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Things I've learned from JUDDD

After nearly a year following a LC way of life, I started JUDDD in November, primarily to get those last stubborn pounds off and maintain my lower weight for life. Following a JUDDD WOE has taught me things I don't think I would have learned if I continued my strict LC life.

1) I've learned that I really WON'T die without having 2 squares and snacks every day. Those first few DDs were rough - I really was learning what true hunger was. But the next morning, what a sense of satisfaction I felt, knowing I did keep my calories under 500, the sense of pleasant emptiness I felt, and the knowledge that not only didn't I die, but that today, I could eat and that food would taste sooooo good!

2) I'm learning my carb limits. On strict LC, I was afraid to consume anything carby, always worried it would undo everything I'd done, kick me out of ketosis, and send me into a carb eating frenzy. Well, all above kinda happened initially. I learned that those carbs taste really good, and it really is easy to fall into the more and more of them trap. For me, I know I still have to limit my carbs or I quickly get addicted again, and eating lower to moderate carbs makes me feel better than larger amounts. HOWEVER, I'm allowing myself to try out different carby foods to see how my body reacts. I'm eating yogurt and blueberries that so satisfy, as well as oatmeal and an occasional apple with cheese. I find these things don't send me into a tailspin. The muffins and pastries, however, are another story. I'm allowing myself a half a muffin most UDs, but I know I have to be really careful. And I don't like how my body feels after the sugary carbs. So IF I'm going to indulge in those, they better be really, really good, worth the tummy ache later. Also, I've learned that most of those goodies don't really taste as good as they did in my memory, so they're not as hard to control - IF I limit my portions.

3) I'm learning that while an everyday SAD diet won't ever be my usual way of eating again, I can have "normal" eating days that I'm convinced will sustain me in the long run. And the DD days spark my creativity w/food. When I started LC, I was really worried that I'd eat a pastry or a potato down the road, and that it wasn't realistic to think I'd NEVER eat some non LC foods ever again. JUDDD takes away the guilt and makes my lifestyle sustainable for the long haul.

4) I've learned that wheat really does bother me. By trying out some toast, muffins, etc, I know that this should not be a regular food for me. Stomach problems virtually disappear without it and return immediately with it.

5) I've learned to keep reading, studying, learning about this WOL and how different foods, and ways of eating them, affect our bodies and health. I started doing this a lot when I started LCing, but reading about JUDDD also forced me once again to open my mind and not be so dogmatic about one kind of eating.

6) Mostly I've learned that a wonderful support group can mean the difference between sticking it out and throwing in the towel. This forum of JUDDD Budds is amazing. I still marvel that this group of people, scattered around the world, but gathered in this one place, can prove so uplifting and supportive to each other. So, THANKS for being there!

Long post, but I was feeling contemplative today.
"...had we been discussing disorders of growth - why some people grow to be more than seven feet tall and others never make it to four feet - the only subject of discussion would be the hormones and enzymes that regulate growth. And yet, when we're discussing a disorder in which the defining symptom is the abnormal growth of our fat tissue, the hormones and enzymes that regulate that growth are considered irrelevant."
- Gary Taubes, Why We Get Fat
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