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WOE: Low carb
Start Date: restart 01/01/2007
100 lb losers...share your story

This is going to be a thread that will stay at the top of our Century club threads. Those of you who have lost 100 lbs please share your stories with us on this thread. We look forward to having many more of you hit that big 100 lb loss!

**** Please do not post congratulations or responses on this thread, please start a new thread with the persons name in the subject if you want to tell them how great and inspiring they are. That way be can keep this thread just for 100 lb stories. Thanks!

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I’ve also adapted my One Year Anniversary post for this, as I feel it is totally representative of where I am now and how I got here

I first started Atkins in Feb 2001, it was a dismal failure. I was not totally ready to commit to any weightloss plan but I stuck it out for a month and lost around 12 pounds before falling off the wagon during a post induction stall. It took me 9 months to get back onto the wagon.

I guess you could say the change took place in me a month before I restarted Atkins. I had got another bad chest infection from smoking, I was coughing up blood, but still making the thrice daily pilgrimage to the smokers shelter at work and slowly killing myself by trying to smoke on top of this chest infection. It suddenly struck me, that internal voice saying “What the $%^£ are you doing to yourself you daft cow?” I tossed the cigarette and it’s comrades left in the packet and didn’t touch another cancer stick again. A month later after not gaining weight but even losing a little I decided to apply this new found will power to my weight and started Atkins for the second and last time. Since that day I’ve never looked back..

Today I can wear figure hugging clothes and not feel uncomfortable, I can sit in that plane seat and do up the seat belt, my legs no longer squeeze under my steering wheel of my car - there is plenty of room now! I can bend over without
my stomach getting in the way, I don’t get out of breath just walking short distances or up a flight of stairs and I can actually run now! I can walk into any clothes store and find something that fits me. Archimedes is no longer in awe when I get into the bath and displace an ocean of water.

For me it has been a year of shedding outmoded patterns of behaviour and thoughts as much as shedding those unwanted pounds. I feel like the old husk of me for example old Clothes - hung onto them “just in case” finally had to deal with the fact that I wasn’t going back, and had to get rid of them if I was
going to move on mentally as well as physically. For a long while I was mentally still the fat girl, for example I would automatically pick up larger sized clothes! Physically I’ve come a long way, emotionally I’ve travelled much further and more extensively than I ever thought possible, in the end it’s all a head game, if you win that game the rest will follow.

One thing that has struck me about the board is the way in which people perceive others loss. All too often I think we see peoples seemingly effortless success on this WOE without all the day to day struggles, the board provides a snap shot
of people, but not the whole experience they go through. In the beginning I was finding myself thinking how does so and so make it look so damn easy the answer is…. they don’t, I know because people message me and say I make it look easy! Basing my own expectations on someone elses losses ultimately leads to
frustration, the truth is we are all different some people will lose faster some slower.

I will be honest this year has not all been plain sailing there are times when truly I was disheartened with the WOE and life in general, a lot of this was due to my expectations not being met by my body, some of it due to the inevitable battle weariness of doing something long term. One thing I had to realise is
that it’s not my fault if things don’t go quite to plan on the WOE, so punishing myself by falling off the wagon and eating carbs was not an option!

I know a lot of people struggle with incorporating the stresses and strains of life with sticking with the WOE, I want to share a few things with people to let them see that it can be done, nothing is impossible despite what might be thrown
in our paths.

I used to consider myself not addicted to food before I started this WOE. However, food and issues around food have caused me some problems. I found it very difficult at first to stick with it, the first month was especially tough, after that though the cravings lessened, now it’s more habit that anything else.
I could not imagine going back to the old way of eating now.

I also discovered that I have a HUGE problem with Legal treats, they are just as addictive and inhibiting to weight loss as the real thing they are intended to replace! For me it doesn’t matter where the sweetness comes from the end result is the same. In some ways controlling the legal treats has been more of a battle
for me because they are allowed, I still need to watch myself closely but I can have the occasional treat – very occasional I might add! Someone once said that if you cannot control the portions of a particular food then you should ditch it
– for me that is so true, thank you whoever said that.

I’ve had lots of Stalls: lots of em! If I’ve learned one thing it’s patience, there is an old adage, it’s not the destination that counts it’s the journey. I remember someone once told them they had stalled their way to losing 100 pounds…how true!

Throw into the mix metabolic resistance due to PCOS and IR, and
hypothyroidism I have to regularly fat fast to continue my losses, it is hard sometimes. Some people may regard the fat fast as a quick fix, true you can lose weight quickly, but it is not something I would regularly put myself through if there was a way for me to lose without doing it!

I’ve also been plagued by yeast infections, internal and external, candida loves me, pity I do not feel the same. I’m not totally free of it, but I can control it with natural remedies now.

Life too has had it’s ups and downs, DH lost his job back in March, the old me would have used that as an excuse to binge with whatever I liked, the new improved me just got on with it, when all hell breaks lose around you and nothing else seems within your control, one thing is, one thing is constant,
what you decide to put into your mouth.

A lot of people ask me how I’ve done it, the truth is I’m not quite sure, I just did, not a day goes by that I truly amaze myself by sticking with it – for more than a whole year. I wish I could give a definitive “this is it, this is what you do” but I cannot. Somewhere inside I just reached a place where enough was enough,
I’d done half hearted attempts before but now my body mind and spirit are truly working as one towards the day when I’m no longer classified as overweight. I also often wonder what happened to the old me, the old me that had no
self-control, the old me that pretended she was thin and gorgeous despite all evidence to contrary. Truthfully I am glad she’s gone!

Within the next year I expect to be reaching my goal, however I’m not sure, you just never know what can happen in a year on this WOE lol. I can’t tell you how much I want this, I thought my resolve would weaken, my passion and determination would wane, but you know the harder it gets the more determined I
get, the more I dig my heels in, there is no way obstacles are going to stop me getting to where I want to be. I guess I am just stubborn! I embrace the challenges, the problems and the triumphs, without the whole experience, both good bad and indifferent what good is the journey?.

If you are reading this wondering if you should start, do it, do it now, you’ve got nothing to lose but weight!

Thanks for listening, I've rambled a bit more than I intended to - as always.

Anyway here's to us all *tipping water bottle* here’s to the next twelve months, and all the rest after that.

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WOE: Atkins ... and lovin' it
Start Date: 14/01/2002
Well!!! What a year this has been!!!! What a life-changing journey this has turned out to be. Who would have thought last January that I would still be here. I have never stuck to an eating plan so rigidly for as long as this. So what has changed? I think I can safely say MY LIFE!!!!

Issues that were a problem to me have gone. Some of you may remember one of my reasons for starting this woe was the fact that my arms were becoming not long enough to complete the personal hygiene thingie with the bathroom tissue (OMG what a confession). Now I wipe even if I don’t need to!!!!! Just because I can!!! Even showering has become a delight and not a chore (I have got it down to 8 mins now)

Stress incontinence has disappeared. No more nighttime pads worn every day. Fatigue is a thing of the past. No more afternoon naps for me!! I sleep sounder at night even though it is for less time. I wake in the mornings able to cope with life instead of dragging myself around for an hour or more.

My skin is smooth and clear with all the water I am drinking. I have wondered if it could also be the lack of ‘nasteee kemikuls’ that has been removed from my diet. I used to eat all the low fat dressings and spreads and the reduced fat everything else.

So what can I now do that I couldn’t before?

Touch my toes with my legs straight and feet together!!!! Walk much farther and with much more purpose (not dragging myself around). Fasten my shoelaces from a standing position without the need for extra oxygen!!! Cross my legs!!!! Shop in regular stores not Mohammed the Tent Maker (that is the greatest treat). I got some neat clothes bought for me by Santa. My DH was able to go out and get me a sexy nightie for the first time in years!!!!! I have been able to get some neat clothes in the January sales. I got a fluffy, snugly, fleece dressing gown for £12 ($19ish) in an XL!!! Things in the bedroom department have improved drastically. As DH has also lost 54lbs we are both enjoying life much more.

What else has changed?? I am a much calmer person than before and much less likely to blow a fuse for no real good reason. PMS seems to have gone forever (the rest of the family have breathed a sigh of relief). I am so much more active than 12 months ago that the house is actually clean as well as nearly tidy!!!! I have returned to work and found that I could do it. The carb fog was beginning to frighten me. I had the attention span of a goldfish and to think about something was just too much hard work so I didn’t do it.

I have been on my first holiday for 4 years and was able to fit into the plane sea. I didn’t need an extension for the seat belt. The real biggie was to be able to put down the ruddy little table without it resting on my belly!!!! I wore shorts and my swimsuit without any fear of stares or comments.

I now feel that I am in control of my eating. I can pass up on desserts without batting an eyelid. I know some neat recipes thanks to my culinary genius cyber buds!!! I have always told myself that as soon as I lost the weight I could go back to eating the way I did before the diet. Now I know better, I tell myself (and believe it) that this is how I will eat for the rest of my life. You know what, I am happy that I am finally free from food. Food no longer rules me. I eat to live not live to eat.

One major thing that has gone (I mentioned it in one of Trina’s posts) is I no longer have the fear of dying. I used to lie awake at night wondering if I would wake up in the morning but thankfully that is gone. Instead of thinking about dying I think about living.

In the next year I expect to make goal but it really doesn’t matter anymore. I have reached the milestone that I feel has made this last year worthwhile. I don’t care that much if I don’t loose much more. Yes I want to loose more but it isn’t the be all and end all that it was a year ago. I know I look acceptable now and the only reason I stand out in a crowd is because I am nearly 6ft tall and not because I am taking up most of the space on the pavement.

Before I go I do have to thank everyone in the Century Club for all his or her help and support. I owe such a massive debt of gratitude to my first inspiration Bonbon that I would just never be able to quantify it. I know that there are some that have fallen by the wayside and I really do hope they find the strength to get back on the right track. We all have our own roads to travel down with potholes ready to trap us. Here’s hoping that the road menders turn up soon.

Take care everyone and sorry this is so long.

Raising a glass of water to the next year and the rest of my life

447 days cheat free in the beginning

'If it ain't on the induction list then dont eat it!!'

Nothing tastes as good as baggy trousers feel!!!
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Wonderful idea.

I will do it this weekend. Quite busy here right now.
I need to have time to get my thoughts in order .

Cannot wait until this whole post is all completed.

be back I promise.
140 pounds lost!

"The Ya Ya Yo Yo Sisters Challenge, we post daily."
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WOE: Atkins
Start Date: 2/26/02, Restart 5/10/10
As I write this I am pushing my way to losing 200 lbs. in less than a year's time. Had you told me I could do this a year ago, I would have laughed in your face.

I started at the end of February last year when I was at my wit's end. I could hardly walk from the house to my car, couldn't buckle the seatbelt and could barely fit behind the steering wheel. I couldn't even stand for more than about 2 minutes at a time.

I had really given up on myself and felt I was destined to be like that for the rest of my life. I don't know what inside me made me buy the book and try just one more thing, but I did, and I haven't looked back since.

I have been overweight my entire life and suffered an abusive childhood. I'm sure a lot of the weight I carried was a protective device for me when nothing else worked. I could always control the food I put in my mouth.

I am an all or nothing person. That's why I knew if I was going to do this, it had to be 100% by the book--no cheating--EVER! If I had allowed myself to cheat even once, that would have been the end for me.

I can now walk, stand, easily fasten the seat belt with a foot of belt to spare. I have more self esteem than I've ever had in my life. I have a new job that I absolutely love and am so proud of my accomplishment.

I have just begun to exercise and was so amazed that I could get through a 45 minute aerobics tape the first time without batting an eyelash. My friends-that's progress!

I decided to live rather than to die. If you are where I was and feel there is no hope - no way out of this hell of food addiction - then listen to me, to Magnolia, to Amanda. This is it! This way of eating will change your life. Commit yourself to it! Know that it is the most important thing you will ever do for yourself. You are worth it. You deserve to be healthy and happy. You are a valuable person. I can actually look in the mirror now and not say, "I hate you," like I used to do.

I want to thank all of you who helped me through this BB to achieve what I have. It is the support of all of you; the tireless answering of questions; the laughs, the tears, the sharing that has made this so much easier for me.

I know there are people out there who think it has been effortless for me. Not so, like Amanda said. I don't lose weight every week; I don't expect to. I have to turn down food that I love. I have to have the guts to tell people what my food needs are and allow them to plan around me. I have to be willing not to eat when there is no food that is legal for me. I have to realize that no one really cares what I eat or don't eat, so why should I mess up the best thing that has happened to me because I care what someone else thinks! I know now that I matter.

If you are reading this post and wonder whether to do this or not - it could change your life. Are you willing to do what that takes to make it happen? I hope so!
In 2002:450/230/150
In 2010: 380/320/180

Don't believe everything you think!

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Start Date: June 1, 2002
I want to say thank you to all of you great people in the Century Club and the rest of the boards. You are all true inspirations and have helped me immensely. You don't know how much you're appreciated. I am a long way from getting to where I want to be, but I am well into my journey with a lifetime ahead.

My food addictions/eating problems started after high school when I was no longer involved in sports or weightlifting. I began to eat more and be less active and as a result I ballooned to over 500 lbs this past May (2002).

