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WOE: Moderate Carbs/ JUDDD
Start Date: 5/2/2013
I'm a Newbie - Starting my JUDDD journey and hoping it works

Hi Guys, Iíve decided to try the JUDDD diet and track my progress. I guess Iíll tell you a little about me firstÖ

My name is Daisy, Iím 33 years old, 5 foot 5 inches and live in San Francisco. Most of my life I was very slim with little to no problem with my weight. In college I was 109, then in my later twenties I went up to 122. By 30, I was 129. Just this year, I started really gaining weight. It began to collect around my thighs, stomach and upper arms. I was noticing cellulite for the first time. It was strange for me because Iím more active than Iíve ever been. I walk 2 miles to work and back nearly every day. I also run about 30 minutes on the treadmill every 2 -3 days. I went on the scale and was surprised to see I was 147 lbs. I looked in the mirror and my body didnít look like my own.

Then I started getting bloated and having digestive issues. It was so bad I had to go to the ER because I thought I had appendicitis. It turns out it was nothing. They also did a test for Hypothyroidism (it runs in my family) but they said there was no indication in my blood test that this was the case. I started a low calorie diet (in the past this would work like a charm, If I had a beach vacation I would just go Lo-Cal and work out for 3 weeks. I would easily drop 10 lbs.) This time it didnít work! Iím just not losing any weight at all. Iíve been trying for 3 months now! Itís like my metabolism just decided to stop working! I tried a low carb diet for 2 weeks and actually GAINED weight. I went up to 152 lbs! All my pants are tight on me and I look bloated in everything I put on. Iím reduced to wearing flowing tops and my baggiest pants. My confidence has dropped and Iím trying to hide my weight gain from my husband by wearing full body pajamas and his oversized shirts. I feel like crying all the time because I lost control of my own body weight. Itís incredibly frustrating and upsetting!

I read about the Alternative day diet online and I really think this might be the diet I need to try in order to get my body back in check and lose these unwanted lbs. I want to combine it with moderate low-carb diet. I just really want to lose 15 lbs and fit into my jeans again.

Iím hoping this will work for me. Iím not going to start officially until Thursday. Today, I reduced my calorie intake today in preparation. I just had a large salad, small smoothie and cucumber with mango salsa. Iíll probably have a glass of pinot grigio tonight, but thatís it. Tomorrow Iíll eat what I want and Thursday Iíll officially stick to 500 calories. I can do this!

So thatís my story! Hello to everyone! How has this diet worked for you and do you have any advice for a newbie?

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