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Old 01-24-2014, 11:33 PM   #31
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WOE: JUDDD Maintenance.
Start Date: 2011
1. How much did you weigh when you started JUDDD? First time, 143lbs but JUDDD and I didn't gel as I was coming in from a low calorie WOE and didn't have enough wiggle room to benefit from the programme. I lost 3 lbs with JUDDD. Life happened. I went away until Jan 2012 and regained to 157lbs so that was my then starting weight.

2. When did you start JUDDD, how long did it take before you saw a loss from it, and how much did you lose? First time, I lost 3 lbs in the first week. Then I lost nothing at all for the next 10 weeks (after which I stopped).

2nd time, I think it took 2 weeks to see a loss. After that it was sporadic but I am now approx 123 lbs so that's a 35lb loss overall.

3. Did you have any unusual issue with weight loss (gaining too much, losing too much, stall, etc.), why, and what did you do about it? As mentioned in 1, I think JUDDD and I didn't gel because I'd lost approx. 25lbs over 9-10months (initial starting weight: 168lbs) by more and more calorie restriction and this meant that after my initial success, I plateau'd but it was tricky to manipulate my kcals as I just didn't trust the process enough at that time to eat more on my UDs.

I plateau very readily. It's an open question as to whether I have abnormally low LBM for my age (it's a body fat testing thing) and if this gives me an unusually low BMR. I plateau'd after my initial 7 lbs loss on my JUDDD reboot and as I was heading into my 6th week, I decided to try the potato hack and ended up doing it for 28 days (Feb/March). That broke the plateau of 150lbs and took me past my bogeyman of 140lbs.

Thereafter, my losses were horribly slow, so much so that I was burned out with WLM by late May and decided to take a maintenance break at 133lbs. Well, I never left maintenance because during that time, I dropped the 3 lbs to reach my original goal of 130lbs by the end of June.

Since then I've been in maintenance and losing small amounts gradually. I'm currently 123lbs for a JUDDD reboot loss of 34lbs.
Motto: SINS - Simple Is the New Sustainable

Maintenance should be a way to thrive, not an endurance sport.

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Old 01-25-2014, 04:44 PM   #32
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Thank you everyone for sharing your stories. Was great to get to know you better. I had my first DD on Monday, Jan 20. In 6 days, I have lost 7 pounds. I usually lose a lot the first week. And since I gained 9 pounds the week before on vacation, eating anything and everything, 7 pounds isn't surprising. I am thankful for the loss, but don't expect it to continue like that. Would be great though wouldn't it.
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