All aspects of my life became difficult and depression began to set in. I had trouble doing everything--from tying my shoes to simply breathing while walking outside to get the mail. I wasn't able to get down on the floor and play with my toddler son, I had to sit in a chair and play with him. The intimacy with my wife had diminished to almost nothing (poor woman). I could not even lie down to sleep, I had to be at a 45 degree angle propped up with pillows because if I was in the horizontal position I would feel like I was drowning. My herniated disks in my lower back were so bad I could hardly function and I couldn't perform properly at work. Anyway, you get the idea, my life had become a living hell.

Things changed one night while I was sitting in front of the TV and happened to click to an Atkins infomercial. I had heard about Atkins before so I thought I'd check it out even though I had low-fat drilled into my head my entire life. I liked what I saw and it gave me hope--a last hope before having to undergo gastric bypass surgery. I got the book the next day and read it three times and headed to the grocery store to buy low-carb foods. It's been better and better every day since then.

Two weeks after starting Atkins I came across this bulletin board and I became even more enthusiastic after seeing all the success and friendship here. All the support, information and awesome people have helped me immeasurably. This WOE is the best.

Now, here I am, able to tie my shoes with no problem, get on the floor with my son, play ball with my son, my wife and I are closer than we've ever been emotionally and physically--and the list goes on. Everything is getting better.

If I was to name three things to do or to think when starting that have helped me the most and that I practice every day I would say:
1) One day at a time, one meal at a time-not looking at the big picture and getting overwhelmed......
2) Plan ahead, cook meals ahead, always be prepared for any situation that involves eating......
3) Whether just starting out, 1/2 way there, or maintaining the weight lost-accept and love yourself for who you are TODAY as you are now, look in the mirror and tell yourself you're worth it, your family is worth it, YOUR LIFE IS WORTH IT!

Thanks for listening to me ramble........have a great low-carb day!!!

31 years old
Married to my wonderful wife Jennifer since 3/98
Our precious son Jordan born 6/99
Our sweet girl Jillian born 9/03


Started Atkins 6-1-02
High: [color=red]502 lbs[/color] on May 1, 2002
482/ [color=blue]328[/color] / 215

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Six months ago I was on my way to becoming one of those bed-ridden folks TV talk show hosts interview while paramedics cut a hole through the wall to make a space big enough to get them out and into an ambulance. I was 53 years old, 5'6" and weighed 417 pounds.

A month earlier my back pain and labored breathing, which had been worsening for years, finally made even grocery shopping too strenuous. I was living on (and for) daily fast food deliveries. And since even carrying trash to the dumpster had become extraordinarily difficult, my once spotless apartment was in danger of turning into a maze of empty Coke cans and sub sandwich wrappers.

My biggest nightmare was that I'd die in my sleep in a couple of years -- and days later, when my body was finally discovered, the newspaper would run one of those "woman found dead in trash-filled apartment" stories..."Health authorities estimate the morbidly obese recluse's kitchen contained more than a thousand empty pizza boxes." Oof.

But even if I had been able to get out and about easily, I doubt that I would have. For one thing, the industrial-strength BendOver pants I had relied on for years now far surpassed their stretch limit -- so much so that getting the waistband up over my abdomen had become an aerobic event. My feet and ankles were swollen all the time, my breasts were spilling out over my now too-small bras and I had only one blouse left that still fit. I couldn't even get my pantyhose on anymore without a 10-minute struggle. More than clothing and health problems, though, I had a "life" problem. I had pretty much given up on mine.

Things hadn't always been that way. Despite having been obese most of my life and coming out of the kind of abusive childhood and searing adolescence that so many of us try to bury under layers of fat, I was blessed with an inordinate amount of enthusiasm, curiosity and resilience. It helped me bounce back hundreds of times, took me all over the world, let me coauthor three books, publish a small magazine and cram more sidelines and adventures into 46 years than most people are lucky enough to encounter in three lifetimes.

But then, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, all that changed. On the day after Halloween in 1995 my father was diagnosed with a fast-growing form of lung cancer. A few weeks later, on Thanksgiving, the wonderful man I had met 15 years after my divorce died of an aneurysm -- two weeks before our wedding. Two days later I had both my parents in the hospital at the same time, and five days before Christmas my dad died.

I didn't think things could get much worse, but I guess God figured he was going to grow me up once and for all -- or at least make a darn good try at it. And for the next few years my life was like one of those "beat the mole" arcade games. Every time I stuck my head up, something or someone was standing there with a mallet to beat it down. About the only things I could count on were Coke, pizza, Kit Kats and M&Ms. And man oh man, did I lean on them -- all the way up to 417 pounds.

This past July, though, the universe must have either run out of quarters or decided to call a truce, because I woke up one morning sick of Coke. I decided to drink a glass of water instead. A week later I figured I'd give Atkins a try for a day. Two months into it I thought, what the heck, I might as well dust off those BodyFlex exercise videos I bought a few years ago and give 'em a shot.

And now I'm two days shy of my six-month Atkinsversary, down 125 pounds and eight sizes, with 18" gone off my hips and 15" gone off my waist. The best thing of all is that I'm starting to get my life back. My apartment is clean, my breathing is normal, back pain is no longer a huge problem -- and I haven't had any nightmares about pizza boxes or saw-wielding paramedics in months.

I'm probably making my first six months of low-carbing sound pretty easy, and I have to admit that they have been. Compared to the last seven years, anyway, they've been a breeze. The natural suppression of cravings that comes with this woe is the most fantastic part of low-carbing for me. And when the choice finally comes down to living or dying, as Mag's, CarbsNot and I have all found (and undoubtedly countless others have too), cheats of any kind lose their appeal. They're simply not an option. Period.

There are also three other things that are playing a major role in smoothing out this journey for me. One is the incredible support on this board, the second is the huge amount of information and research available here and elsewhere on the Internet, and the third is a lack of unrealistic expectations.

When I was in my late 20s and still in my "everything would be perfect if I were thin" period, I lost 160 pounds. But even though I managed to keep them off for six years, my efforts were doomed from the start. I honestly believed that every problem in my life was attributable to my size -- and if I could just shed the weight, all the shadows, fears, disappointments and "not good enough" feelings would also disappear. What a shock when they didn't! I was still me.

As depressing as that discovery was, it's proved to be the most valuable lesson I've ever learned. And it's the one bit of wisdom I wish I could pass on to everyone who's dreaming of losing weight for all the wrong reasons like I once did.

The truth is, losing weight does two things -- it makes us thinner and it makes us healthier. But it doesn't automatically heal childhood wounds, spare us from tragedy, bring us the perfect mate, get us promoted to VP, turn our lottery tickets into winners or even make our cars start every morning. And no matter how thin we get, there will still be people who won't think we're thin enough, or good enough, or pretty enough, or something else enough. Weight loss is a marvelous gift, but it's not a magic wand. It can help heal our bodies, but it can't mend our souls. We have to find other ways to accomplish that.

So that's what I'll keep working on for the next six months, and then the next six and the next six... as I continue to take this low-carb journey of mine one day at a time. I don’t have a specific goal weight in mind or a timeline for reaching it. I'm determined to just go with the flow and see where it takes me -- and be grateful for every single moment of the trip.
Started 7/02, reached goal 4/04
252 pounds and 16 sizes gone!

5.5 years later, 10/09
Oof!! Regained 150
New Goal: to get a grip!

We don't have 100 pounds to lose. We just have one pound to lose... and then another... and another.

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WOE: Atkins
Start Date: August 2000
Well after reading some of these stories, I feel like a piker Congratulations all!!

There wasn't any lightbulb moment for me. No moment of clarity. Rather, like a Chinese water torture, there was an accumulation of events. Sleep apnea, borderline high blood pressure, gastric reflux, exhaustion, arthritis beginning in my knees, and my back hurt all the time. I got a taste of what it would be like to lose my independence. Something I greatly value. I was running out of time.

It seemed to me also that complete strangers were frequently angry with me, for reasons I could only suppose. I was angry too. Several times a day in fact. Over stupid little stuff too. That physical anger, tight stomach, pounding pulse. I always thought it was a character flaw.

Since I had done round after round of lowfat low calorie dieting, starvation, Nutrisystem, Diet Center, you name it, I knew these weren't the answer. Why was it always someone else's food? Even more strongly I wanted control. After a 20+ year battle with this there surely had to be a way? Starving certainly wasn't the answer. Neither was someone else's food.

Research was becoming available online by then, and I had been doing a lot of reading on lowcarb. I still research regularly, because there's always more to learn. One day I just woke up ready, no magic moment.

Cooking was something I had to come to terms with. Boy I am just awful at it, lol. But as I labored in the kitchen on induction I DID have a realization that learning to cook was part of maintaining the loss. Or at least that's what I told myself .

I'm glad I never went off plan, because I've had no cravings since the first month of induction. This is NOT to say that I didn't come up against legal foods which were triggers. Found a few of those along the way. The easiest way to deal with those was to dump them instead of continuing to fight them.

For the first few months, I hid my loss. I bought identical clothing in the next size down. Which, if you're familiar with the Avenue you know means the sizes stretch to two sizes. So the loss was apparent to only a few people. I'd say it was the 100 pound mark when EVERYBODY noticed. That kind of blazing hot attention can be difficult to deal with too, so I had to learn to just smile and say thank you.

The loss slowed after 4 months or so, and I had already set a weight at which I was committed to getting back into the gym. 210 it was. And at precisely 210, I got back into the gym. This is something I might do differently. Might have gone a bit earlier, because I think it helps...exercise. With the skin thing and other health parameters. It also helped my loss to remain consistently moving for the next several months.

I have to add, I never did like exercise. This was something I had to just force myself into. I did know though that after a few weeks it would simply become a habit. I still get up at 5am to go workout. Evening workouts are too easy for me to fluff off (know thyself . I do like how exercise makes me feel afterward. So I hang onto that.

A few months in, maybe as many as six, I noticed something really surprising. I felt calm...really calm. I simply couldn't get as angry as I had been several times a day prior to lowcarbing. Which leads me to believe that I was getting a genuine blood sugar roller coaster ride before. What a difference THAT realization made to my mindset.

My blood pressure dropped to the normal range, as did cholesterol. In general I can say that I feel really good every day. The sleep apnea's gone, acid reflux disappeared within the first couple of weeks. I feel healthy, energetic, vibrant even Do I sound like an ad yet?

What is still miraculous to me is that it's possible to have absolute control of my weight without having to starve. What a fascinating outcome.

From a size 26 ticked off/in pain/in health danger couch potato to a size 6/8, normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol, exercising six days a week. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

While the Atkins plan may have actually saved my very life, it most definitely is responsible for allowing me to take back and incredibly improve my quality of life. I really do have to thank him for making his program so inexpensively accessible to millions of us, a sanctuary of last resort for the battle weary which actually has the plus side of working. Hopefully it will become a first resort for many.

We choose our attitudes about this. Pick a good one because it has to last a long time
280/146/140 Size 6/8 5' 5.5"
NF Cholesterol 168 (previously 230)
NF Blood sugar 94
Blood pressure 110/70 (previously 140/90)

Age 45
What a great way to live!


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Well let me try to put into words what this wol has done for me.

I started out on June of 01. I weighed over 300 pounds .
The reason I dont know how much over is because when I stepped on the scale it pegged out at 300.
I knew that I had to do something .
I was literally sick of myself.
I was on two high blood pressure pills a day and still my blood pressure was high.
In my family there is a history of diabetes and heart disease , I knew thats the road I was heading down .

I guess my lightbulb moment was the fact that I was going to become a grandmother for the first time.
My dil was expecting at this time she was only about 3 months along.
I did not want to die , but I wanted to live to be able to see this precious life that was being sent into my life.

I do not know why I choose Atkins the only other dieting I had done in my life was starvation, oh yes I got thin but did not learn anything about my eating habits or how to keep it off once it came off.

I found Atkins and read his book , felt like he was talking to me on each and every page.
I was an addict alright. I could live off of sweets and junk food.
I was never satisfied with only one candy bar or snack cake, just give me boxes of them.
Oh and bread my goodness I could eat it non stop never getting full.

So I started Atkins sticking to it like glue.
But I also knew for me that I had to began some sort of excercising to get even healthier.
The only thing I thought I could do was to ride a bicycle.(the kind you ride and go someplace)
I had my mothers in the shed(she passed away 4 years ago and I had kept her bike)
So I began to ride, and could only make it once around my block.
Oh the strange looks I got even teens would hollar out the window at me things like" hey you need bigger tires" or the teen guys wud whistle at me like a big joking whistle.
But I did not stop , everyday I rode rain or shine I rode.
I did this until I worked my way up to riding 15 miles everyday.
Along the way the neighborhood children would see me riding and come along with me.
My neighbors would cheer me on each day.
As the weight came off they would tell me how proud they were of me, and how proud my parents would be of me right now.
Both of my parents have passed away but being a hometown girl and known by most everyone here they new the strong bond I had with my parents.

I have two grown children and a wonderful dh.
Now my dh is a slim man never had to be on a diet in his life.
He has little debbie cakes in every kind, he has a snack drawer too with load of snickers bars , milky ways, you name it , its in there.
I had to make up my mind that it was not him that needed this diet but myself. I could not ask him to stop eating these things I know that if I had he would have done it.
But it has been a good thing for me because there are always going to be foods that are not on my plan around me no matter where I go. I have learned to just say no to them.

After I lost about 80 pounds I joined a gym and did more toning there. I am still a member of the gym but now added into my daily workouts is my sweet little One year old granddaughter. I watch her while her mom works.
I know in my heart of hearts that I could not have done this weighing over 300 pounds. I was a total couch potato then.
There is no way I could have kept up with her. No way I could have fully enjoyed her either at that weight.

