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Old 11-17-2017, 07:38 AM   #1
I'm not fat, I'm fluffy
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New oven!!! Convection suggestions?

So growing up we always had electric, which has its moments..
When I got married and moved on my own Hubby and I had an apartment with gas, took me a while to get use to but it was an easy transition.
About a year and a half ago we purchased our first house and we live in an area with NO GAS LINES, ugh back to electric?
NOOO we lucked out, the house has propane! ANYWAY, slowly but surely we have been making the house our own here and there..
First was a washer and dryer (house didn't have)
Then we got a new fridge, a huge fiasco because we didn't think we had a water line for one with water and the fridge that came with the house was an old crapper with no water no ice.. ANYWAY while bargain hunting we found a nice GE one with water inside and ice on the bottom and it was cheaper then the same one with out.. ANYWAY we finally get it home, move the fridge, and guess what!?!?!? WATER LINE BACK THERE! WOOHOO(hubby wanted the fridge)

Anyway it was finally my turn to get the stove I wanted. I swore that I would not settle, and I'm not trading in my cheap looking old hotpoint stove for something that is spit shined a little nicer.
ANYWHO I ended up getting a nice Frigidaire with 5 burners, convection, broil, and a probe that you stick in meat and you can set the temp you want an alarm to go off when it hits that temp (SOLDDDDDDDD!)
So after me scaring the ever living life out of myself (we converted the stove ourself from gas to propane and I got to experience a whole new insane level of anxiety lol) its up and running.. The griddle top is amazing, the stove is the new love of my life..

NOW that you read my life story.... How do you use convection, is it helpful with low carb cooking? when should i use, when should I not use? any suggestions, hints, tips?
I am thinking it might be good to use for the turkey for thanksgiving?
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Old 11-17-2017, 11:41 AM   #2
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First off, let me offer my congrats on your graduation from a clunker to a spiffy-does-everything-but-tap-dance beauty! Sounds like oven/cooktop nirvana.

Conventional wisdom says the rule of thumb is to subtract 1/3 of the time of conventional roasting/baking when convection baking. Over the years, and working with more than one brand, the only rule of thumb that never changes is: every stove is different.

I have a Breville oven that only functions as a convection oven. With it, everything I have baked or roasted in it (read: pretty much any/every baked or roasted item you could name) the time needed was identical to what the recipe states. Ditto for temperature. Some sources will tell you to reduce the temp 25 degrees for convection cooking, but my experience often has not borne out that advice.

I have a Frigidaire slide in range. With it, I have more consistent results on straight baking, rather than the convection baking. The convection delivered overbrowned top results. I like the convection when roasting, as it does roast more evenly, and requires less time than conventional.

Then, 5 years ago, our daughter and her husband bought an upscale home, gutted everything, and replaced the kitchen appliances (and everything else!) with top-of-the-line everything (because they could.) This included a double Bosch oven. I used it a lot, and could NOT get that evil thing figured out for more than a year! It drove me nuts. Nothing would brown, no matter how long I kept it in.

Finally, by trial and error, I used the convection mode, and success!! Beautifully golden baked goods. But there was an additional wrinkle. I'd set the oven temp for a preheat cycle, and every time, when I'd put the item in to bake, I'd notice the temperature was always 25 degrees lower than what I had set. I thought either it was kitchen gremlins, or I was losing my marbles.

Took awhile, but it dawned on me. This was such a high-end appliance loaded with every geegaw you could imagine, that the programmers figured whoever was dumb enough to pay a king's ransom for this oven was too stupid to realize that she needed to subtract 25 degrees when setting the temperature, so it was doing it automatically. Ugh. Spare me. So now, I set it 25 degrees higher than I actually want, and no more frustration.

3 ovens, 3 different results.

