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Hi there...new here...

My name is Heidi & I'm 50 years young. I'm divorced mother of 3 beautiful teenage girls (18.8, 17.3, 14.5 - can you tell I'm a math teacher?) (And so far, not one of them has a weight problem!)

From the time I was born in Feb 1967 until I graduated from college in May 1989, I had absolutely NO weight problems. I weighed 85 lbs. when I graduated from high school (I'm 5 feet tall & very small boned). I weighed 95 lbs. when I graduated from college (10 lbs. I really needed to gain)...but...isn't there always a "but?" By my mid-20's the weighed started to pack on until by the time I got married at age 27, I weighed 120 lbs. I know that doesn't sound like a lot - but for me - it is.

By 1997 when I got pregnant with my first daughter, I weighed 130 lbs. UGGH! After the birth in Sep 1998, I went on Atkins & lost ALL the weight in 9 months. At month 10 after her birth, I got pregnant with daughter #2 in July 1999 & gained 68 lbs! By the time Daughter #2 was 18 months old, Atkins had helped me get back to 100 lbs. (my ideal weight). In January 2002, my maternal grandmother and my father died within 13 days of each other. I went back to Missouri for my grandmother's funeral looking better than I had in years.

Note: From Aug 2000 until my separation/divorce in June 2004, the family had suffered the death of my 19 year-old cousin in boot camp, my mother's cousin from cancer, the cousin's son from an accidental gunshot wound, my father's death, my maternal grandmother's death & the death of my last maternal great aunt (with whom I was very close). SO...to say it's been a hard few years is an understatement.

After my father died, I decided to get pregnant again. In May 2002, when I weighed about 110 lbs. I got pregnant with Daughter #3 and gained 60 lbs. She was born in January 2003 & most of the weight is still here. I have had a horrific time getting this off. I haven't had any willpower - until now!

I must add that from her birth until now, I have gone through a divorce, a move & now my 3 daughters & I live with my mother (who is very controlling & critical of everyone & everything - not just me). I have also had trouble finding a job. I have a B.S. in Psychology and an M.A. in Sociology - not exactly what anyone is looking to hire...SO I started substitute teaching & learned I love math. So, I took the math PRAXIS exam (for the Dept. of Education) and passed...so I'm looking for a secondary math teaching job this fall.

Interviews are hard, though, because I don't feel good about myself & I know this comes through in the interview. Here I am, now 50 lbs. overweight, at 50 years of age, looking to start a career. It hasn't been easy...but I have to get out of this house. It's not good for me OR my daughters.

I'd also like to ask if any of you eat the new "low carb" foods on the market & if you have, do you notice your ketone levels decreasing? I know you can subtract fiber from total carbohydrates, but I'm thinking the low-carb tortillas I've been eating may be sabotaging me. They have 13 g of carbs, but 10 g of fiber. Are these ok to eat? Please let me know. It would really help! I will note, however, that I've lost 7 lbs. in the first two weeks...so I guess that isn't too bad.

I can certainly say that losing weight at age 50 is much different (and harder) than losing weight at age 25! Or even age 31 or age 33.

Also, I was just wondering if you all ever had any challenges...i.e. water challenges (how much can you drink in a day); exercise challenges, etc.

Thanks so much! I look forward to "meeting" you all! Sorry for the novel.


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hello, this isn't a very active section, i would suggest you repost this in the main lobby section.

i'm not too helpful for you as i don't eat LC. but just happened to pop in this forum and thought i'd mention about moving this to a more active section if you'd like feedback from others.
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