My doctor has taken me off the blood pressure medication and is just so proud everytime I go in for a checkup. He was always supportive of this wol.

My daughter flutter moved back home after a horrible marriage. She now has lost over 63 pounds doing this wol with me.

I want to thank everyone here this board means so much to me.
The support and the understanding here is such a blessing in my life.

Some things I wish I would have done along the way are
to have kept a food journal and to have done measurements.

The things I did do were to stick to plan like glue, to drink my water and take my supplements.
I keep food prepared always no exceptions. I try to keep variety in my menu too.
I dont do treats the sweet ones just send me into craving more.

Its such a great feeling to have control over my eating.
I am EATING to LIVE instead of LIVING TO EAT.

Thank you to each and every one of you .
140 pounds lost!

"The Ya Ya Yo Yo Sisters Challenge, we post daily."
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Start Date: 1/5 restart 259/252/200
I started my Lowcarb lifestyle on October 24, 2000 at 300 lbs. and wearing a 26/28 size.

No lightbulb moment either! My son wanted to lose some weight so I told him I would go on a diet with him. Now, I have been on every weight loss program imaginable, lost well and immediately went back to eating the way I did before and gained the weight back.
I was put on a lowcarb diet (wasn't called that then) back in high school in the 60's. I remember it was fairly easy for me to follow and I could pretty well eat all I wanted of the food on the list. Having heard about Atkin's, I went and bought the book and WE went on the plan. I cooked and packed lunches for my son and in 2 weeks time he lost 12 pounds, but said he just couldn't do it any longer. Me....well by then I had hit my stride...I felt good and could tell I was losing weight so decided to carry on. I went through Thanksgiving and Christmas with no problem. By Christmas Eve, 2 months into the WOE I was down 26 lbs and was feeling great!!!

In January I found this little corner of the Internet and I have been here ever since. I was surrounded by so many people who inspired me and encouraged me to carry on. I didn't crave sugar or starches anymore and I couldn't picture myself eating those things again.

On September 25, 2001 I hit 100 lbs. gone! What a wonderful feeling that was.

The next year on Atkins was a seesaw battle.....you see, I found SF chocolate, nuts and etc. that I only sparingly ate before. Yes, I fell into that mindset of ...well, I lost 100 lbs. I should be able to treat myself..........and so my second year on Atkin's I lost a whoppin' 6 pounds!!!! But believe it or not, I am not that sad about it. I have learned so much about myself and about my addiction to sugar. I haven't slayed the dragon yet, but I am working on it and I hope to report by next October 24, 2003 that I will have reached goal.

I have maintained within 5 lbs. my weight for over a year. That, in my book, is progress. I am thankful to my friends here at the Century Club and the Golden Board for all their support. I am a proud member of the Friends Thread that has posted daily for almost 2 years. Daily support is so important. Thank you LFK (ohme), Meriweather, Saje, Mdrai, Jugo, Kim, Greeneyez, my wonderful friends.

I have watched with great pride as you have all hit those milestones......10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 pounds lost. Even those who have gone on to lose over 200 lbs. What wonderful inspirations you are to all who visit here on the boards. I am not going to list you all because I am afraid I will miss someone.

I have gone from not being able to walk very far to being able to jog without losing my breath. I even went back to bowling on a league.....I had missed it so much, but never felt comfortable getting up in front of people. Now, I am not as self-conscious about how I look. I fit in booths, I can tie my shoes, and best of all I can play with the loves of my life, my 2 little grandsons Nic and Braden. Right now I am buying size Large in the reg. dept. and size 16 jeans. I love life and I look forward to growing old.

I know in my heart that this is a WOL for me and I will never go back to the high carb, sugar laden lifestyle, I love it too much where I am.

Sorry, I don't have a before picture to post. This is a picture of me at 195 with my grandsons.

Bless you all on your journey. You CAN do it!

300/192/160 10/24/00
One day at a time.

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[COLOR=darkblue]I am just going to post My one Year post here Thanks to everyone for being there for Me.

Ok Everyone I am sure there are grammer and spelling errors so please be kind
This was a hard post for Me as I am doing major confessions here.

I do not even know where to start this I have thought about this a lot in the last couple of Weeks about what this Year has done for me. I want to warn I am not a great Writer and tend to wander off subject a lot.
I read the Stories of the other 100+ Losers and saw we went through so many things similar when I thought at times I was the only one out there
I guess I should start this by telling you where I came from and how I came to this point. I was a Fat Kid I remember My Mom taking Me to the Dr when I was 9 and he putting Me on a Diet I was 5'4 and 90 pounds according to the Dr I was huge of course now I know He was an idiot I was probably around 170 or so in HS but My weight never bothered me I was popular had a lot of Friends and the same Boyfriend from 13 to 23 I see now I was very protected and only had to deal with the Fat Girl stuff when I was away from My Friends but boy did I get it later. I was a very active Fat Person I went to the Gym 4 days Week Played Tennis Hiked etc. I can remember watching some Talk show showing very Large People and their talking about needing Wheelchairs to get around in and I thought I'm large and Walk all Day stand all Day on My Job etc never knowing in a few Years I would be at that place.
In 1996 I got Cellulitis and was in the Hospital for over 2 Months during this time they also thought I had a Blood Clot so they had me not moving just lying on the Bed. While I was in the Hospital My Job fired me because I could not give an answer of when I would return which added to My Depression over the whole thing.
They signed Me up for SSD while I was there mainly to make sure they got paid LOL I came Home from the Hospital and developed Lymphedema in My Lower Legs which made it hard to Walk as My Legs were getting Larger and larger basically I just gave up and except for Taking My Mom to Work I never went anywhere.
We moved back to FL in '97 and I just lived in My Bedroom I had it all set up with everything I needed TV,Vcrs,Phone,Computer and just sort of existed for the next few years.
I did play around at Dieting I tried CAD for over a year but with my bad eating habits I was only eating one Meal a Day the reward Meal. I think this is one of the things that really bugs Me most about being Heavy is that People think We eat a lot I ate very little only once about 5pm I was never a big sweet eater but I did keep a Bag of Kisses on My Nightstand and I would go through a Bag every few Months. My Meals would be carby of course things like a Cheese steak or Calzone
In Nov of 2001 I had been really feeling bad for awhile and had been dropped by My last Dr because I actually told Him He did nothing for Me I tried a new Dr it was a disaster with the so called Dr insulting me and refusing to treat Me I left there feeling so low I prayed and asked God why am I even alive since I have no purpose no direction I was never suicidal I just did not care at that point.
I had heard a Story a few Years earlier about this Lady in Chicago who was very Large and died in her Bathroom well apparently the Paramedics and others there made fun of Her while they took Her Large Nude Body out of Her House. I had something happen in 1998 I was in the Left Turn lane waiting to turn when this Idiot decided to use the Turn lane as a Road and ran right into Me I saw Him coming but Traffic was so heavy I could not move I had been sitting there about 5 Minutes waiting for a break in Traffic He actually said as He still talked and not hung up His Cell Phone He had been on the whole time I had not been there before PLEASE anyway I went to the Hospital because they had to cut away My Door and My Legs were really cut up The Nurses there were standing at the Desk pointing and laughing at me My Sister went to find the Nurse in Charge to complain and She was one of the ones Laughing. They took Me to the laundry Room to be weighed they claimed their equipment would only hold so much and at least 50 People showed up to see the Freak weigh. So as Katmandu posted I was really scared I was going to have a Heart Attack or Stroke some Night and have to endure something like this again.
Anyway back to 11/01 I thought about trying to Diet again and I wanted to know what I weighed so I bought 2 scales and put them together so that is as close as I can come to a Start weight when I started Atkins in Jan.
What was the breaking point for Me was a lot of things that I have already posted I was 37 and had no Life Single and no Kids but the Biggie was a Picture My Sister took of Me in My Car when She gave Me My Christmas Present. I did not see the Picture until the 2nd Week of January and I freaked out and cried because I had been avoiding the Mirror for Years I had let My Hair get really long past My Butt because I could not walk into a Shop plus I was afraid I could not sit in the Chair. I had become almost totally immobile and I had not been in a Store or anywhere but a Drs Office since¡¦96 I could only make it to My Back Door after first resting a second in the Kitchen and I had a Chair by the Backdoor that I would have to rest in before going to the Car.
My Car was a tight fit I would have to slam the Door against My Hips to close it and put My Leg against the Door to get out. Now I am happy to say I have lots of Room I could not even get My Seat Belt around me with the Extender now I do not need the extender
I knew I had to do something almost everyone in My Fathers Family is Diabetic and My Father and all His siblings died from complication from it. I have been extremely lucky but one of My Sisters did not get it until Her 40's and that was coming up too soon.
I was looking at Books on amazon and looking at some of the Books recommended for me because I had bought the CAD Book they had Atkins Book in My list I decided to Buy it I got it on the 18th read it through and started on the 20th and thus begin My new Life.

I never thought I would stick to this WOL I had failed so many times I had done LC with a Dr back in 1991 and done ok but then quit because of all things I wanted Tomatoes and he did not allow them I tried WW and gained weight on it because I was not use to eating that much so really I went into it with a what will it hurt attitude. I measured the first Day I wish I had measured more places than I did so I would really know all the inches I loss I could not weigh and to be honest I am afraid to know what I really weighed when I started because I know it is much worst then I could even dream.
I cheated for the first time at the end of Jan. My Cousin had come Home wanted Sonny's so I ate a Piece of Texas Toast and a few Fries I treated it like a Cad Meal and went right back on that minute. I was Cheat Free until July 7th when I had a Smoothie I have been Cheat Free since and believe me that surprises me more than anyone.

Now to My big confessions some People have been waiting for after reading the board when I joined last Year I noticed something People who needed to lose a lot of weight would post and a lot of People would say oh You will lose really fast and after Talking to a couple of them they felt a lot of pressure from that when it did not happen and some gave up because Everyone is different and We all do not lose fast even if We are huge.
This may sound weird but when I look at the Numbers I have a hard time believing it myself I have lost this much. I think one of My biggest problems with it is even though I am going to the Gym everyday I am still not back to even partial Mobility and I want that more than anything I want to go for a Walk without even thinking about it You Guys Who have never been immobile do not know how lucky You are never take it for granted.
My Life has changed so much I have found great Friends and a real Life line in this Board You Guys really keep me going and I am so amazed at the Love and support shown here. I have been lucky enough to have met a few People from here and hope to meet many more.
I went out to Eat in Public for the first time in Feb. to a LC Gathering that if Trina had not kept asking me if I were coming I would have never done it. I am also thankful for Trina We have been through a lot this year with Our Friendship have had a few outs mostly over My Jerk of a Cousin We have had a lot of all Night Phone Calls Talking about everything.
I started going to the Gym at the end of October and if I could walk in there at My weight believe Me You have no excuse. Trina and I walked in there to check it out neither of Us being able to Walk far and We were totally accepted no one made a big deal about Our size and for me it has been the best thing I have done by the 2nd Week I was able to Walk into the Gym without sitting down first now I can walk in Talk for a few minutes before going to the Locker Room and not feel like I am going to pass out.
I did not have a Scale until the end of April I bought one online that goes up to 500 Pounds and You have no idea of the Tears I shed when I got it and all I saw was EEE I really had to talk myself into not giving up.
September 5th was the Day I finally got rid of the E I was 496 I cried and screamed at My Mother to come here quick I was so afraid I was dreaming.. I should ad when I put the 2 scales together in Nov. I got 570 before one of the scales got stuck because of my weight I had lost a lot of inches before I was able to weigh so the real number scares me.
I made a goal to be under 400 by Today and I am happy to say I was 397.5 on Saturday I was so afraid I would not make it because I had gained last Week with being Sick
I have had the thought lately that some People do not realize how Heavy I still am I ¡'m very Pear Shaped and a lot smaller on top than bottom so I really look distorted I am hoping My Hips will catch up. I carry most of my weight in My Legs as they are huge from the Edema

My stats
1/20/02 ----1/20/03

Upper Arms 27--- 17
Bust 52---42
Waist 60---38
Hips 81--- 58
LThigh 51--- 38
LCalve 45.5---36
Neck 16---14
Wrist 9---7

I already posted my weight so if it was just 570 which I know I gained more it means I have lost 172.5 pounds 102 of it since Sept. I lose weird as I have posted before I will stay at the same weight for sometimes up to 2 Weeks then I will have a 7+ pound drop all at once . One time I loss 14 Pounds overnight I have went the other way also I once weighed before going to Bed and weighed again when I got up without Drinking or eating I was up 7 Pounds I wanted to scream LOL
If I can say anything to anyone starting just hang in there and not give up I only had a measuring tape for almost 9 Months to show I was losing. To Me like others here this means so much more than just weight loss this is for My Life I want a Life I want to go back to School Work again get Married there has to be some Man out there hopefully even have a Child. I have a long way to go but for the first time I have hope I will get there.

The first Picture is from 12/01 the 2nd from 1/03

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." -- Maria Robinson

"You can either make excuses or get results but you can't do both"
"People will stay the same until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing"--Tom Venuto

HHCG R1P2 Starting weight after loading 455.3 R1P2 day 17 403.2
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The story of me.

