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Start Date: 11/1/2011
Fist time poster, just my story

Hows it going, or howdy as we say where I live

Just wanted to preface by saying I'm writing my personal experience as I read others before I made the decision to give this a go. So here is my story

I started this journey a couple years ago before I hit 30. Sometime in the fall. I had been paying for a gym membership for a year and not been going. Finally I was buying a house and decided to hell with this, Im gonna do something about this before I hit 30. So I started, I did not hit my goal by my 30th birthday, lol.

I didn't have a scale and I new I was big, enough that I didn't want to know how much I weighed. I just started out on the exercise bike. 5 min, then ten min, 20, then 30 about five to six days a week. The whole time I just kept trying to beat the calories burned from the time before on the little meter or dial on the machine. Inaccurate or not it gave me something to occupy my mind while at the gym.

After a couple weeks i moved onto the elliptical(that's a funny motion to get use to) and applied my same game of trying to beat the calories burned from the time before. Let that run itself for about six weeks to where I was doing 30-40 min of cardio five to six days a week.

I also started cooking for myself. I'd cook up 10 or 20 pounds of lean meat on Sunday, cut up a couple gallon bags of mixed vegetables, buy a couple big things of spring mix and those would be my lunches and sometimes dinner. Breakfast was eggwhites and turkey bacon and a cup of blueberries. Some fruit and almonds for snacks mid morning and mid afternoon.

My clothes were fitting different and I was two months in before I decided to do my first weigh in.......315lbs!!!!!
I was shocked, I was like damn.....what the hell did I weigh before? I estimate it had to be well over 330lbs but now I'll never know.

That motivated me and I kept it going. Unlike most people here I got a scale and started weighing myself everyday, sometimes a couple times a day. I didn't care about the numbers I was just curious about the fluctuations. What about my diet or exercise caused what(I had loosely based my diet on the Zone). I always found that I weighed less on the weekends(sunday morning to be exact), I peaked out on wed and thursday. I think it had a lot to do with my sleep schedule.

I was real good on the diet portion for the first 8 months, got down to about 285-275. I just got to the point of where eating another piece of chicken seemed sickening, same thing with egg whites. At this point I was also lifting four days a week(20-30 min of cardio afterwards), 45 min of cardio on Wed, and another 45 on Saturday. Got down to 265 after my first year or so. A little while later I had my first real injury. I was in a fourwheeler wreck and jammed up my right arm and wrist pretty bad. It was three months or so before could fully use my hands, then I developed tendonitis in my elbow and couldn't hold onto anything for a couple weeks. 2 years in I was forced to take a break just because so many things were bothering me. Took a break from the gym for a month or two and dropped to about 250 still trying to eat right.

Started back at the gym and shot up to 265 in a week. kept after it and I went up to 270 and finally stabilized at about 275. Stayed that way for months, I had laxed on my diet somewhat and had dropped to about two or three days at the gym a week.

The schedule I had created for myself was just largely unsustainable. Before I slacked off I was spending 15-20 hours a week at the gym, went to work for 40 hours and that was about all I did. I was burnt out.

After New Years 2011 I recommitted myself to five days a week, I was doing well but still hovering around 270. That march I was just going in for my normal tuesday leg-day. Last rep last set on squats, not even my personal max. I went down and took a breath or something and lost the tightness in my lower back and I just felt it roll. I forced the bar up and just thought oh no what just happened. Went to go try to do a deadlift and realizes i was screwed. The next couple months were terrible. I couldn't sleep, sit in a chair, or workout. It was awful.

End of June or first part of July I started to go to the gym, I steered clear of squats though. It wasn't till September before I was able to attempt them again. The first set down felt like I was injuring it all over again but the next day it felt so much better. I had been up to about 345 for a five rep max, I injured my back at 275, for the last 2 months I've been sticking with 225x5 just to try to build up some endurance.

Here is the medi part

Starting researching medi semptemberish. I knew that for me to make progress I needed diet combined with exercise. The zone diet is similar to medi and atkins with respect to them both being low carb keto diets. Zone and medi are different from atkins in that they limit fat content and food choices. Medi seemed a lot more strict with regards to caloric intake but with the results I was seeing this seemed like the way to go. So I went ahead and picked Nov first as my start date(payday). I knew this would be the expensive route but i thought that would add to my incentive to adhere to the diet.

In general I have not had issues with motivation or sticking to things. I am great at forming habits, lol, some of them are better than others. I tend to be pretty militant.

I lost about 25 pounds my first month, 15-20 the second month and another 20 pounds or so to date, all in all about 65lbs down to about 225. They asked me when I started if I had a goal in mind, I put my hand on my belly and said when this is gone I'll be done. I've had one since 8th grade so i don't have any idea what that weight would be.

It's been good, I had the appetite suppressant for one week then they wanted me to go see a doc about my blood pressure before they would give it to me again, so the third week I was without it. The third week was also terrible mentally. I just felt foggy getting off the carbs, my mind didn't work right. I felt lethargic , they god that was just a phase.

They recommended I not work our for the first week or so, I did not adhere to this. I was concerned with losing strength and muscle mass. I wasn't concerned from a vain perspective but I wanted to preserve muscle mass to aide in calorie burning, I also didn't want to be a weakling lol.

It's worked for me, but my workout times until mid January doubled(I dropped to lifting only two or three days a week with no cardio). I just didn't have the energy or the recovery time in me to finish my sets without stretching them out. I was able to maintain my lifts and have actually started gaining again. I'm up to 245 on bench for 7 reps while before the diet I was limited to 2-3 reps at 225. So i'm pleased.

Its been hard at times, especially if you consider i did this before Thanksgiving and Christmas, but i have lost weight every week even if just a pound.

the goal here is to get in better health and shape so that my body is easier to maintain. Coming from a family with diabetes I don't want to be diabetic and I don't want to be unhealthy. The lifestyle changes have to maintained.

I look back at myself and my parents and see how sedentary they became in their thirty's after working a job and raising kids and I saw that happening to myself. That's kinda why there is an obesity epidemic. The adult American lifestyle is not one that promotes active extracurricular activities. It typically revolves around raising kids and working. For those of us not genetically blessed with genes that don't store excess calories as fat It requires some amount of weekly maintenance.

forgive the typos, runons, and whatever else I screwed up but this is where I am to date, I may edit this post later, but I really just wanted to post a record of my account somewhere in case it motivates someone else or just becomes part of the permanent record.

I don't know how often I'll check back, but at least for the next week or so I'll be checking the comments. Feel free to ask, comment, gripe, complain, whatever, it's the internet it's all good.

y'all take care

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WOE: Medi Weightloss
Start Date: 02/24/12
Thank you for sharing!!! I started at 299 and I am on my second week. I lost 9.5 pounds the first week and I am really excited! I does get trying at times....mostly mentally....being so new to it I still get cravings and think back to my old way of eating. Missing things I used to eat....but I am being strong....I CAN and WILL do this!!!!!
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