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Old 03-09-2004, 03:38 PM   #1
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While we are not trying to be heavy handed, a reminder that the user agreement applies to the entire site including the playground.
Posters who choose to violate these terms will be suspended and possibly banned if these abuses continue.
We want the playground to be a fun, off topic board, but that fun should not come at the expense of your fellow posters.
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Old 04-13-2004, 06:38 PM   #2
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Reminder about posting links/web stores and site rules

I have seen more and more people posting links, especially ones that KNOW this is a no-no which in my book is being very disrespectful. I wanted to post something to give a little insight to why links are not allowed here in the hopes that some will understand this rule better and will choose to refrain from doing this is the future. Either that, or if people are constantly doing it over and over it will result in them having their account suspended.

We all heard the saying "Think of this as someones home and you are their guest". I prefer to think of it this way...

Netrition funds this site. They sell lowcarb products and that is what directly pays for the cost of running Lowcarbfriends. People that are giving out links to sites to buy products elsewhere are taking business away from this site. I don't see the point of people trying to argue "well netrition doesn't carry this product" when some of the items that people are sharing, Netrition is carrying a like product for. For example... someone posts a link to where to get different pasta. If you look, Netrition CARRIES a pasta product. Same with splenda, Netrition carries a few alternate sweetners. By sending someone somewhere else to buy these products, you are taking business away from the site. Not cool! The owner is not asking something out of line here. He is trying to keep the business here and in turn keep LCF running.

Think of it this way...

Visa wouldn't let Mastercard advertise during their commercials..

Burger King wouldn't take kindly to McDonalds coming into their restaurant passing out their coupons...

And I am sure that Target wouldn't stand inside Walmart, passing out their flyers, telling people to go there instead...

That would be totally disrespectful.. especially to a site that is free for everyone to use... a site to get support from... to support others.. to make friends. Why on earth would you want to jepordize your membership here by going around the censors... or to outright say "PM me before the admins delete this or quick grab this link before the admins delete the link" Also, "pm or email me because we're not allowed to post" Hello? Same rules, same resources used guys! How completely wrong is that?

Please refrain from giving links out... it is only hurting business for LCF. If there is a product you would like to see here email the site. The owner is ALWAYS happy to try to include products that people like and is continually looking to improve this site for everyone. It is such a great place to be. I know a lot of really close relationships have evolved from LCF... why not give something back and support this site rather then going against it?

That being said...

If you are confused by the rules here or haven't seen them you can click the "Terms of Service" button at the bottom of any page. If you are still confused you can PM an admin or email the site for clarification.

I hope this helps explain a few things...


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