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Key Tones
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Here is my first post, which is a good reminder:

1) Eat primarily eggs, because they are the best source of protein and an entire chicken is formed from the yolk (meaning, there is nutrition for all parts of the body)

2) The next best source of food is high-fat dairy - butter, cream, cheese

3) Meat is considered a "third place" food; muscle meats are too lean and "one-sided" as they must be supplemented by fat. Organ meats are more valuable (but recognize these are not widely-available in the US) because your body must rebuild organ cells much more quickly than your muscle cells. Pork is considered the best source of protein because it is most similar to the human body (for all you bacon lovers out there, score for you). Cartiledge, connective tissue, bone marrow, pork rind are important to prevent osteoporosis and protect your spine and joints.

Animal fats must be the main source of energy; egg yolks contain the best biological fat value. Bone marrow is also very good, dairy fat is considered very valuable. Unsaturated fat is non-essential and should be limited to 1-2% of fat intake.

50 grams of carbohydrates should be eaten to avoid forcing the body to make glucose; a maximum of 100 grams of carbs are allowed. 150 grams is considered a danger zone. He recommends that they be eaten in the form of potatoes as fiber is not required by the body and sugars should be avoided. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber (considered non-essential because they cannot be digested) and sugar (considered harmful) and to obtain vitamin/mineral benefit such vast quantities would be required that he believes these are too expensive for the benefit and too voluminous for the digestive tract and best treated as "condiments" for flavoring food. I can't believe bread/flour is allowed, but they are but only in minimal quantities and not in the form purchased from the store--these must be made according to receipes.

"Obesity is a hypothalamic/hormonal issue. Using calorie-based weapons to fight a hormonal issue is like bringing a snorkel to a bicycle race." --Jason Fung
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