O.K. Patty , you give me no choice. From birth my kidneys never worked properly. I was a very sickly child and when I was 9 my health was bad enough to need dialysis. I was then on two different types of dialysis until I turned 11 and then my Mother gave me one of her kidneys. The day I had the transplant I weighed 53lbs. From then until the next 17years I gained weight . I finally topped off at 310lbs I am 5' 5" tall. My knees were almost shot. But more importantly my kidney function was slowly dropping. My wife and I had recently adopted a 2 year old and she was expecting again after 2 miscarriages. I couldn't keep up. I went to the local doctor and asked what he thought about dr. Atkins WOE. He , as well as my nephrologist in the states said I would be commiting suicide because all the protein would destroy my kidney. I knew from experience that nothing else worked so I told them both that their way DID NOT WORK so I would take my chances with Dr. Atkins. My mom was not happy. That was late 1999. I am now over 100lbs lighter and my kidney function has improved 25% and little or no knee pain. I am slowly completing my B.A. in nutrition and as of right now I and working through a really long stall. My two younger brothers and my wife are all on low-carb . Between all of us we have lost 380 lbs. We aren't there yet but we are on the right track! So that is my story ... the short version. If I could type it would me much longer. lol P.S. My wife carried the third pregnancy to term and we now have Max 2yr. and Michael 7yrs.
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100 pounds lost...Where to start with my story?

It is only obvious to begin with a prayer of thanksgiving because without God's help I could never have accomplished this. I found it very fitting that I hit this milestone on a Sunday so that I could begin my day of celebration in church.

I remember first feeling fat in the third grade. My teacher took a picture of the class outside one day and gave me a copy. I was a very active student as I continued through my school days. Cheerleading was my life. At the beginning of my Junior year our sponsor began to talk to me about cheering in college. I knew I could never do that at the size I was. Over Christmas break I asked my Mother if I could go to Weight Watchers. She agreed and we started together the first week Of Jan. 1977. I lost 43 pounds and became a lifetime member before I graduated from high school.

In the Fall of 1978 I became a student at Oklahoma Baptist University and a member of the cheerleading squad. College was a wonderful time in my life but I continued to struggle with my weight. I was still getting taller so that didn't help. When we had tryouts for my Senior year our sponsor asked me to drop a little weight. That was when I first found low carb. I quickly dropped about 20 pounds in two weeks down to 160. I know that sounds like a lot compared to todays cheerleaders but I was 5 ft 7 in tall and very solid. (Oh to have that muscle mass again.) Obviously I had looked at low carb as a quick fix and we all know how long that lasts.

After I graduated and began teaching high school my weight began to soar. It was always going up and down then up, up, up. I would try whatever diet and drop a little weight but never for long. At one point I know I got up to 275 and just never got on the scales again. Being so close to 300 just scared me. Shortly after that I began medication for severe allergies and asthma and the weight just dropped off. I was getting close to regular sizes before I began to gain again.

I had poured all of my time and energy into my job and did little for me. I was coaching high school cheerleaders and had a dream of them winning a national high school championship. That dream came true in February 1996 when my girls won the National High School Cheerleading Championship (small varsity division). It is the one held at Disney World in Orlando and seen each year on ESPN. When I had interviewed for my job the then principal asked me my greatest strength and greatest weakness. I told him it was one in the same. I try to always be there for my students. I go to almost all of their activities. (I had to cover 9th, JV, and Varsity football and basketball games.) The problem was I often ignored myself and didn't take care of me. By the end of the 1997 school year I was at my breaking point. I gave up the cheerleaders and decided to take some time for me.

I had tried who knows how many diets over the years. I began Atkins for the first time in 1998 but went off when my Mother had a triple bypass. Then again in 1999 and went off when I went to Oklahoma to watch my nephew play in the state basketball tournament. There was always an excuse.

I was in miserable shape as I look back now. The Doctor had told me I had reflux disease. He also wrote the word obese as his diagnosis. I had to sleep in a recliner or totally propped up by pillows. I used about two bottles of Tums a week and something stronger at night. I woke up about every 1/2 to 1 hour. I was tired all of the time because I never got any quality sleep. I now have virtually no reflux and sleep through the night.

For some reason in April of 2001 it all just clicked. I can't say there was an exact moment, I was just fed up with my life and what the weight was doing to me. I began to cut back on sugar, chips and crackers and saw my weight begin to drop. I started at 257 and wearing a size 22 Woman's (and the 20s I could squeeze into). When I began induction on april 22, 2001 I weighed 248. I didn't know what it was but there was just something different this time. I think maybe I just realized that you had to believe you could keep the weight off. When I had started diets before it was always with the attitude that I would lose the weight and then have to lose it again. This time I just knew that I would lose the weight and never regain it. Even friends and family could see the difference in my attitude.

By the first of December 2001 I had lost 62 pounds down to 195 and then the stall to end all stalls hit. I got stuck and I do mean stuck...for ten months. I spent most of last Summer taking care of my Mother when she had knee replacement surgery. I stayed legal but just ate too much. My weight kept going up and down the same few pounds. When I returned home to start the new school year I found myself back up to 211 after three days planned off the program. I then got very serious and was back to 197 by the end of September and was starting to wear a size 14 Misses. I began really exercising at this point because I was determined to get below that previous low of 195. That ten month stall was no fun but I call it my blessing in disguise. It was during this time that I realized I truly never would give up this WOE. I'm sure my body just needed to adjust and God needed to teach me some patience.

Since October I have dropped an additional 42 pounds and as of today (2/3/03) I am at 155...just 15 pounds from my goal weight of 140. I am beginning to fit into some size 8 and 6 clothes. I know that I will be at goal very soon. There are no doubts!!!

I'd like to share some of what I call my "shining moments" from along the way on this journey.

1. Realizing that I no longer had to squeeze into a student desk at school.

2. Seeing my reflection in the trophy case and thinking someone had walked up beside me...I didn't recognize myself!!!

3. Seat belts, first...I noticed my collar bone hurt because of where the strap came across and second... the day the belt fit across my lap instead of around my belly.

4. Always seeing the look on peoples faces when they haven't seen me in a while. It takes some of them a moment to realize that it really is me.

5. Just in December I felt like I had MY face back. I always gained weight there first.

6. The first time I felt like people weren't wondering why the fat lady was shopping in the Misses section.

7. And finally just last week I told some of my students I am very cose to that I finally felt like I had my life back!! They sat there and cried with me the little dears!!!

Even though I'm not at goal yet I believe that the real journey is just beginning. I have spent most of my adult life hiding inside myself. I was there all along but too afraid to let many people see the real me.

I can think of one sad thing in all of this. I am truly amazed by how differently I am treated by people in general. Not my friends or coworkers but just people I come in contact with. I don't think I noticed how invisible I was before. It makes me sad that so many people will rule out getting to know or be kind to someone just because of their weight.

I don't know what all life has in store for me. But I am a person who believes things happen for a reason. There were obviously many things I had to learn about myself before I could continue with my life. Oh the joys and treasures that I plan to discover now that I am back. I thank God for the lessons He has taught me and for the future He has planned. I still get impatient sometimes but know that it will all happen in His time not mine.

I end with a thank you to everyone here at the Century Club. Quiggley...I can't wait to see what you have to say everyday in our challenge posts. Thanks for taking the time to address us each individually. Mags...You make me laugh! Thanks for your help with my picture...I'll be needing some more help soon. Bonbon...You are the best! The first perosn here who I tried to be like. What an inspiration. Betzi, Snugs, and Goldie...Meeting you was a grounding for me. You gave me stability and a place to come meet with friends. Jaxy... I know you are new to posting but your pictures helped me to see where I am and where I am going. There are so many more I could name. I'm not the best at posting to everyone and want you all to know how much you mean to me. You can all do this. We CAN and WILL do it together.
Start 280/22W
Reached goal of 160 0n 12/22/05
Now working for 150 for fun!

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Well, let me start by saying that I never thought I would be posting something about ME losing over 100 pounds. I never for one moment thought that I was going to fail and give up, but on the other hand I didn't think I was going to suceed either (strange isn't it)?

Although I am not on the Atkin's WOE right now I still come back ocassionally to check in to the boards...this is the place that I started from and I really enjoy reading everyone's post...they are so uplifiting!

I started Atkin's right after Thanksgiving of 2001 with the notion that by Thanksgiving 2002 I would return to my family 100 pounds lighter.

I continued with Atkin's from November 2001 until May 2002 at which point I had hit a stall and needed to do something different, which I'm sure many of you can relate to needing to change to be able to continue on with your goals. My goal was (and still is to be at 140 pounds) I started Atkin's at 281 and lost 50 pounds by the end of April. I was happy with my success at that point, but was starting to feel frustrated that I wasn't able to stay of the wagon for more than a few days at a time so I decided that I would try LF instead. This seemed to be a very positive expereince for me as well. Although I don't seem to loose quite as fast as I did in the beginning, I am still losing and that is the most important thing. I am happy to report that I am 165 today...116 pounds lighter than I was over a year ago. I still have 25 more pounds to go...but I know I am almost there and have no doubts that I will succeed to see 140 again!

I thank all of you that are still around for your support through the last year and to let everyone know that no matter what eating plan you choose, be it LF or LC...you can and will succeed as long as your heart is in it 100% and EVERYONE has bad days (hell, I've had bad WEEKS too). That's part of the learning experince...not many (if anyone) is perfect 100% of the time...take it easy everyone
Nicole Ü
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Pleasure to add My Story!

I think my story began when I was 11 or 12. All my aunts were dieting and it was like to grown up thing to do. I started limiting what I ate and by the time I was 13 I was starving myself. I would starve for days then binge and purge. My struggle with eating disorders and bulimia ended when I was 19 and I had to eat because I was pregnant with my son. Over the course of my pregnancy I gained over 100 pounds.
After my son was born in Feb 2000 I came across Dr. A's book and decided to give it a try. I'd done all the diets before so why not give this a shot. I tried it and lost some weight but I treated this like every other diet and went off. Over the next year I went on and off Atkins, I knew it would work if I could overcome my sugar addiction.
One night in March 2002, I cried all night because I was so unhealthy. I was tired all the time. I felt like I was dying. I have diabetes, stroke, heart disease etc. in my family and my dad diet of heart disease, my mom died of cancer. Neither one of my parents lived to be 50 and I was terrified that I wouldn't make it either. I made a commitment to my health so that I could have a chance at living a long life for my son. I know this sounds very strange but at 22 I was terrified that I would die young and not be around for my son.
So I got back on the Atkins wagon and was determined to stay there! It was hard and is still hard to find food addictions and I know that I will always have an eating disorder even though I am recovering. I know it's always something I will have to fight. I have cheated more times than I can count- some days I cried because I wanted to eat chips and candy so bad. But I always got back on the wagon cause I knew that lowcarb was the only way of life for me.
I have a passion for health now, maybe it's kinda obsessive but I don't care. I want to be healthy so I can take care of my family.
My older sister has 100 pounds to lose as well and I am determined to help her every step of the way.
I gave her Dr. A's book in Nov. and talked to her about the health benefits of lowcarb. She has lost 30 pounds since and has a new bounce in her step!
I guess this time I hit the bottom and I want nothing in the world to be as healthy as I can so I can take care of my beautiful son.

Sorry to write a book
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WOE: Atkins
Start Date: July 06, 2009/ April 6, 2015
I have always been overweight. I can remember in high school walking away from my locker one day and a group of guys coming around the corner and one of them saying "now there's more cushion for the pushin!" I was humiliated and I just kept walking. All my girlfriends were skinny and I never felt comfortable around them. I slowly withdrew myself from just about everyone except a couple of male friends who never seemed to judge me. One who is now my wonderful DH. As we started dating my Jr. year I lost the first significant amount of weight I had ever lost. About 40 lbs. I had gotten down to 270. I was semi happy with myself. As I became more comfortable in out relationship I began to also gain back the weight I had lost and when I got married in Sept 1994 I again weighed 325lbs.
My husband loves me so unconditionally it amazes me!

I was on again off again dieting for the first few years of our marriage. Mostly off!!! I even looked in to Jenny Craig and had made a down payment. Even more humiliating then the childish high school jokes I was subject to, was the day I was given Jenny Craig's high pressure sales pitch by too extremely skinny women. I will never forget them telling me how much better I would feel if I would lose weight and how there would be so much more in life to enjoy. Specifically I can remember one of them telling me that I would be able to tuck my shirt in. Something to this day I don't ever think I will be comfortable doing. I went home from there in tears and decided their program was not for me and called to let them know I wanted a refund. I lied and told them my husband had lost his job and we wouldn't be able to afford it.

Shortly after in the summer of 1996 my sister and I decided to go on a low calorie, low fat diet together. I was determined to make this work. I was never satisfied but by Feb. 1997 I had lost 50lbs. I was back down to 270 and I was pregnant with my 1st son. It wasn't 2 days after I found out I was pregnant that I was eating anything and everything I wanted. I had a perfect pregnancy and now have a wonderful 5 year old son to prove it. However I had gained 69lbs and the day I delivered I weighed 339lbs.

Well motherhood is a wonderful thing and dieting was the last thing on my mind. My first real wake up call came when I was working for a company that went in to peoples house with mental handicaps and helped them with their daily living skills. I was moved to a house to take care of a girl who lived with her mother who was unable to help her because she couldn't even take care of herself. She weighed approx 725lbs. They had removed the legs from her couch so she wouldn't snap them off and when she sat on the couch her belly apron touched the floor. I seen my future! She was a wonderful lady and had nearly every diet book in print. On my down time I would search through the pages of her library looking for an answer. And that is the first time I found Dr. Atkins.

