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Originally Posted by Tilly View Post

I have a Krupps, can't remember how much I paid for it. I either bought it at Wal Mart or at the online place where you can purchase anything, so could not have cost that much. It works really well at powdering anything. I even grind up my sf chocolate chips to sprinkle into my LC ice cream treat. Good luck!
I saw that one being recommended by a LC blogger today, I think I'll go with that one. I will need to start buying almonds and ground them into almond flour myself anyway.

Originally Posted by Mistizoom View Post
How about buying some already powdered erythritol? I bought some from Netrition (Sensato brand) and it looks and acts just like powdered sugar.
Well whaddya know! It comes in powdered form! I feel like a dummy now, haha. Looks like the frosting idea might be in my future soon. Wasting money on recipes and baking ideas gone bad reminds me of the days when my mother was learning how to bake bread. So many batches thrown out...then she figured out she was killing the yeast with water that was too hot. This was in the days before online forums and such, so it was just her, her friends, and a few cookbooks.
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