just the paycheck!
Current weight: 175 BMI: Obese

1st goal 163 puts me at Overweight!
2nd goal 139 puts me at Healthy weight!
3rd goal 125 puts me at Goal!

Long term, realistic goal....no medications!

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Start Date: April, 2014
Love these stories! (I would love, in this lifetime or some other, to be a hairdresser and a palliative care worker.) I'm 50. I was a chiropractor for twenty years. Loved it. I seem to have morphed into actor (film and theatre) and playwright. I'm traveling this week to see a play I wrote in performance out west. Nervous as hell, I don't mind telling you. Two fantastic, grown kids, a lovely man, and a dog who runs our life.
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WOE: Intuitive/Hunger Driven Now.
Start Date: April, 2014
Whoops! Name is Kristin.
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Love this group and can't wait to read more updates.

I am 64.
I was a stay at home mom till age 49. I, then, started at a fastener company as a temp and the fit was great! I went from temp to customer service to inside sales rep to outside sales rep w/ responsibility for the NE quadrant of the US. It was a great ride. I worked with ALL men so maintaining my weight was a no brainer. No problem. I spent so much time traveling and on construction sites that food was just not an issue. I took retirement when the recession hit. It hurt. I was the last to go, but it still hurt.
My husband of 12 years died in 2006. Prior to that I was widowed in 1990.
I have 3 wonderful sons. DS1 is in charge of Standards, Tools and Protocol for a large text book publisher.
DS2 runs the service dept of a large Ford dealership in FL. DS3 is in IT at University of Illinois and working on his doctorate in digital archiving.
I have 4 grandkids( all boys except for our little adopted Chinese sweetheart) who delight me.
I have a house that is way too big for me, but no real estate is moving right now so I do the best I can to take care of it. Can't wait to sell and move from the midwest.........I've always dreamed of living in St. Geo. Utah.......that is where hubby and I planned to retire and had even made a couple trips to check it out before he died.
I started eating for comfort after Brian died. Then I restarted smoking (after 18 yrs of being a non-smoker). All in all I rather just gave up. In Dec of 2010 I decided it was too soon to sit down and wait to die. I am working on losing the grief weight, I try to stop smoking and have even gone 6 weeks smoke free recently (I love LENT). I will quit, I know I will. I will get this miserable weight off, I know I will.
I do volunteer work through church and read a ton.
I have a beloved family member who is in late stages of cancer and so travel the 2 hours a couple times a week to 'sit' with him.
I am a dog nut.
I want to get healthier.
and I am very glad to be here!
68 years old

"My boots are old and my coat is torn.
I am no longer young and not half perfect"

quoting Poet, Mary Oliver.
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WOE: Restart JUDD 2/10/15
Start Date: Aug 2011/I was maintaining since April 2012
I'm mostly nothing too. LOL

BC (before children) I was a financial analyst with a large insurance firm (got my MBA while working). The day I went into labor with my first child was the last day I worked for someone else for a paycheck. So my kids have been my career as well.

Started homeschooling after my oldest (now 18 almost 19 and ready to finish his first year of college) finished 1st grade. The other 3 have always been home. Next boy is 16, then girl 14, and girl 5 (born when I was 41).

When she was born, I used cloth diapers (did with all the others too, but cloth diapers changed a LOT between #3 and #4). When she outgrew the small sizes I had, I couldn't really afford to buy more, so decided to make them instead. That turned into an online business when friends started asking me to make them for them, and then suggested I sell them. So I do that in my 'spare' time. LOL

For hobbies, I LOVE knitting, love to read, love to sew for my family--but don't have as much time to do that as I'd like. I used to really enjoy gardening, but got away from it when pg with my last baby, and never really got back to it. I do the canning now, and dh and the big kids do the actual gardening.

Oh, we (the kids and I) are also involved in our local community theater. My latest role was as Auntie Em in the Wizard of Oz. DD14 and I will be involved in a patriotic musical revue in early June. Rehearsals start this week.

We live on a farm where we raise cattle, but I don't do much with that--that's dh's domain.

I've been thinking of a thread like this too. It's great learning more about all y'all.
Tina--wife to my dh for 24 years and mom to 4 great kids. JUDDD reboot to lose the nearly 20 pounds gained in the past 2 years.