A while later I changed jobs and had started induction. I was doing really good. My 26-28 jeans were getting really baggy and I was feeling much better. So where did I go wrong. Who knows but I fell off the wagon and stayed off. Thus my wonderful before picture.

It wasn't again untill July 2000 when I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes that I dieted again. My Dr. gave me three months to get my diabetes under control with diet. He put me on a 1200 calorie low fat diet. I was not strict and I was not doing well. A month later in August I passed out at my sisters and my Dr. put me on insulin shots. I bawled the first night I had to inject myself. I couldn't believe it had gotten this bad. I stayed on his 1200 calorie diet till the end of Sept and had lost 3 lbs. Once again I turned to Dr. Atkins and he has been in my life ever since.

I started induction October 29, 2001 at 362lbs. I had never felt better in my life. I remained cheat free through the Thanksgiving and by Christmas I weighed 319lbs. I was thrilled with my results! I stayed cheat free through Christmas and New Years and started exercising daily. The weight loss slowed down some but that was ok. And by the beginning of Feb. I had finally made 300. In a little more than 3 months I had lost 62lbs. Then I found out I was pregnant. I was devastated at first it wasn't supposed to happen until I had reached goal. I had a wonderful OB/GYN and he put me once again on a low fat calorie controlled diet because of my diabetes. I followed it for 9 months and though my insulin needs increased (I was up to 4 shots a day) everything was fine and I delivered another beautiful boy in Sept 2002.

I had only gained 30lbs this time and 9lbs 12 oz was baby. When I left the hospital I weighed 309 and when my milk finally went away I was down to 302. Just 2 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. I started induction October 14,2002.

It has been alot harder this time the weight is not coming off as fast and I have felt tempted alot more often. I do not however take insulin anymore. My Dr. says I'm a miracle!! My diabetes is diet controlled and will remain that way for the rest of my life.

I have really struggled the last month to make it in to the 100lb club, but I made it and it feels so good to be part of such a wonderful group of people.
Fit by Forty July 18, 2016 Goal 225
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Hi everyone. I didn't think I would see the day I would be posting on here but I finally did.
Where to begin....I have always been fat. My family is from the midwest, where everything is sweet and/or breaded. I weighed 90 pounds in Kindergarten. 198 in the 6th grade and 240 when I graduated High School. I remember not going to my Senior Prom because I couldn't find a decent dress that didn't look like a tent.
My parents owned a Gas Station and I had unlimited access to free pop, chips and candy. I would sneak candy when they weren't looking. On Halloween, the other kids would always have candy for months, I would have mine eaten within 2 days. I was ALWAYS and FOREVER on a diet. I have been on every diet. Weight-Away, Weight Watchers, ADA calorie contolled diets, Diet Center, I am a lifetime member of Jenny Craig, TOPS, and the list goes on. Nothing ever worked. I was always hungry.
At age 20 I decided to try SlimFast. So I drank SlimFast 2 x's a day and ate a slice of bread and cheese or boiled eggs the other meal of the day. That, along with walking or biking 3 miles every day enabled me to drop to an all time low of 155. But the problem was, no one can live on cheese, bread and eggs and SlimFast the rest of their life. I was always hungry and I knew something wasn't right. Why could all my skinny friends eat like birds and not be hungry when I was ALWAYS starving obsessing about food? Eventually I got tired of starving and started gaining the weight back and boy, it came back fast. I gained back to 250 and met my (now ex) husband. I don't think I truly ever let him see the real me. I covered me up with food. Any emotion was expressed by eating. Eventually I balloned up to 350. I ate nothing but crap. I could make a meal from candy. Sometimes I would eat at McDonald's for breakfast, Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch and Pizza Hut for supper. I hated myself, and I took it out on everyone around me. I still don't like to reflect and think about that person, because she is so not me and I don't like her. In hindsight, I really think my self esteem was so low that I just accepted whoever would accept me. That is no way to live.
Then 5 years later, as a newly divorced 350 pound woman, I found myself thrust back on the "single" scene. This is a scary thing no matter what your size. I knew that my dating life would be non-existent at that weight. So I started low fat dieting and working out 4 times a week. I ate around 800-1000 calories a day and I dropped to 250 in about a year, but I couldn't get any lower. No matter what I did, I couldn't get those scales to drop.
One day at work a friend of mine (who has bad hypertension) had been to her Doctor and he had actually suggested the Atkins WOE. This was the first I had ever heard of it, so we bought the book. We decided it wasn't that bad so we started. I lasted 2 weeks and lost 20 pounds. She lasted 6 months and lost 60.She was able to get off her 3 daily pills she was taking for hypertension! After I droped the plan, I went on a MAJOR carbfest. I couldn't get enough in my system! (that should have been the first clue!) I gained that 20 pounds back plus 30 more. So I tried LowCarb again. This time the weight didn't come off as fast and I think I gave up after 2 weeks.
I had a Dr's appointment in July of 01. I weighed in at 310. (BTW I am 5'3") He point blank said "If you don't lose weight, you are going to have Diabetes. You don't have a choice" That scared me. I have a horrible family history of Diabetes, and I have PCOS, so I knew where I was headed. I started thinking about dieting again. But it wasn't until I started a new job that I decided to do something about it. In December of 01, I weighed in at 308. During January and Feburary I tried low fat and again, cutting back and starving. I made a deal with myself. If this weight didn't come off, I was forcing myself to go back on Atkins. I lost down to 303 and I was still binging on carbs. So in March of last year I started Low Carbing.
I have dropped 60 pounds in one year without exercise. I am not a low carb role model. I don't know every word in the book. I don't even think I have read the entire book. I eat low carb snacks such as Atkins Endulge Bars and I still drink diet pop. I don't drink all the water I should and I used to have monthly cheat days (which have stopped because now I get sick). But I have learned to make this WOE work for me and that is the ONLY way I have managed to stay on this for a year. Some months I loose faster than others, but If I am still on plan then I have accomplished something. I have more self confidence than I have had in many years. I still look in the mirror some days and say "I feel fat today" but I think every woman does that at some time. losing weight is not just about the outside appearance, even though that is a large part of why I started this WOE. I have, just recently, found so many emotions that have been burried for years. I find myself crying, not because I am sad, but because something makes me happy! Kingschild had a wonderful post on here entitled "Feeling" I never admitted before this WOE that I am an emotional eater. This is something I have just discovered about myself. I am an unfinished project and I am learing things about myself everyday.
And this board....I can't say enough good things about it. That saying "You may be one person in the world, but to one person you may be the world" is true. We affect and encourage each other so much by doing this. It's just awesome.
To someone who is just starting. I don't know where to begin. How can I tell you the changes that will happen to you? Physically, I had sleep apenea - gone now. I couldn't fit through a turnstile, I had to have the extender belt on airplanes. I couldn't get the seatbelt in a car to fasten around me. I couldn't fit in movie seats. I had to shop from mail order for all my clothes. I physically couldn't clean my house. I couldn't walk around the store without leaning on the cart. I couldn't take care of potty issues because my arms wouldn't fit back behind me. I missed alot of work because I couldn't get out of bed. I took naps and would sometimes take one after work. I was ALWAYS tired and mad at the world. I didn't want to go out in public because I was scared of the whistles and stares and comments. People are not kind. The stares hurt more than anything because I knew what they were thinking. That they didn't want to be like me.
Now....I feel so much better. I am living on 6 hours of sleep a night, I go to bed on time but I wake up on my own. Weekend naps are rare. I can buy clothes at WalMart. I actually forgot to eat the other night. Men are starting to notice me again. It's fun to flirt!! I had forgotten what that is like. I have energy!!! But most of all, I am begining to find the real me again and I think I like her.
Thanks for reading this, sorry it's so long and I wish every one of you luck in your journey. Mine's not over yet, so I will be here for a while! I still have 90 more lbs to go!
Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.
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http://groups.msn.com/AtkinsHouse/dominique.msnwDom's journey in progress

I have been obese 2 times in my life. The first time, the weight was lost due to anorexia/bulimia, laxatives, speed, and constant exercising. I went from size 12 to size 3. All of my bones were clearly visible.When walking through malls, I heard women whisper, 'She is so skinny'...and "her bones stick out". And life was good.

After finally getting my body to a way I liked it, I got pregnant and in a very short period of time I went from a very muscular and lean 140, to a fat fat fat 267+. I remember getting on the scale and actually gaining 27 lbs in one week. After delivering my son, I resumed my bodybuilding way of life and quickly regained the 30 lbs I had managed to lose. I was again at 267 lbs. How could that be?…I was eating broiled chicken breasts with no skin, white rice, baked potatoes plain, brocolli, strawberries…How could I get fatter?..I am not eating fat?

What is it like for a women to weight 267 lbs? My blood pressure and cholesterol were through the roof. Every joint in my body ached. The pain in my feet brought tears to my eyes. Getting out of bed in the morning was a very slow painful process. I was deathly afraid of laughing or coughing in front of anyone as I would usually 'piddle' on myself due to the lard pressing against my bladder giving me little control. I could not walk with my son. I could not play with him unless we were sitting down. I could not bend over to tie my shoes. I could not shave my legs without holding my breath. I was in no pictures with my son for the first 5.5 years of his life.

I did not realize how much I stopped living until I lost 137 lbs and was able to start living again. I forgot what it was like to feel good! It is awesome!

I now run and dance with my 9 year old little boy. We both have scooters and ride them around and around the lake at a local park. I now can walk again. I can skip..I can run! My feet dont hurt! I can breath!

People no longer look at me because I am fat. People no longer look at what I purchase at the grocery store or restaurant. People now look at me, playing with my son as we are always laughing and having a great time! I go to restaurants and actually feel comfortable eating the food!

I have put every diet pill in my body. I tried phen/fen, redux, meridia, calorad, slim usa, fat trapper, exercise in a bottle, herbal life, metabolife...I have tried WW, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Extreme Weight Loss Center, The grapefruit diet, the hot dog diet, the 'Mayo Clinic Diet', the low fat diet, the liquid diet, the no fat diet, the throw-up diet, the no eat diet, the lettuce and pieces of paper diet.

I am a professional weight loss expert. I am also a professional weight gain expert.

My point in telling you all this personal stuff is simply this. If I can do this. ALL OF YOU CAN. PERIOD. We must STOP making companies rich and rely on ourselves and each other.

Keep in mind that only 5% of all dieters keep their weight off for a year. Not good odds for us. During your weight loss journey, you must work on you. You must learn to love yourself and respect yourself. Do something that you've always been afraid to do. Volunteer. Help others.

Work on becoming a better person.

Strive for better health, not weight loss. When you do this combined with an eating plan that works for you, the weight will come off as a extra bonus to eating healthy.
Man or woman- WE ALL CAN DO THIS. I KNOW IT!

I have lost 137 lbs on Atkins. I have gone from a size 26, to a size 10 .

Thank you for letting me share my story with you.

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A long, long time ago, in a land far, far...

[COLOR=royalblue]It's been one year since I landed on the doorstep of the Century Club. What a ride its been. My story starts as a 9 year old who weighed 130lbs. After picking up a lil book at the grocery store "How to lose 20lbs in a Week" well, we all know what happened next. So off I went eating 3 bananas and 3 glasses of skim milk a day. I think I only gained 20lbs from that and felt like I was going to faint all the time. Next came cottage cheese, then grapefruit, 500 calories and all the other worthless plans. Later in life it was fasting all week and piggin' out on the weekends. Twice I dumped some weight and money at Weight Watchers then I hit a 6 month stall and the leader suggested I up my protein and lower the carbs. Hello??? I didn't need to pay somebody every week to tell me to do Atkins, which was a no-no at the time. That was the last visit to WW and the beginning of another downward spiral, or upward (on the scale)...which ever you prefer. lol[/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]For the longest time I couldn't stand or walk for more than ten minutes at a time. My feet were swelling up and turning blue. The highest weight that I know of was one week before my wedding on 2/7/97. At my pre-marriage physical the scale said 380lbs. Since the nurse(?) was too impatient to get an accurate reading I'm reporting what she wrote down. Can I help it if my stomach needed more room on the scale than my feet? I lost some weight on my own, low fat, count calories and exercise... if you count walking for two minutes exercise, which was all I could manage. I hated the food, I noticed the calorie count was higher in the low fat versions than the full fat versions. I thought this isn't right and found out companies had to add sugar to make the foods taste better. I didn't like the idea of wasting time with empty calories. Since low-fat was supposedly the only way to go I decided right then to forget dieting and be happy and fat for the rest of my life. Then one day I got on my scale, just for the heck of it and when it hit 328lbs it died. First I cried my eyes out then I put my foot down and said there has got to be a way to get back to a normal size without starving. A co-worker had started and was having great success with The Swartzbein Principle. I bought and read it. A success story in the book mirrored my life and thats when it hit me that I need to work on being healthy first. Once I am healthy the weight will take care of itself. After surfing the web for as much info that I could get my eyes on I ended up here at my new home with my best buddies at the 300+ Support Group. Thank goodness I found you guys. You've put up with all my ups and downs, my tales of walking in the woods, stump stomping, and everybodies favorite... path building. I'm sorry I wrote about it everyday for months on end but it made a huge difference in my life. Whenever I go for a walk on the path I built, I look around and say to myself "Hey, I made this! Against all odds, I did what seemed to be impossible" and realize I can do anything I set my mind to doing. Nothing or nobody can stop me except for myself. If I cheat or make bad choices it is my fault, not stress, not boredom, not carb laden co-workers and family, not even the companies that make LC goodies can be blamed. I believe my change in attitude about food made the difference this time on the "diet"-go-round. Food can no longer be my passion, my friend or my crutch. It is a means to sustain life. Yes, of course I cook and eat a large variety of good tasting meals, but the old saying is true, eat to live, not live to eat. I'd have to say that is one important key to success.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]BTW if anybody hassles you about low carbing, tell them that you are staying away from sugar...nobody can argue with that.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]My previous sig line was 'Don't look back you are not going that way'. Forget the coulda, woulda, and shouldas. Get on with your life! Do it now! Tomorrow will not be better if you don't make the most of today. Do not dwell on your past mistakes and failures, this is now, this is today. Get moving and enjoy your life. Do not wait for something to happen, make something happen![/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]I came here with the name Not Sweet, the whole group told me I had to change my name so I need to send a special thanks to PattySparkle who gave me my new name. It fits me! When I am on plan and exercising, I AM THE WARRIOR PRINCESS!! and I lost over 150lbs and counting. Thanks for your support. Always remember, no matter what you want to do, you can do it! Hugs to all. Anne[/COLOR]
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Wow…100lbs gone! I still can’t believe it!!!

