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Old 03-03-2012, 08:44 AM   #1
Very Gabby LCF Member!!!
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Join Date: Jun 2011
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Stats: 170+/135-138/145 5'6 39y pcos/IR/metformin
WOE: WL=LC then JUDDD/IF; Maintenance=IF/75%+ "healthy"
Start Date: LC 6/11; JUDDD 10/11; Maintenance 11/11
Girl Scout Cookies

Well, the enemy has breached my doors and it's called Girl Scout cookies!

If I ever had a "trigger food" it is these little packages of devilry. I remember sitting and eating cookie after cookie a year ago this time, getting bigger and bigger and more insulin resistant, so on and so forth.

My DH thought he was being good to me last year by bringing home a case of them. Yes - A WHOLE CASE of Samoas, Thin Mints, Peanut Butter, etc. I told him if he had to buy them this year to only get one box of each kind that I like.

So there they were when I got home last night, the first assault on my self-control: an innocent-looking green box of Thin Mints.

Since I'd been drinking wine, my defenses were further down. I ate 7 or 8 of the cookies in a row.

Then, satisfied, I put them away, went to bed later, and could care less about them today.

I'm on the DD portion of my day, and I know those cookies will be there whenever, and if not, the Girl Scouts will continue to crank out more of the transfatty sugar bombs for years to come.

Eh, really, the cookies have lost some of their hold on me - last year I was hiding boxes of them to have for myself, and this time I left the one box out for everyone here to eat and actually hope they go ahead and finish them off.

I attribute a lot of this change of attitude to JUDDD, which has helped me relate differently to food, in a better way. Nothing is off limits, so there's no need to hoard anything or worry about not eating it again. Last year when I was eating the cookies so hard and gaining weight, I think I sort of felt like I knew there'd come a time I'd have to give them up and lose weight, so I'd better eat all I could. Now I no longer have that attitude.

Anyway, just thought I'd share.

PS - adding that I was down another pound in my maintenance range this morning, even after all the indulgences of yesterday (too much wine, GS cookies, pancake, etc.) Feels good!
Started JUDDD 10/12/11 after LC.
MAINTENANCE since 11/12/11, & have lost more weight. I shake things up all the time with my version of Pirate Jenny's MUDDD, my "Fast 5" & other IF. ...low-moderate fat....and eating "healthy" foods 75+% of the time which lets me have real life and indulgences too I've reached my goals, improved my health & appearance, and enjoy my lifetime woe!

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Old 03-03-2012, 09:10 AM   #2
Way too much time on my hands!
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WOE: Back to JUDDD 1/5/15
I so absolutely JUDDD and this post illustrates exactly why. Rock those cookies to satiety and then move on.

JUDDD got me where I want to be!
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Old 03-03-2012, 11:07 AM   #3
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WOE: Atkins/hCG/maintaining EASILY with JUDDD
Start Date: 09/04/03
Yeah, those Thin Mints were like my Kryptonite in the past. I used to joke that I was probably the only person who would be eating them while working out to a Jane Fonda exercise video! (and I DID that! )

My DH brought home one box of them last week, and I indulged, but was able to put them away after each UD. They lasted through three UDs and my DH even got a few of them. Yes, they're good, but not as good as they used to seem. And that's fine with me!
5'7" female, 60 yo
Proud grandmother of 5, including two sets of twins!
DH has lost 90 pounds
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Old 03-03-2012, 11:32 AM   #4
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Start Date: March 28, 2016
I find myself more willing to share some of those treats I used to 'hide' just for me too. And it's a good thing.
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Old 03-03-2012, 12:40 PM   #5
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WOE: Perfect Health Diet/JUDDD
Start Date: LC;HCG; 1/19/12/JUDDD; 1/13/13 PHD/JUDDD
Originally Posted by theredhead View Post
Yeah, those Thin Mints were like my Kryptonite in the past. I used to joke that I was probably the only person who would be eating them while working out to a Jane Fonda exercise video! (and I DID that! )!
OMG, I spit hot coffee onto my screen I was laughing so hard when I read this!!

I,too, have been known to hoard cookies in the past. I just don't feel I have to do that with JUDDD!
Good broth resurrects the dead. ~ South American Proverb
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Old 03-03-2012, 02:18 PM   #6
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Sophie.....you crack me up! Better than TV!!Only thing better at the moment might be shopping!!(or a cookie!)
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Old 03-03-2012, 08:40 PM   #7
Major LCF Poster!
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WOE: Restart JUDD 2/10/15
Start Date: Aug 2011/I was maintaining since April 2012
I must be a freak of nature. GS cookies do nothing for me. When we lived in a subdivision and had little gs ringing the bell all the time, I bought the obligatory 3 or 4 boxes. We'd eat a few out of them, and 6 mos later I'd throw them out because they were stale. (this was when the kids were little, I'm sure they'd polish them off in nothing flat now as teens, lol).
Tina--wife to my dh for 24 years and mom to 4 great kids. JUDDD reboot to lose the nearly 20 pounds gained in the past 2 years.
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Old 03-03-2012, 09:55 PM   #8
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I used to like GS cookies... until a few years ago. I actually ate one slowly and tried to truly "taste" it. Very waxy to me!
A few think mints maybe.. but that's all.
Isn't that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck, fantastic. -Rachel Green
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Old 03-04-2012, 06:36 AM   #9
Luna Loca
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I love the thin mints and the shortbread. In the past I've been known to eat an entire box of thin mints in one sitting.

There's a box of each in the cupboard. I've had them three different up days--one serving each time. It IS nice to feel such a calmness about food--especially gs cookies as they're normally a "once a year" treat, so usually it's a foodfest to eat them all up before someone else does and they're all gone until next year.
"before" from the bad old days.

"Success occurs in clusters and is born in generosity" --Julia Cameron

Describes my JUDDD Buddds perfectly.
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Old 03-04-2012, 04:46 PM   #10
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I know what you guys mean. When they first started this year I bought 1 box of thin mints, Pb cremes, andsavannah smiles. It was probably 3 weeks ago maybe. The first day me, my SO and the kids had a few. I put all of the rest in a big container all together. They have not bothered me at all. On UDs I allow myself to have a few and some days I have and some I haven't. There are still some left. They are almost gone but there was a time when there is no way those cookies would have lasted this long. I love JUDDD!
New grandbaby! Life is good!<img src=images/smilies/hugs_2011.gif border=0 alt= title=Hugs class=inlineimg />
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Old 03-05-2012, 06:18 AM   #11
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WOE: thru my mouth
*whoops, wrong thread!

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart
-Helen Keller

First Goal...Get into my size 16 pants and jeans (currently in sz 18)
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Old 03-05-2012, 08:41 AM   #12
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Mmmmmmmmmmm samoas.
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