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Most of my employment has been in education, either at the secondary secondary level, teaching French in Galveston & Dickinson, TX or on the business/computing side of higher education at TX A&M Maritime Academy in Galveston and UT Medical Branch Galveston. Perhaps the most interesting job I ever had was translating shipping documents for a company that had a mult-million dollar contract to ship water well drilling equipment to Algeria out of Galveston's port. I have been retired from the classroom since 2002.
My recipe website: http://buttoni.wordpress.com/
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Start Date: january to march 2011 / 2nd start 16 feb 2012
this is so cool to read about everyone's life !

my real name is Agnès (pronounced Annie-S and not the english way !) I'm 30 and now working as a conference interpreter. I went back to school at 27 after living 5 years in Japan and got my master degree last year. I'm supposed to interpret from english into french too but there's too much competition with those 2 languages !! I work mostly with japanese, interpreting both ways, for businesses and public events.
As an interpreter I don't get to work a lot so I give french private lessons to keep myself busy and cook a loooot.... I have a (mostly vegan) recipe blog for 3 years, quite succesfull I must say !

can't wait to read everyone else's answer !
*** frenchy-veggy-JUDDDer ***
64.5kg/142lbs>64>63.5>63>62.5>62>61.5>>61>60.5>60>59.5>5 9>58.5>58>57.5>57kg/125lbs
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Start Date: Jan 2012. Name Kimberly
Wow i am So lovin to read about who my JUDDD BUDDs are..
My name is Kimberly. and I am 45 yrs old. Married 2nd time.. I have two blessings (Matthew 25 and Jordan 21).. So i never regret my first marriage.. As you all can see spelling is not my stong suit. and i dont even care any more I am currently a Patient care Co ordinator @ Miracle ear.. Prior to this job .. I was a telemarketer for about 10 years With an Ins license for State of Michigan... Before that I spent about 10 years Being a nursing assistant for Hospice, and in home care.. Love that! But my first job was a Hair dresser,, and i hated that job! ... I love Working in my yard with my flowers.. being at home with my DH.. and playing with my 4 indoor dogs and my sepcial Cat.. I love being here and am soo glad i found this place to call home!

1991 Highest Weight 296#
1995 Low Fat 190#
2012 225#Job change.
2012 lost 60# on JUDDD. 166 N Lw
2015 185# Depression.
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My whole life has been a battle BUT I always get back up when it knocks me down.. Never give up!!!
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I love reading this. I forgot to add that I did loads of Amateur Theatre too, all over the place.

Embrace a little hunger. It is the sign of healing.

Hunger is not an emergency.

It's not what you eat between Christmas and New Year that makes you fat, it's what you eat between New Year and Christmas.
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Originally Posted by Justwaiting View Post
So I'm going to school right now. Hoping to get my license as a speech language pathologist assistant. But now I hear it's almost impossible to get a job! Ugh
Holding hope that it works out for me.
I hire assistant SLP's but a lot of other schools do not since it takes time out of the SLP's day to supervise. . Our latest one came from Florida since she could not find a job there. Hope you find a job when you finish.
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Such a fun idea!
I'm Janette. Just turned 38. I have a 19yr son I had right out of hs. Was a single mom until I married 10 years ago. And we have an 8yr daughter and a 4 yr daughter. I worked many jobs while my son was young including telemarketing, health unit coordinator, medical records clerk. Really jumped around to where the most money was. My last job was in call routing at a call center. Thats where I met my husband. When I got pregnant with my 8yr I got layed off and have stayed home since. I'm really enjoying it!
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I'm Jenn. I just turned 40. I have four kids (almost 12, 10, 7, and 6). I'm a mostly SAHM. I have my Associates degree in Early Childhood Education, and I work part time at a local preschool (and have for a number of years), but the atmosphere has changed and I really don't like working there anymore. I probably won't be going back in the Fall.

I love to bake, cook, read, sew, swim, spend time with my kids, play HOGs, knit, and crochet. I don't like to clean or do laundry! I also played handbells for 8 years.

"Hold tight and pretend it's a plan!" (journal)

"Humankind is simply materialized color operating on the 49th vibration."
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Hi, I'm 50 years old, have 2 boys, one 26 lives in Colorado, going to college. The other son is 25 and lives 45mins from me. He is a pharmacy tech, due to the fact he learned alot about cancer drugs, he has stage III cancer, but has been in remission going on 3 years.
I am divorced, but have a wonderful boyfriend of 16 years. We built a duplex and I live on one side and my boyfriend (Michael) lives on the other side. Works out great!!!
I was a sAHM until I divorced,then went into the construction field. I am an electrician. Worked in the field for 6 years, then came inside and worked the service dept for 5 years. then moved on to working for a general contractor, now I do accounts payables and receivables, been doing this for the past 5 years.

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