The last time I remember being a normal weight was when I was 12 years old. I was 5’4” and weighed 115lbs. My family decided that I was massively overweight because I was only 12 and I weighed over 100lbs (they never considered the fact that at 5’4”, 115lbs is a perfectly reasonable weight.)

From that moment on, my life was one big yo-yo diet. My family tried everything to get me to lose weight…. Counting calories, Weight Watchers, even the original Atkins plan in the 1970’s. Nothing worked because at 12 years old, I didn’t want to diet…. As I grew older and heavier, I finally had to give in and start dieting. I swear I have managed to gain and lose at least 1000 lbs in my lifetime!

Fast forward to the spring of 1998…. I had two beautiful kids but seemed to be stuck in a very unhappy marriage, not to mention the fact that I had managed to “diet” myself all the way up to about 300lbs. I remember one night, feeling so trapped, so frustrated that I just had to get out of the house…. So I went for a walk… something I didn’t usually do… which turned out to be a very long walk - over 2 hours. While walking, it gave me a chance to think a little more clearer about my life. I decided I couldn’t stand it any longer and that things were definitely going to have to change.

I came home and decided that this was my last chance…. I was going to follow the new low-fat diet (remember Susan Powter and “Stop the Insanity”?!?!?). I became a total fanatic. Everything that went in my mouth had to be low fat. Everything that I cooked, had to be low fat and over a period of 4 months, I lost about 20lbs. That fall, my husband and I ended our 10 year marriage and I must admit that even losing that 20lbs gave me more confidence in myself to get through it ….and I did…and I emerged a much happier person.

Early in 1999 I met and started dating Lorne (my future husband-to-be). My low fat dieting days were soon forgotten as he demonstrated his totally amazing cooking abilities to me. Life for us seemed wonderful and we were married in December 2000.

Even though I was totally happy, the weight started creeping back on and before I knew it I was more than 350lbs. I was finding it hard to do everything and my hypothyroidism was out of control. It was becoming a great struggle just to go to work and every night I came home totally exhausted. In the spring of 2002 our office downsized from 17 people to 4. I was one of the lucky four that still had a job… but it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep up as I was so overweight. The thought of dieting once again just seemed so depressing… I didn’t want to give up all the foods I had come to love.

One day while I was having my lunch at work I was reading the newspaper. I came across an interesting article about a chef (Karen Barnaby) who worked at the Fish House Restaurant in Vancouver. She was being interviewed because she had lost a lot of weight on a low carb diet plan. She was even cooking low carb food at her restaurant. I was totally fascinated and wondered if it would work for me. I checked out the website and realized it was the Atkins plan she had followed. I immediately went out, bought the Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution book and read it cover to cover. I discussed it with my husband and he urged me to give it a try (considering at the time, I was also thinking about the possibility of having the gastric bypass surgery, which he really didn’t want me to risk going through).

I started the Atkins plan April 29, 2002 and haven’t looked back. I did the full two weeks of induction and managed to live through all the caffeine and sugar withdrawals. We adjusted our cooking habits and surfed the internet for low carb recipes and support groups (that’s when I found my wonderful new friends here at the Century Club!).

After induction, I decided to remain at 20 grams of carbs per day as a general rule. However, I didn’t stick to just the food on the induction list. I added berries and cantaloupe. I added sugar-free jello (sweetened with splenda) and a few sugar-free treats. I also added in diet pop (but only moderate amounts as they contain aspartame and aspartame definitely doesn’t like me!) I counted carbs only… I didn’t count fat grams… I didn’t count protein grams and I didn’t count calories and I managed to lose an average of 10 lbs a month.

As I continued on this WOE I noticed like everyone else here that felt so much better…. healthier than I had in years, I feel like I can really breathe again.

I have had only one “cheat day” since I started which was planned from the beginning. For my birthday in August (when I had lost 50lbs) we went out for Vietnamese food at my favorite restaurant….. I ate salad rolls dipped in peanut sauce and lots of other forbidden goodies. That night, I felt so bloated…. So sick…. And so sticky from all the sugar that I realized I never wanted to “cheat” like that again…. And I haven’t.

We eat out quite often, both fast food and regular restaurants. At the fast food places I always order a double burger, no ketchup, no bun. Sometimes I get some really strange looks, other times, they just nod and process the order. When we go out to a restaurant, I order some sort of meat or chicken with veggies and salad.

I have even managed to stay on the plan during vacations…. We went down to the Oregon coast last August and to Disneyland in the fall. I carefully made my food choices and I still stayed under 20 carbs per day. I carried around macadamia nuts and almonds in my purse so I wouldn’t reach for just anything if I was hungry. And I made sure I ate regularly so I wouldn’t be tempted if I was starving. It only took a little planning to stay on track.

I have never looked at this WOE as being deprived of certain foods… I concentrate on what I’m allowed to eat…. Not on what I cannot eat. My friends at work are all doing Weight Watchers and at times they moan and complain about the food they get to eat, or lack of food they wish they could eat….. and here I am munching on my nuts, having real cream in my decaf coffee, cheese and lots of other goodies that they have to limit. I love the foods we get to eat. And I don’t miss the foods we cannot eat. Sometimes when my family is eating something I cannot have… I ask them if I can smell it… I know… that seems weird… but when I hold a couple of those deep fried french fries or piece of cake up to my nose and take a great big sniff…. I immediately remember exactly what I used to feel like whenever I used to eat them…. Bloated and sick.

I always eat until I’m full, which I’m finding comes a lot sooner now …. I used to be able to sit down at dinner and pack away 2 or 3 plates of food…. Now I’m lucky if I get through just one! I also make a point to eat whenever I’m hungry… even it it is almost bedtime… if my body is hungry… I need to feed it.

Up until now, I had not been exercising very much, but my husband and I started walking last month, about two or three times a week after dinner…. And it has had a tremendous effect on us…. We breathe easier, we sleep better and it has definitely helped me with losing weight.

This is the first “diet” I have ever been on where I can feel comfortable enough to stay on it. I have absolutely no plans to gain any of this lost weight back …. As I absolutely know I can stick with this WOE for……. Well….… I guess forever!!!

I just want to say thank you… thank you to everyone here…. You have given me so much inspiration to make my way through this. And to all of you who are just starting…. Or restarting again…. Just remember….. if you plan ahead and realize that this as a way of life and not just another diet… You will succeed.
Age 46

Started 4/29/02
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I posted this a long time ago but people say that they haven't seen it so here goes again.

My First 100!
Well, Here's my story for those interested. I started Jan 10, 2001 and I was moving along pretty good. My Mom couldn't wait for me to reach my first 100 lbs. She was always doing something special for me and I think she was probably going to have a little celebration. She kept asking me everyday "any news on the weight?". I had lost 97 lbs by October before she passed away. After she died, I thought what was the use...there was no one to celebrate with me now...no one that cared if I weighed 150 or 450...and at that point I didn't really care if I died either. I gained 60 lbs over the next few months before I finally snapped out of it and then I told myself I'm going to do this for Mom. I need to lose 100 lbs before her birthday, October 22. So a few months ago I started induction again and found this website and all the wonderful people on the 300+ board and the rest is history. I cheated a few times and didn't think I would make it but I finally stuck with it and prayed and prayed and this morning (oct 22) I made exactly 100 lbs lost. Some weeks I didn't lose anything and it seemed like I would never make it and other weeks I would have 6 or 8 lb loss and before you know it, time was flying by and I was at 70 down, then 80, then 90. I cut out all dairy because that seems to make me lose slower, if not stall me all together. I eat vegetables the first two days after I get weighed and then I don't for the next 5 days because it seems to slow me down also. I lose my fastest when I eat beef (and all this time they were saying beef is bad for you, HA!). I take Atkins Basic 3, essential oils, basic anti-ox and l-carnitine. I have not exercised yet but I can tell that I can get around so much easier. I promised myself that I would start an exercise program as soon as I lost my first 100 so I need to get busy. I know that I could never have made this goal without God and Mom watching over me and I know they'll be there for the next 100. I have set a goal of 100 more by her birthday next year. I have broken the goals down into fourths. My first goal of 25 lbs is by Jan 21, 2003. So I hope to be posting my 2nd 100 lbs this time next year. Everyone take care.

I want to Thank You All for the kind things that you have posted. It means alot to me, especially today. You all are the best. When I lost Mom (my #1 cheerleader), I found this board and found hundreds of cheerleaders. You all have no idea how much you mean to me.

I have now lost a total of 121.
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First I have to say I feel honored to be in such good company on this thread. Knowing what to say isnt easy but here goes:

I was 335, sick all the time and so tired I moved from one sitting place to the next. I had been to a seminar for gastric bypass surgery and the doctors said I was a good canidate for it. My DD Brandy had been on Atkins before and praised it high and low so I bought the book on Tuesday and the following Saturday morning, August 03, 2002 I began. I did okay I thought until day 3 and the headaches set in. When they went away nausea started and then a burst of energy-Wow!!My appetite was under control for the 1st time in yrs and some days I had to actually make myself eat. I lost 23 lbs the first 2 weeks. My only problem was when my potassium level dropped but the girls were quick to tell me how to rectify that. I never cheated for 216 days and then I got crazy and ate pie, cake ,bread and pasta during a high stress time. I gained and hated having to lose the same weight all over again. I was so sick that I prayed for strength to survive. Wont ever do that again!! I think I had started taking this woe for granted and my zone out time taught me to appreciate this woe everyday because it is a blessing yall.

My Dh and I drive truck across country but were off for the first 4 1/2 months of Atkins. When we went back on the road my woe went with me. No matter where you go you can do this, its just a choice you make.My exercise consist of walking mainly in between loads. I also do toning excercises in our over sized bunk area. I have a frig and a crockpot so I cook and have fresh basic foods to keep me on plan. I drive 5 hrs and sleep while DH drives 5 hrs we run around the clock but I work my eating around it.

Finally I must say how lucky I am to have been led to this BB. The support is unconditional and the love is so genuine. I remember the very first person who welcomed me was Sconniebelle and it was so warm and felt just right. Mags, Amanda were up in the high numbers and I was in awe. Jared became my hero right away, youre such a sweetie! I joined a challenge that Jan and Trina came up with and was in heaven. Jan unselfishly answered everyone, everyday that posted to the challenge and still does to this day. I made friends Princess Karenie, Annette, Karen, Donna and just so many, I savored every word and learned a lot. I still learn everyday. I wish I could name you all. The ones that make me laugh Jax, razor and crew,the ones who give me courage to do what I must to be healthy and those that are simply wonderful. I thank you all for tolerating me these eight months....but get use to it I aint going no where To the old and new lowcarb friends I wish you the best in all things you do. Love and hugs Rhonda
So do not fear,for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.
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Where to begin...like many of you, I've been over-weight my whole life. All except those few minutes in high school I starved myself to look "cute". Even then, I was never thin, just curvy. Like many others, my weight got truly out of hand after the births of my 10.2 lb and 9.13 lb sons. Dieting and exercising came and went, but nothing ever really had a lasting impact on my life until 1997.

At that point, I was traveling extensively through my company. I was usually starving as I never ate before flying (didn't want to risk an upset tummy-couldn't fit in the bathrooms). Couldn't eat while in the air since the tray wouldn't go down, so by the time I got to the hotel, I'd fill up on room service goodies. I remember the day that I first experienced extreme dry mouth. I mean, my lips stuck to my teeth and I couldn't talk (some might call that a "blessing") Anyway, when I got back to town I had my sister (type 2 diabetic) check my blood sugar. Sure enough, it was through the roof. My boss at that time, was doing Protein Power, and I decided I'd give it a try. It didn't make sense that you'd eat fat to lose fat, but it sounded like a fun way to go!

Within the first couple of days, I couldn't believe the difference in how I felt. No more bloated, nasty feeling. It was wonderful. Of course the added bonus of rapid weight loss didn't hurt. I frequented another lowcarb board back then, and was a regular poster. In about 6 months, I'd lost around 80 lbs. and felt terrific. That's when I let my emotions carry me away. I got into a fight with one of the other board posters, and told myself I didn't need the support of the board. Wrong. Within a few months I'd gained back everything I'd lost. Failure again.

