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The fact is that ALL wines have more carbs than these hard liquors---which have NO carbs: Vodka, gin, scotch. I had to quit wine for the better part, at a point, as red or white caused me immediate and severe hot flashes. So I learned to enjoy a vodka tonic, or scotch and water, or the occasional gin martini.

However, even if it's the hard alcohols I have listed, the truth is that regardless of their no carb rating, the body WILL use alcohol as fuel first. So whether you're drinking wine, or harder alcohol, we just need to know that what we drink will take precedence over burning our fat for fuel.

I am NO purist. And I enjoy a cocktail, and even a glass of wine now and then, as the menopause symptoms have diminished. IMO, you just need to figure in that whether it's wine or hard alcohol, the body is going to use it to fuel, as opposed to fat.

I have been able to lose weight AND enjoy a cocktail. YMMV. But one thing's for sure for me, as a poster above stated, the alcohol, whichever alcohol, hits me faster and harder on a LC woe.
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