Long story short, there is no one blanket rule when it comes to ovens. No way to tell which function, conventional or convection, is optimum for which foods in that particular oven. Unfortunately, there are no substitutes or short cuts for working with it to get to know its idiosyncrasies. And there are no hard-and-fast rules. Bake a small cake, first conventional, then with convection. Make a batch of cookies for the kids. Roast a chicken. Take notes. Use your intuition plus your best guess, until you find how your new baby likes it. The fam will love your experiments, even possible ones that don't brown so well. Give experiments to neighbors or send them in to work. If it's a cake that doesn't brown, frost that puppy. If it's a roast, carve it and plate it in the kitchen.

I'd start without subtracting anything off the normal temp first, but I'd watch it like a hawk the first time. if overbrowning, cover the top with foil. Test cakes with a skewer to see if they're done at 2/3 of the allotted bake time.

If everything is consistently getting done way early, then cut the 25 degrees.

I know it's a little labor intensive in the short run, but this is your honeymoon phase. You'll get to the comfortable, loving couple phase before you know it!

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Old 11-17-2017, 03:01 PM   #3
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Like Cat's experience, my "new" (once upon a time!) dual fuel oven had a convection cycle and a regular cycle in the big oven side, only regular for the smaller warming oven. It automatically adjusted the temp 25* when you set it to convection. I don't LIKE that so I set it up 25* most of the time - if the recipe calls for 350*, I'll set it at 365* or 375* if using convection.

About the only time I DON'T use convection is if I'm just turning it on for warming something or keeping it warm, otherwise, I like that hot air blowing around!

But like Cat says - you will definitely need to experiment with it til you find what works best with YOUR particular oven. Read the instruction manual thoroughly. That's how I found out mine was automatically gonna lower the cooking temp for me, because obviously *I* wouldn't know what I really wanted, LOL!

Hope you love it!
It's easy to be miserable. Being happy takes more work. ~~from Ondine, the movie~~

Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck.

I reject your reality and substitute my own! ~~ Adam on Mythbusters
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Old 11-17-2017, 06:06 PM   #4
Major LCF Poster!
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I just redid my kitchen and got a Verona range which is only convection. It is taking some getting used to. It has several types of convection settings, some with the fan top and bottom, some without, and it does give suggestions for their uses. I find cakes bake pretty well, but cupcakes are dry, so with them I will have to lower the temp and time. I hate to say it after spending the money on the oven, but I wish I had gone with a different brand and one that offered both options - regular heat and convection.
So, in conclusion, play around with it like Charski and Baricat said!
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Old 11-18-2017, 07:51 AM   #5
I'm not fat, I'm fluffy
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Start Date: Low carb living a few yrs now.. Restart Nov 2010
Thank you everyone for the responses!!!

Last night I made the kids some pizza rolls and I am kind of jealous!
I used convection, and listening to them bite into the crispy little shells of the pizza rolls was like music! The kids were in love, they thought the crunchy shells were amazing! lol
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Old 11-18-2017, 10:03 PM   #6
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Convection has it's place in the average home. When I built my house, I put in a Frigadaire double oven w/ the convection. I've played w/ it several times and must say I tend to use just the reg. oven about 90% of the time. I don't like it for cookies, sweet things, it does brown too quickly and cakes don't get done before they brown. But to brown the top of a chicken pie instead of the broiler, works well. Used w/ pizza that isn't a thick crust as you did, killer good. Pan of roasted something that you just want to brown, does very well. I would purchase convection again, but I do want the choice of convection or regular baking.
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Old 11-22-2017, 10:21 AM   #7
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I use convection for everything.
Sharon Wertz
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Old 11-23-2017, 09:18 PM   #8
Very Gabby LCF Member!!!
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I made all of Sharon's bread recipes in convection oven.
Will try some chic wings in there on 400 and see what happens.
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Old 11-24-2017, 09:05 AM   #9
I'm not fat, I'm fluffy
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Location: Long Island NY
Posts: 918
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Stats: 230/159/135
WOE: lchf/paleo/primal/keto
Start Date: Low carb living a few yrs now.. Restart Nov 2010
I convection oven the turkey.. AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
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