My recipe for muffins was pretty popular, and prompted an email from one of the old posters on this board, Kathycan. Kathy bugged me constantly, trying to get me back on track. By the 26th of December 2000 I was back on track. In less than a year, I had lost 124 lbs and was ecstatic. I made plans to have a tummy tuck and arm lift, knowing that while I could improve muscle tone, my skin's elasticity was non-existent and was not going to bounce back. I also "knew" that I'm never going to be a skinny person, so I had my surgery at a higher weight than most.

The disaster of my botched surgery (upper arms cut too small-look like Popeye) left me really depressed. I'm hoping to have reconstructive surgery next year to try and "fix" my arms. Unfortunately I re-gained around 50 lbs. through my depression. If I was going to be deformed anyway, why should I suffer by depriving myself of anything? I just didn't care about ME.

That was last year, and 2003 is going to be the end of my pity party. Anxious to take off the re-gained weight, I began medifast the 2nd week in March. I've lost 35 lbs in 7 weeks, and while I can't "not eat" forever, it is giving me the head start I needed. I'd like to take off another 25-30 lbs., and will go back on atkins at that time.

So that's it. The rise and fall of dobie's weight. If there's one thing I have learned through this, it's that we need each other. We don't have to post daily, but I think frequenting the board is a constant reminder of our goals. I know I need you all to help stay focused. You are all family and I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for everything
Lost 124 lbs on Atkins 2001-2002
Regained after surgery/lawsuit
Weight Watchers 09/28/2011
blood sugar? Diabetes gone; BP 95/58
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Well, I did it, I lost 100 pounds. When the big day came, I was not over elated. Weird, huh? Not at all what I had expected, but actually it was just one more pound than the 99 I had already lost. And I think that is why this has worked for me. I have lost one pound at a time. I have been grateful for every one of them. I have said all along, if I never lose another one, and I stay right here, I am that much ahead, and was thankful for that.

My story is probably not much different than anyone else’s. I have fought the weight battle all of my life. My first diet was at the tender age of 11. My mom promised me pierced ears if I lost 20 pounds, and I did. The first of many successful diets, but I would always gain it all back. My estimate is that I have probably lost 400 lbs in my lifetime, but somehow, at the age of 37, I ended up weighing 320 pounds.

So in February of 2002, I decided to try something different. I bought the Dr. Atkins book. I wanted to try to shed at least 25 pounds before my June wedding. The first two weeks were tough. Sugar withdrawl, stomach problems and trying to figure how to work this way of eating into my busy lifestyle, but the payoff was great, 15 pound loss in 14 days. Wow!!!!!!! On top of that, I was never hungry, a feeling that I had not known for many years.

So by the time June came, I had lost the 25 pounds plus 25 more. I told myself, that on my honeymoon I would splurge, eat anything I wanted. Guess what, I wanted to eat Atkins style, it just works for me.

And now, 438 day after starting this journey, I have hit the 100 pound loss point. I feel so blessed to have found this wonderful way of eating. I feel better than I have in 15 years. I would like to lose 40 more but, if I never lose another pound I will be grateful for where I am.
Started Feb 2002
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WOE: Low Carb/Weight Watchers
Although I have not yet reached my goal, I decided to post about my weight loss so far.

I have been overweight ever since childhood. I wasn't a very athletic kid, preferring to sit and read books or watch TV. I remember what it felt like to be picked last for games in school, because I was heavier than the other kids, and they assumed (correctly) that I couldn't run very fast. Luckily, I was a good student, and while lacking in self-confidence socially, I had a great deal of pride in my academic acheivements.

In high school, I was probably close to 200 pounds, but my friends didn't seem to mind. I was pretty popular, although I didn't date anyone. I would go on little diets, and lose 10 or 15 pounds here and there. In college and graduate school, I gained more weight, and again would diet on and off. One time I tried fasting, and lost weight, but remember being so dizzy . I do remember doing Stillman's then too. One problem was that I could be very strict for months, and lose, but then I'd go back to the old high carb eating, and gain it back. I even did Atkins for a while back in the late 70's, and it worked , but I didn't think of it as a WOE.

I continued to do low fat/low cal type diets, even losing as much as 55-60 pounds, in the early 90's. Then my Mom died, and I used food as comfort, and gradually gained that weight back over about a year's time.

People ask me now, what made me start Atkins in 2000. I didn't feel unwell, and my career and life in general was going pretty well. But I knew that the only health risk I had was my weight. Also I wanted to look better! I'd met someone, and had started dating at the advanced age of mid-40's , but HE wasn't the reason I decided to do this. To his credit, he didn't run away, having met me at my highest weight. It annoyed me that people would say that I must be losing because there was a man in my life.

Why did I pick Atkins? I don't know, except that I liked the foods I could have, even though I previously lived on carbs, as they were easy to prepare (or on Lean Cuisine type meals). I was very successful the first 6 months on Atkins, with no cheats, but I hadn't found this BB and all the support. My meals were pretty spartan. I also didn't prepare the way that I do now. I went away with my BF for a weekend, and decided to "relax". At first, I didn't gain anything back. Then after a while, it was only a few pounds, and I thought maybe my metabolism had "changed" I woke up 6 months later and realized I had gained back 25 lbs! I thought to myself, "what are you doing!" I restarted Atkins, found this BB with all the helpful people; and the recipes, to keep me from being bored with my eating. I rediscovered that I like to cook. And I haven't looked back since!

I've even surprised myself with my steadfastness. I have treats around the house for friends, and they don't appeal to me at all. Sometimes at work, we are drowning in donuts and pastries and other "junk", and I don't want any. I have been lucky that I didn't experience any real stalls during the first year, and I lost most of my weight during that time. And I managed to survive a heart-wrenching breakup and simultaneous closure of the facility I worked for. Somehow, I was able to hold on to the thought that the only thing I had control over was what I put in my mouth! In years gone by, food would have been my comfort.

I haven't lost much in the last year, and haven't met my goal weight, but I'm so used to eating the way that I do, that I know I can do this long-term. It's how I eat! And I like what I see when I look in the mirror (even though there's lots of room for improvement by exercising more). I like the compliments, and being told I look younger. I am the most healthy I've been in my adult life, due to the weight loss and adding exercise into my routine (a hard task with my schedule). And I like knowing that I AM IN CONTROL of food, not that food controls me!

Tips I would share:
1) Make small incremental goals. 100 lbs or more to lose may seem unacheiveable. 10 lbs at a time is definitely do-able.
2) Preparation is key.
3) Your weight does not define you. I see many on the BB who have self-loathing because of their weight. You're special; love yourself!

Thanks to all who make LowCarbFriends a great place to get support, inspiration and make friends .

JazzyV (Vanessa)

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getting frustrated but not giving up

Hi all,

Been reading and reading your posts and just felt like I needed to jump in. Been visiting for about 6 months off and on. So here is my story. I'll try and keep it short.

I started Atkins in Jan 2002 after my husband and sister saw Dr. Atkin's on 20/20. We had all decided before that show that we all needed to get healthy and lose weight. I had topped the scale at over 300 and new that this had to stop and NOW. But I had been on several other diets, WW, TOPS, Stop the insanity, etc. I had even tried Atkins the 2 years before for about 3 months but I wasn't totally committed and when we went on vacation and was eating out all the time I gave up.

This time was different. I had more support and my husband and sister decided to give it a try also. They didn't have as much weight to loose so they have already hit their goal weight while I continue to plug along.

Vacation 2002- I had hit my mini goal of losing 60 pounds. By Christmas I had slowed down considerably but was still losing and hit the 85 pound mark. After Christmas I lost a little bit more and hit the 95 pound mark and here I sit. Actually I bounce around between 205 and 215. I think my scale needs to be replaced but I am trying (not very well) to not rely on my scale. I have been measuring and haven't seen much loss there either. I really hoped that I was going to be under 200 before vacation this year but as that is next week I guess that is not going to happen......unless......something happens this week. I did go back on induction as I was wondering if I was just slipping in to many carbs from nuts and low carb goodies and soda. I gave them all up this week so wish me luck. I have to get that scale moving again!

I know I have done very well in my journey so I keep that at the forefront. I know I won't give this up because I feel so much better. I also have been walking 2 miles a day and working out at the gym with the weights 3 days a week. That I started back in March hoping to get things moving and well........

That is my story. You all have been an inspiration to me. Thanks
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ONEderland/102.5 Pounds Lost Success Story

I'm celebrating entering ONEderland/102.5 pounds lost today!!! I'm very excited about being here, and even more excited about what lies ahead!!! It's taken a lot of work and a lot of self-discovery. I hope telling folks what I'm going through and what I've had to learn about myself will help others.

I've never been much of a carb addict. I'm not real big on candy and I can take or leave pasta, bread and desserts. I do have a periodic interest in carrots, though, and I could enjoy a baked potato once a week without a problem. (Thank goodness I found out before I was low carbing very long that it was the *toppings* I loved from the potato, and not the potato itself!)

Anyhow, my weight was steady at about 210-220 about 10 years ago. I wasn't thin but I was comfortable and I looked good enough that I got a lot of interest from the single men in my Bible study. But I'd felt a lack of energy for years as well as having problems with always feeling cold, and having dry skin and hair. For years I'd been begging doctors to test me for hypothyroidism but they'd always ignore the request and tell me that if I'd just eat less then I'd lose weight. There was only one problem that they wouldn't listen to - I was already eating less than probably 90% of the non-dieting population!

I'd found that my weight would go up if I went above 1000 to 1200 calories a day, so I stuck to that pretty much religiously. I wasn't a breakfast eater, so no breakfast. Lunch was either a Lean Cuisine frozen or a chicken caesar salad. Dinner was usually a meat and a side salad or a vegetable (not a baked potato, but usually asparagus or zucchini or yellow squash - those are my favorites). I kept strongly to low fat/low calorie and what would probably be lower than normal carbs - even with the pasta that's in most of the Lean Cuisine dishes.

I probably went through most of the ups and downs that single (the second time) women do. Fortunately I wasn't an emotional eater, either. Actually, when I'm really upset over something I can't eat at all! Then things changed - I surfed the Internet one day and met Mr. Right! We were a long distance relationship (LDR) for 18 months, living a 5 hour drive apart. When we'd meet it meant lots of going out to eat together, which made it really hard to maintain 1000-1200 calories a day. And once I'd put on some weight I couldn't get rid of it!

By the time we got married, 18 months after meeting, I'd gained about 70 pounds, and after our honeymoon cruise I'd added on another 20 or so. I was happy with DH but I wasn't happy with me! I went back to my 1000-1200 calorie a day plan and in time even added in an hour of exercise 3-5 times a week - but no change in weight.

Some months later I went to my doctor and asked for a thyroid test, only to be told a week later that it was normal. I'd been feeling really bad over the previous year, to the point where I couldn't even walk through a store without literally draping over a grocery cart because I couldn't stand up straight, I was always so tired - and it wasn't the weight! I never said anything to DH but I was beginning to fear that I might end up dying.

A few weeks later I was referred to an endocrynologist. His first, immediate diagnosis was Insulin Resistance. He started me on Glucophage and - believe it or not - in 5 days I lost 15 pounds of excess water!!! I still wasn't feeling normal, though, and over time I started feeling worse again and the weight started coming back. Finally, about a month after the first test, the endocrynologist tested for hypothyroidism. I have no idea what might have happened with the first doctor's test but this test came back with a rating of 27 - when the norm is 1 and now-a-days anything over a 2 is labelled suspect, over 4 or 5 is hypothyroid! The doctor started me on Synthroid that same day, saying I'd have to take it for the rest of my life.

It took over a year to find the right level of medication but eventually I began to feel normal. My lack of concentration, periodic dizziness, my poor balance - things I hadn't associated with possible hypothyroidism - those and my constant exhaustion began to go away. The only thing that wouldn't go away, even with the added exercise, was the weight!

Finally, in desperation, I talked to the doctor. His recommendation - low carb! I was excited about that because I'd been kind of eyeing Atkins for several weeks but didn't know if it was safe with my taking Glucophage and Synthroid. With my doctor's blessing, I ran straight to the bookstore and bought DANDR! The next day was shopping and the day after that I started Atkins!

With relief, I watched as 11 pounds melted away within 2 weeks - and I didn't even have to watch my calories! Another 2 weeks and another 11 pounds melted away!! I was in heaven!! I was eating the same amount of food that 'normal' people eat but I was losing weight! Then, with no warning, even though I was eating completely clean Induction with no cheats and no treats, things changed. I'd been on LCF for 3 weeks and learned a lot (thanks especially to folks like bonbon and Dottie ), so I said to myself "Post-Induction Plateau" and settled in to wait it out. One week, two, three, four - after waiting a full 5 weeks, still no change in weight or inches! All that time I was waiting I was reading on the boards about the recommended tweaks that folks were doing when they encountered stalls. I tried each one for the recommended two weeks - higher carbs, lower carbs, higher basal calories (that only lasted 5 days, with a 5 pound gain!), lower calories, etc. Nothing made any difference.

I'd read through DANDR more than once and, having marked lots of pages with tabs, was constantly referring to it. Finally, I decided to try the Atkins Fat Fast (pg 272), for metabolically resistant people. Dr.A saw it as a last resort for those who can't lose any other way. After a few days I realized that my breath odor had changed (when DH said something ) and I began to lose weight slowly. It was then that I realized that I hadn't been in ketosis the entire time I'd been on regular Atkins!

Through experience, I began to learn when it was easier for me to lose and when it was hard (when my estrogen levels are rising, just before TOM). I started developing more extended menus for Fat Fast, usually alternating 3-4 days on with 4-3 days off each week. And as I became more accustomed to having to lose that way (and as I began to crave more variety) I switched from Fat Fast/Induction to Fat Fast/Ongoing Weightloss.

