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Originally Posted by Seeking View Post
Hey guys, I still haven't bought the X or the E yet, or any products that contain them, so at this time I don't know if they effect me badly or not.

However, about an hour ago, I accidentally found a company online that makes lots of low carb foods and they are using ingredients like inulin, tapioca flour, stevia, etc. They have this vanilla icing mix for sale and the first ingredient is inulin. This is what I was hoping for; I prefer to stay away from the E, the X and sugar alcohols as the primary ingredient and instead use a non-digestible carbohydrate (like fiber) as the primary ingredient. This company I found has done this.

However, the downside to inulin is stated on a wiki page as follows: "Inulin is indigestible by the human enzymes ptyalin and amylase, which are adapted to digest starch. As a result, inulin passes through much of the digestive system intact. It is only in the colon that bacteria metabolise inulin, with the release of significant quantities of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and/or methane."


I have not yet bought their product so I don't know if it's any good. And they appear to be a new company because their products don't have many reviews yet on amazon, and they don't have a wiki page either.

I'm going to buy some of their products including their vanilla icing mix. What really excites me about this company I found is that they offer low carb AND gluten-free low carb as well.

If I like their product, am I allowed to mention their company, or is that against the forum rules?

I think you're talking about LC Foods, and you can mention names to other sites that sell things but you can't post links to them. Actually if the product is sold on netrition you can post the link too.

I think you will find that no matter what artificial sweetener you choose to use, they are all processed except pure stevia from the plant itself. I don't know of any other unprocessed artificial sweetener.

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