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Old 03-04-2018, 08:15 AM   #1
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Long Time Maintainers -- I have a ????

I started Keto woe @ the 1st of May 2017 -- I was pre-diabetic and I said there was no way I was going down that road. Since then, I have lost 45Lbs and my A1C is now in normal range. Having old brain (67yrs), I am anxious to keep the ketones alive and well in my system -- to ward off the obvious fast approaching years of dementia and short term memory loss. Since going Keto my memory is better than I remember it being in a long time. (I think there's a pun in that sentence somewhere).

So... now I don't want to loose more weight. I still eat keto. I know I was in ketosis when I was losing weight - I did the pee strips and they showed deep ketosis. Now, not seeing it. I bought a keto blood meter to check. Only showing a slight keto reading (highest so far is .7). Only real thing that's different is that I don't regularly do Intermittent Fasting. Maybe 3-4 days a week I will eat 3 meals instead of 2. So what gives? Anyone have any insights?

I feel I have fallen into a low carb routine instead of a keto routine and I don't know how the heck that even happened. I haven't purposely added carbs. Also know that I always did do lazy keto. Worked great -- and I hate the thought of counting macros and watching an app. Surely that is not necessary as I have been successful at this keto thing. It's like I'm lost now that I consider myself maintenance.... like once the weight came off, the body stopped with the ketones. I'm 130# by the way. Don't want more to come off.

So as I understand - there is a personal ceiling for carb tolerance. In order to find that ceiling (how many carbs I can handle without going out of ketosis), I have to increase carbs slowly. But without a way to measure - how will I know??

And as an aside, since I'm asking, the difference between low carb woe and keto is the process of ketosis --- right??? I know if I eat that ONE slice of bread that I want to eat every AM, that I am not strict keto. But really --- ketosis is a process not a diet -- eating flour works for some people -- am I wrong???

Thanks for any thoughts
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Old 03-05-2018, 07:01 AM   #2
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I'm not sure of your question, but you are correct that ketosis is a process--a metabolic path in the body. It's usually dependent on carb intake, and some people are more sensitive to carbs than others, which is why Dr. Atkins suggested that people test themselves to see what carb level kept them in ketosis.

I've been maintaining my weight loss for over 8 years now, and while I don't test ketones, I'm almost always in ketosis because I'm so carb sensitive that I keep carbs very, very low.

How you can eat and remain in ketosis is for you to determine. Since you have a ketone blood meter, it should be easy for you to check on how you can eat and remain in ketosis.
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Old 03-05-2018, 07:17 AM   #3
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Welcome Sab and congratulations on reaching maintenance! Itís a big accomplishment. I hope you get some answers to your questions but I must tell you the maintenance threads are not terribly active at the moment. There are 6-7 active posters I think, who mainly post their weights on the weigh in thread. I do that and there is not a lot of chit chat. Itís more a place to check in and be accountable. The folks do post elsewhere, and follow various type eating plans but I canít recall any who are doing ketosis as maintenance. On the entire forum though there are more maintainers who may be and just donít post regularly in the maintenance threads. Over the years I do recall people who were eating very negligible carbs so of course must have remained in ketosis but I think their weights had stabilized and they were no longer concerned with losing too much.

I did an internet search, briefly, and it seems those who donít want to lose anymore but do want to remain in ketosis, add calories through additional fat and protein, and sometimes more carbs that they attempt to burn off through immediate exercise. Personally, I have not been in ketosis since 2009 I donít think, because I eat between 50-70g carbs per day and I believe for me I would have to remain under 40g per day to be in ketosis. Carbs per meal are all I track and and about 50g per day is best for my blood sugar, but I do the occasional 70g. Tracking carbs per meal is easy, and Iím used to what typical amounts of macros look like. I donít know how much fat or protein I eat, but I try to make sure I eat enough protein at each meal anyway so that I donít get hungry between.

Check back in with what you learn, as I and Iím sure others are interested. There seem to be really good health benefits to ketosis as you mentioned. There are so many books on the topic, how to know which are the good ones?
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