My highest weight was 315 just after our honeymoon and I went down to 302 just after I started Glucophage. I'm now off the Glucophage, as it wasn't helping me any more after I started the Synthroid. On Atkins, I've now lost a total of 102.5 pounds. In the last 12 months I've lost 80.5 pounds cycling between Atkins' Fat Fast and regular Atkins. (And that includes taking a month and a half off of Fat Fast to enjoy lots of low carb goodies during the Christmas Holidays!!). Not counting during TOM, I've lost anywhere from 3-8 pounds in 3 to 4 days on Fat Fast. With constantly working to up my carbs during my OWL days, I'm finally able to maintain my weight pretty well while eating between 30 and 40 grams of carbs (but I still have to watch my calories). With work, I'm hoping to raise my carbs quite a bit higher. The one true godsend is that I can now eat somewhat higher calories (1300-1600) than I used to and still maintain my weight! It's wonderful to be able to eat much more closely to what is considered a 'normal' amount of food!!!

I hope recounting what I've gone through is a help to someone. For those who are stalling and becoming discouraged, stay true to your WOE, try following the recommended tweaks, and give them the full amount of time you're supposed to. For those who can lose on regular low carb, even if it's slowly, be very thankful!! Even with the new, more extensive menus, Fat
Fasting *is* hard, tiresome work maintaining day-in and day-out low calorie levels and high fat, and those of us who have to do that do feel deprived to some extent. (Some times more than others.) But it's wonderful that even during Fat Fast I can have things like flax cereal, muffins, cornbread, brownies, cheesecake, and even lc bread pudding!! And - my gosh - in the end it's so worth it!!! There's not much better in life for me than feeling like I actually *belong* holding hands with my skinny-mini husband!! And watching pants that were tight two months ago turn into clown pants is a delight!! Getting back into clothes that I loved is wonderful - even if I won't fit in them for very long!! Not being embarrassed to wear shorts is wonderful!! And seeing a new low that's lower than anything I've weighed in at least 17 years is truly a dream come true!!!!

Thanks so much, Low Carb Friends, for being there through all this! Thank you to the 80% Modified Fat Fasters Challenge group, thank you to the Slimmer by... Challenge Group! Thank you for your inspiration, your support, your guidance, thank you for your knowledge and wonderful recipes, and, most of all, thank you for some truly wonderful friends! And thank you, Dr. Atkins, for giving me my life back!!!

Here's a picture from about 1996, around the time DH and I got engaged. He's gained about 30 pounds since then and is now holding at a healthy weight!

Here's a front, current picture of me. (There's also a new one in my sig.)

Current size: Gone from a 24 to anywhere from an 18 to a few M 12-14s (the new picture in my sig)!
Current measurements: 9 inches lost from bust, 18.5 inches lost from waist, 17 inches lost from hips!

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I did it!!!!!!!!

It seems that my battle with weight started when I was born. For as long as I can remember I have been overweight. My obsession with my weight and dieting began in my early teens; I have tried every weight loss program invented and although I have had some success I couldn’t stick with any of the programs and eventually gained the lost pounds plus more back.

In July 2002 I decided that I couldn’t go through another summer at 300lbs. I was sick of being fat and tired all of the time. It was all I could do to carry myself throughout the workday. By the time I got home I was so exhausted that all I would do is cook supper, eat and sit in front of the TV. Any extra curricular activity was not only too tiring but some, even the ‘simplest’ of things were impossible for me to do. Even walking was a challenge for me. So to protect myself from the embarrassment of not being able to participate I spent my time coming up with ways or reason to avoid any physical activity. I was missing out on a lot of life, as was my partner and my 10 year old daughter.

A friend of mine had recently shed 60lbs. He said it was relatively easy and that he could eat as much and any kind of meat he wanted. I’m not a meat eater but was desperate to try anything that might work. I had always been ‘against’ the Dr. A lifestyle. I realize now that I was ignorant and had no idea what the lifestyle entailed; I had ‘heard’ things in the news and had taken these to be true. I went out and bought his book on July 26, 2002. I will never forget this day for the rest of my life. As soon as I got home I began to read the book. I sobbed as I read the book. I felt like it had been written for me, about me. I completed the book that night (wee hours of the morning) and started the next day. The first week and a half was awful. Headaches, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, and exhaustion are a few of the aches and pains I suffered that first couple of weeks. I was determined to make it through Induction, whatever the costs. Many of those early days I would come home, eat, and go to bed. I wasn’t the happiest person to be around. And then it happened. I think it was around day 9 around mid day when I realized how GOOD I felt. No aches, no pains, and whammo—I had so much energy I was finding it difficult to contain myself! All of a sudden my days weren’t over after supper. I had so much energy that I found myself keeping active until later in the evening.

It was difficult to exercise in the beginning because I was carrying so much weight so I got most of my exercise by keeping my body in motion doing things like housecleaning, and yard work. After 5 months I knew it was time to take another leap and get fit. I joined a gym local gym and began exercising on a regular basis. After a couple of months of trying to ‘find’ my way around the gym with little noticeable results, I hired a personal trainer to help me reach my fitness goals. We began working together in Jan/Feb 2003. We’ve been together for about six months now. A personal trainer made all the difference in the world to me. Aside from literally working my butt off, she motivates me, inspires me by leading by example, and some days is just a good friend with a willing ear to listen. I really encourage everyone to look at working with a trainer; sounds expensive but it’s not; I figure I’m worth it! I couldn’t walk half of a mile before I started my weight loss journey; now I have difficulty getting my heart rate up after a mile of brisk walking! I have come so far; I can’t say enough about how fitness has changed my life. I exercise 4-6 days a week and keep very active outside of the gym; I encourage everyone on this woe to adopt a regular exercise routine; it goes hand and hand with this woe. FITNESS WORKS!

It’s been a year now, WOW! I jumped on the scale this morning to find that I have reached and surpassed the 100lb lost pound mark. I am so proud of myself. This is the biggest achievement of my life so far. So I find myself sitting here reflecting and thinking about all the things I can do now that I couldn’t, didn’t, or wouldn’t do before. Things like going on a walk with my daughter and not worrying about being so short of breath that everyone can hear me panting, or going on a river rafting trip and not worrying that they would ask me my weight or even worse weigh me in front of friends, or going clothes shopping with a friend with no fear they might ‘see’ what size I really am. I even remember going in for gallbladder surgery and wanting my significant other to drop me off at the front door of the hospital because I had read that they were going to weigh me upon admission and I was afraid that he would see how much I weighed. I was scared to go in alone but the thought of been weighed in front of him TERRIFIED me. Of course he insisted on coming in; my next mission was to get him out before they brought in the scale! How sad is that. This is how my life was before Atkins. Worry, Worry, Worry. Plan, Plan, Plan. I had more ‘escape’ routes than a fire escape. All this has changed. I don’t worry so much anymore. And I don’t need any more ‘escape’ routes—I am free; I feel empowered. I take real pleasure in the most simplest of things like bending over and tying my shoes, running up a flight of stairs without all the huffing and puffing, painting my toe nails, going for a bike ride or just taking a walk. I truly look forward to life and all that it brings me.

I haven’t done this alone. I have had a wealth of support around me; good people whose encouragement got me through a lot of rough days. To all of those that have supported me through this journey, Norman-my s/o, Jessica-my daughter, my mother, Lisa-my personal trainer, and last but certainly not least, Rocky’s Friends (the most supportive, funniest, most wonderfulest bunch of low carb losers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing) from the pen pal support board—I thank you, each of you, for without all of you I may not have had the determination and will power to see this through! You all inspire me to want something better for myself! I love all you guys!

Oh yeah, I wouldn’t want to forget those that didn’t support me ---To all of you naysayers, who criticized and had nothing positive to input about my new woe, all I can say is----LOOK AT ME !!! Like it or not you inspired me too!

I’m hooked on Atkins for life. I have a few more pounds to lose, then will move to Life time maintenance. I am also an Atkins recruiter; I have managed to talk many of my friends into trying this woe and am happy to report that they are losing. We are all just a big bunch of losers!

This posting wouldn’t be complete without one last thing note…….to Dr.Atkins—Your perseverance, dedication and ability to think ‘outside’ the box has given me a new lease on life and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you!
Lazy Daisy
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Hi, everyone!

I would like to begin by giving a big CONGRATS to the people who have posted before me and to those who will post after me. I am very proud to be able to post among you.

This post is long overdue, so here goes:

December 8th, 2001: My light-bulb moment was my live-in boyfriend of five years walking out for good that day. I remember stepping on the scale, looking down and seeing the numbers 254. I was wearing a size 22.

I was completely devastated (because of my ex AND my weight) to the point of not eating. At all. For nine days. Any attempt proved to be useless. On the ninth day, I stepped on the scale again and saw the numbers 236. Losing 18 pounds was a small ray of sunshine in my very dreary life, even if a lot of it was probably muscle. Losing weight became my new hobby then.

Remembering the previous success I had with low-carbing three years prior, I decided to take that route again now that my appetite had returned. By eating less than 20 carbs per day, I lost 22 additional pounds over the next two months.

Then the weight loss stalled. BIG TIME. For ten weeks. Lowering carbs, increasing fat, monitoring protein – none of that mattered or made a difference. I knew I had to exercise if I was going to see any REAL results.

April 16th, 2002 saw the beginning of my walking regime. Three miles a day, every day. Weekends included. I figure if I was going to be serious about this whole thing, I may as well be committed. No days off! The only person I’d be cheating is myself, and who would care? Well, as it turns out, I care and, to me at the time, that’s the only person who mattered.

Exercising every day, every single day, is not easy. Believe me when I say I hated it. I hated every freakin’ minute of it! I’d curse myself driving home from a long, tiring day at work knowing those miles awaited me. Then I got to thinking… there are days I curse the alarm clock for going off because I know I have a day of work ahead of me that I’d rather not do. I curse the chores I have to do when I’d rather goof off. All the cursing in the world isn’t going to earn me a paycheck, nor is it going to get my home or laundry clean. I do these things because I have to. These things are part of my life.

That’s what exercise became to me: a part of my life that I have to do. As much as I hate it, I have no excuse good enough not to do it and every reason to do it.

After eight weeks of daily walking, I was down to 180 pounds and a size 10. I hadn’t seen a size 10 in my whole adult life! Putting on that size for the first time made me giggle and cry at the same time. I couldn’t believe it. From then on, it became a game for me. A game to see how much success I could have.

I began walking five miles a day. After a couple weeks and a very few pounds gone, I began walking SIX miles a day. It was then that I decided to limit my caloric intake to 1500 a day. The weight began dropping off rapidly again.

By October 2002, I was weighing in at 152 pounds and wearing a size 6. I had lost 102 pounds in eleven months. As much as people seem to be amazed by this, there is no one more stunned than I am. Considering how well I know me, and how lazy I am, and how undetermined I can be, and how easily frustrated I am, this is an accomplishment I never thought I’d be able to claim as my own.

To date, I have lost an additional six pounds and am still wearing a size 6. My goal weight is 135, but reaching that goal has become secondary to maintaining, which I seem to be accomplishing quite nicely.

My one piece of advice: Never give up. Please do not believe for one second that I am the exception. I’m not. If I did this, you can, too. Determination, persistence, exercising and low-carbing. It really IS that simple.

My last parting thought: Now that I’ve done this… now that I’ve lost 100+ pounds…. I can’t help but wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. It really wasn’t all that difficult when I consider the benefits of it: the improvements of my mental and physical health, my overall appearance and my outlook on life.

Why did I wait so long?

At the insistence of Tessa (tam7875), here is the return of my collage:

Thanks for reading!
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OK today is a happy happy day for me! I'm just so happy to get to share this with all of you. I know I've been putting off my 100 pounds gone post for a while, but I was waiting for a good time. And it's today Today I am officially 150 pounds less than my highest weight. My start weight was actually 15 pounds less than my highest.

When I was pregnant with my second son, at one of my Dr appts, he told me my weight. I never asked before so they never told me and this one day, my Dr told me the news. I was totally clueless. I was 155..... kilograms. I didn't think it sounded too bad until I got home and did the math and figured out that was 341 pounds. I stayed away from junk food and actually lost 15 pounds before I had a healthy boy in March 2002. After having Alex, I never really lost any more weight. I wasn't dieting at all because I was breast feeding, so I stayed at 325 until I was finished breastfeeding and started Lean for Life on January 6, 2003.

I have been heavy my entire life, with short bouts of weight loss here and there. Never losing in a healthy way so I always just bounced back up when I started eating anything besides coffee and lettuce. Even when I did lose weight, I'd never feel any better and it's no wonder, I was probably starving. Low carb probably saved me from a life of being overweight and trying to hide from the world. I used to hate going out. At 341 I just wanted to be invisible. All my clothes were black, at least they matched my mood most of the time.

Now I feel like I'm living. I don't think I own anything black anymore, well except 1 pair of black jeans and that's more of a sexy thing than a hiding thing I now exercise every day and eat real food in real portions. I still have a bit to go before I hit my goal, but from this point on, every extra pound I lose is considered a bonus pound. I am happier than I've been in a long time. and I sure as heck feel better than I have in a long time.

I just want to thank every single one of you for being here when I needed to come and read or when I needed questions answered. There is inspiration in heaps here. More support than I could ever have imagined. Thank you!!!!!
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